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Products & Exhibitors Profile of
" 12th International Landscape & Gardening Expo 2018 "

• Indoor & Outdoor Plants
• Landscape & Architect Companies
• Fountain & Accessories Suppliers
• Garden Machinery & Tools
• Golf Course & Play Ground Consultants
• Garden Furniture
• Water Features & Pond Accessories
• Pump & Pipes
• Flowers, Plants & Seed Companies
• Paving Materials & Tiles
• Stone & Granite Products
• Terracotta Gardenware & Pottery
• Synthetic Turf-Golf Putting, Greens & Sports
• Sculptures & Environment Art
• Bird / Pet Houses for Gardens
• Swimming Pools & Related Products
• Solar Lighting Systems
• Drip Irrigation System
• Misting & Fogging Systems
• Barriers & Railing Systems
• Sprinkler Systems
• Dome & Tensile Structure
• Pesticides & Fertilisers
• Plant Protection Chemicals
• Lighting Equipment
• Pots & Holders
• Lawn & Garden Mowers
• Fencing Products
• Plant care Products
• Landscaping Tools & Products
• Amusement Parks
• Landscape Software
• Tissue Culture Units
• Pest Control Products
• Climate Control Equipment
• Shading Nets & Protection Materials
• Glasshouse / Shade House
• Retail Accessories
• Stone Art Decoratives
• Stone Art Decoratives
• Natural Stone Products
• Books, Journals, Videos
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Landscape & Gardening Expo 2018

In India, a surging per capita income with changing and progressive lifestyle has led to a phenomenal increase in landscape and gardening market. Now farm houses are not just a status symbol but they have become a lucrative business in themselves. A good aesthetically-appealing landscape is a desirable asset for any high value residential project. No town planner can afford to miss out this key component.

12th International Landscape & Gardening Expo 2018 is an ideal destination for the entire landscape & green industry and trade stakeholders. It is a meeting place for manufacturers, exporters, importers, traders and service providers. The 12th International Landscape & Gardening Expo 2018 will truly be an amazing, useful and productive experience for all professionals in this sector.

Tradition of Landscaping in India

India has an age-old tradition of gardening and orchard management with impressive landscapes. Mahabharata talks about palaces that are a landscaping marvel. Even in the Moghul period the tradition of landscaping continued. This is visible at the Nishat and Shalimar Garden in Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) and the famous Taj Mahal Garden in Agra. The British followed it up in instances like the Moghul Garden inside the President's House or gardens elsewhere like the Lutyen's Bungalow Zone.

Modern Landscape Industry

With globalization and free market economy, the landscape activities are no more confined to a few professionals. Landscaping has got the industry status with a lot of activities taking place over the last few years. The rapid urbanization and industrialization leading to the ongoing construction boom and malls culture, green belts, amusement parks and residential townships are coming up with new dimension to the art of landscaping. Moreover, the people are health conscious and desire to live in a healthy and green environment.

India's landscape industry has devised its own architectural creativity in the modern period through the last six decades. Professional Indian landscape architects are trying hard to make a mark and earn accolades for the country. We invite Indian real estate developers, landscape architects, urban development authorities, contractors, green sectors companies, stone artists and other stake holders to the astonishing Show 12th International Landscape & Gardening Expo 2018 in Pune (Maharashtra) from 23-24-25 February 2018. The event is co-located with India's largest event in floriculture industry 13th International Flora Expo.

Why Pune?

Maharashtra is an extremely progressive state in terms of adapting modern technologies and global trends. Some of the major landscape designers are based in Maharashtra. Floriculture, an important vertical of landscape industry, is a flourishing sector in the state. Pune, our venue, has some of the biggest floriculture production centers, spread across 100 to 200 kilometers radius. It has become a major hub for international breeders and planting material suppliers and the ultra-modern tissue culture labs for horticulture and floriculture industry. It is a major producer of high quality ornamental flowers, trees and pot plants; it also caters to the demand of emerging landscape and vertical gardening industry.

Enjoying these advantages, Pune has been Media Today's prime choice for organizing the 12th edition of International Landscape & Gardening Expo, and 13th International Flora Expo 2018. The Show will be a great opportunity for launching your unique landscape & gardening ideas, concepts, products, services, accessories and equipment amongst thousands of national and international stakeholders from the industry.

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