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Sunset at Mono Lake Friday Night
The Labor Day holiday weekend crowds are out, but at sunset at Mono Lake on Friday I managed to find a few feet of space without people in it.
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Spring/Summer Workshops in the Eastern Sierra
After researching and documenting the best locations in the Eastern Sierra for many years, I can't wait to show photographers around to the best spots in the best light. Many of the dates are adjacent to the dates I have for my Bodie night photography workshops, and in most cases I've saved a few spots so photographers can enroll in both if they like.

In June, July and August we should be able to enjoy wildflowers in addition to the stunning landscapes in the Eastern Sierra, so I've started a "Spring in the Eastern Sierra" album to show some examples.

I've also added a blog post to show the types of things we might pursue:

For more information or to enroll, see the Eastern Sierra Photography Workshops overview page on my Web site:

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Eastern Sierra Wildflowers
I decided to start a Spring in the Eastern Sierra" album, and what better way to start it than an overview of some of the wildflowers that bloom here? Although wildflower season runs from late February through August at various elevations, the Inyo to Mono County area has particularly nice blooms in certain areas in June and July.

I'll be showing groups of photographers the best spots in June, July and August:
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Spring in the Eastern Sierra
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Golden Tunnel
The last warm light of the setting sun shines through a natural bridge on the Big Sur coast.

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Sunset Dust Storm Over Mesquite Flat Dunes
Sunday evening in Death Valley National Park, California. It was interesting trying to cook dinner over a fire in that wind!

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+Death Valley Workshops

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Shell Creek Road Wildflowers
Shell Creek Road is another place worth checking on a Southern California wildflower tour in April. It's southeast of the town of Paso Robles. It's covered on page 177 of my guidebook, "Photographing California Vol 2- South":
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Figueroa Mountain Wildflowers Are Blooming Now
If you missed the Death Valley "super bloom", don't worry, many other areas in the state are starting to bloom now. The Los Padres National Forest recently recommended Figueroa Mountain Recreation Area, located north of Santa Barbara, above the Santa Ynez Valley and the town of Los Olivos. Here are some photos from the mountain, along with directions on how to get there:  
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Spring in California: Wildflowers, Waterfalls & Desert
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Weather Time-lapse: Lenticular Clouds Forming in the Eastern Sierra
Lenticular clouds are my favorite weather phenomenon, and my favorite to photograph and produce movies of. Fortunately we get them several times each year.  

Here's the complete story of some we had earlier this week through sunset, in photos and video on my blog:

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The Nik Collection is Now Free
+Nik Collection by Google has announced that its entire suite of photo editing tools is now free.  When I evaluated the suite in 2013 I found the tools to be interesting and useful, but I wasn't ready to pay the premium to augment my existing workflow.  On the tests i performed from this Summer 2013 trip, I found Nik Color Efex particularly effective on the orange bark of giant sequoia trees.  I'll definitely try it again to see if there have been further improvements since then!

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Images from Sequoia National Park
"You cannot learn the message that these trees have for you in merely passing by. A day in their presence passes quickly, and with each moment you will be better able to appreciate their singular beauty and the miracle of their existence. To be in harmony with them, cast aside your worldly cares. In our battle for wealth we are prone to forget the real things of life, the things that cannot play us false."  
- Herbert Earl Wilson, "The lore and the lure of the Yosemite" (1925)

I post-processed these in a trial copy of +Nik Software plug-ins for +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  I used the Color Efex Pro 4 to further adjust a few images I had already take a pass at in Lightroom.  So far it seems that the images can exhibit a little more color without taking on an over-saturated look.  Some of the filters like Polarization can adjust complex areas of the photos much like dodging and burning in a darkroom, without a lot of tedious selection and masking work in Photoshop.  So far, so good.  I hope that I can find more time to play with this module and the others before my trial runs out in a couple of weeks!
Nik Software Trial, April 2013
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Death Valley Wildflower Updates Mid-March
A few photos from last week to compare with early March conditions shown here:

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Death Valley National Park
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Death Valley "Super Bloom" Last week
The wildflower bloom was still going strong in Death Valley last week, in both density and variety.  In the last shot for example, you can see Desert Gold (Geraea canescens) and Caltha-leaf Phacelia (Phacelia calthifolia) , with Brown-Eyed Evening Primrose (Camissonia claviformis) and white Gravel Ghost (Atrichoseris platyphylla).  You can see some pink Purple Mat (Nama demissum) in there as well.

I'm gradually adding to my album of Death Valley spring shots:

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Death Valley National Park
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