So I bought 16 GB of RAM for my iMac, so now it has 24. Why anyone needs to go to a Genius bar to upgrade that stuff is beyond me. The hardest part was actually finding a towel big enough to fit the screen.

Software / App Help
I have started to write a book. Now sometimes I get ideas and need to throw down a few sentences even when I'm not at home. I need a writing app that I can access from any browser, Windows or Mac. I would like a distraction-free writing environment. I'm not a fan of Google Documents, I never liked writing in Word or Pages or anything like that.

Now with this come limitations:
a) I want it to be secure. I don't want the service I use to become the owner of the stuff I write. Online or not, my stuff needs to be private.
b) I want it to be free, or at least very affordable. $ 100 per year is too much. Plus, unless it's a very established company, I'm hesitant to pay a yearly fee to something that could be out of business tomorrow.
c) Markdown confuses the heck out of me.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

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Selling my iPhone 6 PLUS, 64 Gb, space grey, factory unlocked purchased directly from Apple on October 16, 2014. Yes. Unlocked. You can use it on any network. Even abroad.

I baby my devices. There's not a scratch on it. It works flawlessly, and I'm only upgrading because I have a slight addiction to new gadgets. But hey, I had this one for two years, so I'm doing ok!

As a freebie, I give you my black leather Apple case with it as well. If you like black leather, that is. If you DO like black leather, maybe keep it on the down low. You never know where people's minds go with that information...

I have the box. The cable (which was a BITCH to put back into the box). The charger, still wrapped. The (sealed) headphones that came with it. Yes. Told you I baby my devices. I don't have the little pin for opening the SIM card slot. But I can sell you a brand new paperclip that will work, too.

On Craigslist, this phone sells for around $ 700 (or more... what... are they crazy???). And then you don't even know if it was stolen, or owned by someone who had cooties. You just can't tell. I, on the other hand, would I'd be happy with a totally rational $ 499. The paperclip for the SIM card door will be $ 1.

If you're interested, contact me. I don't have cooties.

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So, it seems that Unotelly has officially caved and can no longer be used to view American Netflix content in Canada, or anywhere else in the world. Today I found out about a new service called Streamjack TV. They promise to do what Unotelly hasn't been able to do for the past few month: access to international content independent from your country of residence. Did anyone hear about this service? Did anyone try it yet? I would love to hear from someone who tried it...

YES! Twitter Moments finally launched in Canada. Now still waiting for other providers to follow suit and make their news app available in Canada ... (looking at you, APPLE!)

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Yesterday, my son came downstairs to my office and asked: "Mom, what's in our ceiling?" I didn't know what he meant. "I don't know but my internet connection up there is really, really slow. My PS4 keeps lagging so much, it's horrible... there must be something in the ceiling that blocks the wireless connection!" 

For weeks he has been complaining about a laggy internet when playing online with his PS4. We have a wireless network at home, so basically everyone uses the internet without cables. Apple TV boxes, computers, smart TVs... all wireless. Normally we don't have issues, but I guess the PS4 needs more speed than a "regular" device. I googled for a solution, and I finally settled for the DHP-601AV PowerLine Starter Kit. As it happens, it was available at our local Bestbuy, so we jumped in the car and picked them up.

Basically, the kit comes with two identical devices. One of them you plug into an electrical outlet close to where your cable modem sits. Then you connect it to your cable modem with an ethernet cable. The second device has to be plugged into an electrical outlet close to where you want the internet connection, in this case upstairs in my son's room. Then you connect that second device with another ethernet cable to the PS4. In settings you tell the PS4 to use the LAN connection and suddenly, the internet is a lot faster. It boggles my mind to think that you can actually use your home's existing electrical wiring to transmit internet connection. 

He's happy, but mostly I am happy because he won't complain anymore. At least for a couple of days.

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Well, at least I sure hope it isn't... 

Question about Google Calendar and Sunrise...
So, I'm subscribed to a whole bunch of calendars (mostly of Thomas's school), but there is a ton of stuff that isn't interesting to me. How do I get rid of it? Or, if there is no way to delete things from a followed calendar, can I move things from followed calendars into my own calendar and then uncheck the followed calendar?
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