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Early Reviews of Suicide Squad

Now that Suicide Squad will debut nationwide this week in theaters, early reviews for the film have been spreading across the Internet like wildfire. Unfortunately, the reviews are very negative from Rotten Tomatoes, ranking it at about 30% on the tomato meter, which is really bad. The thing that really infuriates me is the fact that critics will hate on any movie that does not fit their personal "delight" or "intrigue." Not every film will become the next "Gone With The Wind" or "Wizard of Oz" because there are many different genres of film to choose from. Granted that no one's opinion is factually correct, one should not allow the critics to ruin their expectations in watching a film they have planned on watching since day one. Everyone should not walk into a film with huge expectations because that will cause someone to not like the movie. I am not a certified movie critic, but I at least always give every film I conduct a review on the benefit of the doubt, having an open mindset with very little expectation. As a fan of both Marvel and DC, I have full faith that the DC Extended Universe will get on its feet eventually, but even if Suicide Squad is not as great as planned, then at least we have other films to look forward to. Just remember that you make your own decisions and do not let anyone or any format alter your mindset.

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How To Fix Arrow Season 5

1. Get rid of Marc Guggenheim!!

Ever since this guy was brought on board to be the showrunner of Arrow for its third and fourth season, the show has lacked in areas that I will discuss later in the list. You have to have a showrunner who is dedicated to the source material and is willing to make the best storylines as possible for the viewers to witness, like with Season one and two.

2. Kill Olicity!!!
My god, how sick and tired I am of having to talk about this because it really makes me angry. At first, I honestly thought it was kind of funny that people wanted Oliver and Felicity together through social media posts and memes, but as soon as it came into fruition, BY GOD HOW MUCH I EVER REGRETTED LIKING IT!! Olicity is basically the entire forefront of the show, aside from the main story. It used to be called "Arrow" for a reason, but now it feels like Felicity and Friends more than anything. I really wished that her character was more tech savvy and less of a love interest for Oliver. No, I am not saying to have Felicity be sidelined or to not matter at all, but I do want her character to not feel force fed down our throats.

3. Embrace The Comic Source Material!

The show has gathered bits and pieces from the comics, so kudos for that. What would be awesome is if they went more like the comics. Have Green Arrow be The Green Arrow from the comics that we know and love, witty and skillful with arrows, not brooding and mainly a martial artist. While he can have his signature fighting style, embrace the fact that he is a very skilled archer. The side characters can continue being the way they have been so far.

4. Have The Creative Team Have More Creative Freedom

Some of you may know that they were building up to having Suicide Squad (or Task Force X) be a major part of the Arrow series. Sadly, Warner Bros had plans to use some characters (Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Amanda Waller, etc.)and the entire idea of a "Suicide Squad," so no one on the television side could use the characters or anything related. In this season, have them be as creative as they want without any interference in order to craft a better story without anyone meddling things.

5. Have The Flashbacks Matter

Both seasons 3 and 4 had flashbacks that did not matter all that much to the story. Sure, it gave us some plot threads I guess, but story-wise, they do not mane sense. Seasons 1 and 2 made sense, because the events of those two seasons coincide well with the flashbacks. If you want to include flashbacks, MAKE THEM MATTER!

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Crazy Story #1

You see the lion pictured down below? This is Leo the Lion, the mascot for MGM Studios Inc. and the biggest piece of shit on the planet. Well, he was my childhood nemesis for years ever since I was 5 years old. It all started when his breath defining roar frightened me back then and ever since that day, me and the lion have been mortal enemies. For the next couple of years, I did all I could to dodge his attacks on me, but most of the time, he succeeded in making me vulnerable. In about 2012, we both decided to reconcile and end our yearly battle against each other. I am not as scared of him as I was years ago (because I'm older), but he always surprises me every now and then. Everytime there is a movie that I have never seen before or I heard of, I always go online to see if the lion's hairy arse didn't distribute the movie individually. If he co-distributed with other studios, then I wouldn't be surprised lol.

This has concluded a Crazy Story

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My Thoughts On Supergirl Moving to The CW Network

As soon as Supergirl was first announced as a full series for CBS, I immediately grew a bit optimistic initially because of the fact that it was not on the CW, where most other DC Comics shows are located at (with the exception of Gotham on Fox and the upcoming comedy "Powerless" on NBC). As I watched the first couple of episodes, I honestly thought that the show had potential to become something greater as some of the story in the first season was a bit weak for my taste, but as the show progressed, it has gradually gotten better and better. The budget for the show is very great for a comic book television series, as I could tell that the effects for what the show was going towards really shows how much the cast and crew worked on the show. The main lead of the show, Melissa Benoist, is very likeable and basically encompasses how I would view Supergirl in this certain vibrant world that the show is based in. With the announcement that CBS will no longer continue Supergirl for a second season and that it will move to the CW, I was initially excited, but then I began to think about it thoroughly as to how it could be both a pro and con.

First off, Supergirl is now home to other DC shows, such as Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. This is very great for fans of the CW DC Universe, in which there could be more possibilities for crossovers with different shows and characters from other shows and vice versa. This also makes it possible for creators of the show to try to integrate her show to be a part of the Arrow-Flash verse (in what shape or form is beyond me, but one thing that I thought about is that her city could happen to appear on the map, due to the Flash's speed and other dimensions that he can open.) Creatively, this can be both a blessing and a burden for everyone involved on the show, which ties into the next point...

As mentioned by Armin from ComicBookCast (great channel and check him and the rest of CBC out sometime:, since the show will be on The CW, the show will look a lot more cheaper than it did on CBS and many cast members on the show will start to walk away, due to the amount of pay that the actors and actresses are given on the show. Let's go back to the overall budget of the show. While it was on CBS, it had about a $3 Million budget, but on the CW, most of their shows are budgeted at about $1 Million or less. This could cripple the show majorly as they will not be able to afford as much special effects as they could while at CBS. That would mean that we would probably see less Martian Manhunter (I haven't seen any episodes beyond "Bizzaro", so bear with me and I will catch up this week) and probably not as much super heroics as previously ciphered out of the first season. As with most shows, not every cast member will be committed to being a regular on the show, due to either scheduling conflicts or that they are interested in other properties. There will be more new characters and a few special guest appearances by characters from the first season. I am really happy that Supergirl is on The CW and will continue with a second season, but this move could either be very beneficial or very downgrading.

This wraps up my thoughts on the matter and feel free to give your own thoughts and insight in the comments section down below.

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My Fan-Casting for Marvel's Fantastic Four

Reed Richards/ Mr. Fantastic: Dave Annable

Susan Storm/ Invisible Woman: Katie Sachoff

Johnny Storm/ The Human Torch: Zac Efron

Ben Grimm/ The Thing: Garret Hedlund

Victor Von Doom: ((I would have said Mads Mikkelson, but he is already playing a Marvel villain in Doctor Strange, so I have no exact clue.))

//Note that this is me fan-casting and this is all my personal opinion on what I think.


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How Marvel Became A Part of My Life

All of my life, Marvel has been a major influence on how I view the world today (as it still is today) and giving me relatable and spectacular characters that I look up to the most. Even though I also was a big Batman and Justice League fan as a child, I would most likely have to say that Marvel had a more lasting impact on me.

At about age 3, I was first exposed to Marvel by watching the first X-Men film on my personal VHS player (I pulled out all of the tape a year later because I was a dumb idiot back then.). Even though my memory of my past life is of complete schlock, all I can remember is that I became an X-Men fan and for years to come, I was exposed to more things Marvel, with the releases of Spider-Man, Hulk, Daredevil, and more.

I never started reading comics until the late age of 9, when my dad gave me the first few issues of the Amazing Spider-Man to read (because my parents were real strict on me reading). I only knew Spider-Man through the media, so I never really knew about his comic book adventures. After I read the first couple of issues, I began wanting to read more as I started reading one of my favorite Spider-man runs of all time, Ultimate Spider-Man. I am not an avid comic book reader, but I am starting to transform into becoming so.

As soon as the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked things off with Iron Man, I was initially under the assumption that this would be standalone, but after seeing the post-credits scene, my mind was completely blown that there would be an Avengers film one day. Every film that followed soon after, I began to like the idea that everything is connected, just as in the comics. When The Avengers were in theaters, I remember going with my family and as I was watching the film, I actually never wanted to leave the theater at all. I was witnessing the first time that my favorite superheroes join forces on screen together to fight a common threat. I distinctly remember myself saying that "I never want this to end." because the action was exciting and the interaction between everyone really put a smile on my face as I watched it. Here we are in 2016 and the MCU has increased in size, through more movies and television/ Netflix shows. I am very happy to be a Marvel and DC fan, but I will always remember Marvel as my first guide into comics.

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Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe truly "All Connected"?

Ever since the release of the 2008 smash hit Iron Man, we have been wondering when we would see The Avengers come together on the big screen. After other solo films under the Marvel Studios banner, such as Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, Iron Man 2, and The Incredible Hulk, it was revealed that in 2012, Marvel Studios (now owned by The Walt Disney Company) hired director Joss Whedon to direct The Avengers, which would feature our favorite heroes coming together on the big screen to take down a threat one hero cannot do alone. The film was a massive success and Marvel began to expand its cinematic universe into the television front, the first being Agents of SHIELD. The first season of the show was a bit sloppy, but picked up closer to the end of the season finale. The show is now on its third season and has quite a following from fans. Not to mention that Marvel and Netflix have/are developing 4 different series for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist and all 4 characters will team up together "Avengers-style" in an 8-episode event known as The Defenders. Both Daredevil (Seasons 1 and 2) and Jessica Jones (Season 1) have been released and met with with critical acclaim. As both the television and film division begin to get more massive, many fans have been wondering when will the television/Netflix characters crossover into the films. After the time of many of these properties, nothing seems to be connected the way we wish for it to be.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Avengers were able to find the location of Loki's scepter due to some intel given to Maria Hill (In Agents of SHIELD, Coulson was the one who actually was able to find the location and gave it to her to tell The Avengers). Remember the surprise Helicarrier? Well in Agents of SHIELD, Coulson and his team at SHIELD basically were the ones who provided it. As you can see, there are a few connections pieces between tv and movies. The main gripe I have is why none of the characters from the tv division have not appeared in the films as of yet.

Marvel Studios seems to not even acknowledge Marvel TV or even care that it exists as they send in the scripts for Agents of SHIELD to somehow make a tie-in to an upcoming film of that year. Kevin Feige even said that he hasn't even seen the first season of Daredevil, which takes place in the MCU. This seems like Marvel Studios and Marvel TV do not really communicate with each other the way they should. Part of the reason is because Marvel TV is mainly ran by Marvel Entertainment, in which the president is Issac "Fuck Your Couch" Perlmutter, and Kevin Feige had to report to him for years. Based on some reports, the two disagreed with each other and now Marvel Studios no longer reports to Marvel Entertainment, but instead reports directly to Disney, giving them more creative freedom and free reign to do as they wish. Because of the bad blood between the two divisions, this is one of the potential reasons why the television and film universe are not really connected.

I really want to see a big character from the film appear on a Marvel television series and vice versa. Hopefully, this happens in Infinity War, in which is intended to unite the entire Marvel Universe. At this rate, it doesn't seem like the films are acknowledging anything from the television division. I am not saying to have them appear in each other's properties willy-nilly, but if the story warrants a possible cameo, then what is stopping them? I also know it is not simple to just drag an actor/actress from either a film or show to appear in something. Hopefully, this conflict is resolved sooner rather than later. All I can think of when Marvel claims that it's all connected, I find that hard to believe.
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Felicity Smoak, you just changed from one of my favorite characters in Arrow to one of the most aggravating and annoying characters on the show. I am tired of all the constant nagging and speeches about if you want to be with Oliver or not. FIRST OFF, JUST GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND BE YOUR OWN PERSON!!! Other than that, you're on your own XD

//This is just my opinion and I am fully aware that the character mentioned above is a creation of pure fiction from the creative minds of talented writers on Arrow ((well, fictional characters are real to me anyway lol))

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Really, Rotten Tomatoes? A FUCKING 41%?!!!! A...... FUCKING..... 41 PERCENT?!!!!! ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME? I can understand that not everyone will enjoy the film, but it seems as if the fucking biased critics that have reviewed the film have the Marvel movie mindset, in which this is supposed to be different. Obviously, there will be some problems in the film, but DO NOT LET THOSE FLAWS DETERMINE THE FATE OF THE FILM UNLESS THEY HAPPEN FREQUENTLY!! Of course, snooty Marvel fanboys will say that the film sucks for the hell of it, but DO NOT EXPECT EVERY SUPERHERO FILM TO BE LIKE A MARVEL FILM!!!

I am a fan of both Marvel and DC (mostly Marvel), but I still respect what DC has to offer to the big screen and I honestly could give less of a fuck if the reviews are garbage (like Man of Steel was, but I enjoyed the film), so I am going to watch the film whenever I have the chance to and write a review on it from the perspective of a comic book fan who is open to many comic book interpretations.

//This ends my short rant

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Why I HATE John Cena (The character)

Disclaimer: This is my own opinion, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am expressing my own thoughts on the matter and am open to other viewpoints on the matter.

I have been a WWE fan ever since the Ruthless Aggression Era. (I was born when the Attitude Era started to die out). Believe it or not, I almost wanted to like John Cena (the character), until I finally saw what WWE molded him into: A Bland, Uninteresting, Fruity Pebble-eating, Annoying-As-Hell, Skid Mark in the toilet. There are a couple of reasons why I really HATE THIS CHARACTER and wish that WWE changes the character (in which they won't because it's WWE we're talking about).

1. He is essentially Superman. (minus the likeability and charm)

2. He never loses cleanly (Edit: he did a few times, but I could care less)

3. He is WWE's posterboy (in a bad way)

4. No other superstar gets a chance to shine if involves a main event

5. ((I'm really tired right now lol)) He is a corporate boy scout for WWE
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