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Using Custom Location Tags to Increase Bio Link CTR on Instagram

You've probably seen many Instagram users add a “link in bio” call-to-action in their descriptions to leverage their profile link.

In the post, the author shares a case study that presents a very creative workaround using custom location tags that he's shown to increase CTR.
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Google+ Collections & Why You Should be Using Them

I'll admit that I was one of the users that wasn't initially that excited about Google+'s new Collections.  I could certainly appreciate the new focus on topics and content, but didn't make building and organizing Collections a priority. 

In this post, +Eric Enge  presents some compelling arguments (and examples), as to why you should be utilizing them to increase visibility and build relationships with users interested in the topics that interest you. 


The New Google+ Gold Rush

Marketing Riff of the Day December 30, 2015

There's another land grab taking place here on Google+, and it's interesting to see who is embracing it, and who isn't. That gold rush is called "Collections", and it represents an opportunity to build a lot of visibility in a way that is highly focused on your area of expertise.

Let me illustrate with an example. Consider this collection from +Dustin W. Stout,, which is titled Creativity Inspiration. It currently has 87,728 followers. Or this one from Dustin, (Social Media), which has 90,933 followers. In contrast, his main profile has 52,974 followers.

This means that he has added over 35K followers to these two collections since the feature was announced on May 4th. (Note: his 52,974 main profile followers are considered followers of each of his collections by default, so the 35K represents the delta between the collections total followers and that of his profile).

Or, consider +Eli Fennell, whose main profile has 68,645 followers, but his technology collection ( has over 176K followers.

The reason why they see this level of growth is based on the way that Google+ is featuring certain collections, which includes being shown on the home page for Google+ ( to logged out users. There may well be other ways in which these collections are being featured as well.

So this is a little bit like the "Suggested User List" (SUL) land grab that some people experienced in the early days of Google+, but it's much better than the SUL.

The reason why is simple - It's the interest graph in action. Dustin's additional 35,000 followers for his Creativity Inspiration collection are following him on a topic related to what he does for a living, and in an area in which he is looking to build his reputation. So unlike the SUL, this gold rush is much more targeted.

And, in addition, Google is motivated to make this work. Collections and Communities are how Google+ has been remade. They are looking for ways to push people that are embracing the new interest graph structure of G+, and that are actively adding value to it.

Now don't get me wrong, taking advantage of this is a time consuming effort, as you need to bring a lot of value to the table to make it work. This will take time.

But, the opportunity is there for the taking. Are you going to be one of those people that choose to be a part of it?
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