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View my draw against the official strongest freeware chess engine, Stockfish.

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This must be the most prophylactic game ever - 190 moves deploying my own take on the Dutch Stonewall vs Stockfish 9 -
it ended in a draw!

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This is one of my best games and very strongest performances...!

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There's is a battle for survival and supremacy in the world, which involves stealth technology and infra systemic control. And. This is as close The Prime Mover can get to handling the jeddah.


In order of how good/ relevant it is

1) QGA & QGD w/ Catalan - highest category opening theory, and, highly practical, providing a solid repertoire for black

2) English Opening - excellent theory for white on 1...e5
and the other theory an in-between of 1st - and second category, like the tactical approach on this opening for black

3) Dutch w/ Balogh defense - 1st and 2nd category (Balogh),
all lines that gives black chances and at the same time provides quite a solid repertoire which is the very idea behind this opening,
in theory, a complete repertoire for black

4) The Robatsch - a most interesting, and good - and complete - defense against the problematic 1 e4 opening; no doubt,
the 3 c3 variation is very good and highest category
and the defensive ideas and take on the f4 advance incl.
the popularized Pseudo-Austrian attack the best

- further -

The theory on the Berlin defense and Caro-Kann is very fine,
and truly on the 1 b3 opening and Santasiere's Folly which should provide chances for white, these are, however, truly technically demanding and one needs to have a profound understanding of positional play

The Englund gambit is, really, excellent - and - the particular variation on the Grunfeld-Indian/ Bishop's opening forwarded is highly recommended for black; it is an important line, and,
for sure, I would never play differently against 5 Bf4

Englund Gambit

1 d4 e5
2 dxe5 f6 (3 e4 Nc6!? 4 Nf3 d6 5 exf6 Nxf6 7 Nc3 Qe7 8 Bb5 Bd7)
3 exf6 Nxf6
and this is the important line - 4 Nf3 Bc5 5 Bf4 d6

- and - please note

5 e3/ 6 Bc4 is problematic due to 6...d5, i.e. 6 Bb3 Bg4!


2 e4 exd4

this following line is interesting theory and should be memorized

3 c3 dxc3
4 Nxc3 Bb4
5 Nf3 Nf6
6 e5 Ne4
7 Qc2 d5
8 exd6ep Nxc3
9 bxc3 Bxd6

- and - in case of 5 Qc2 d5! and if white plays 5 Qb3, playing 5...Qe7
- or - alternatively, 5...Ba5 is advised

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Here's 'the list' of the most playable chess engines (in order of relevance, groups of 5) -

BeoWulf 2.3b 5.1 (WB - intriguing pièce de résistance, at times Fischer-like style, highly addictive);

Protej v0.5.4a (WB - highly interesting, the 'ideal' 2700 player);

Lime v66 (UCI - very 'together' and sound, rather fanciful, progressive and cultivated playing style)

GreKo v6.5 (UCI - technically refined - and interesting - like the best GMs, finely tuned bishop moves, tactical when getting the upper hand and very strong);

SUPRA 16.0 (UCI - somewhat reminiscent of a 2400 player, still, rather expert, and, at times, club player level, but deeper calculations, most of the time plays relevant and ingenious chess);

Rhetoric v0.10d (UCI - somewhat patient, and decidedly technical, like Anatoliy Karpov but a little more tactical oriented);

Djinn v925x (WB - imaginative and interesting GM style, Samuel Reshevsky could play like this);

Orion v0.1 (UCI - interesting strong tactics and technical, somewhat reminiscent of Alexander Grischuk in it's technical game solutions);

Waxman2010 (WB - humanlike style, considerations i.e. pawn advances much like a modern-day Grandmaster);

Hagrid v0.6.32 (UCI - excellent finely tuned human style queen play and pawn moves);

Gaia v1.0 (UCI - plays the finest chess moves, a little like Ulf Andersson, excellent for setting up positions and measuring ones progress);

Gaviota v0.74.0 (WB - very fine tactical engine, technically refined, revered by professionals while stronger than human);

Firefly v1.1.1 (UCI - interesting, rather unique tactics and technique, one very fine chess engine);

Arasan v9.5/v6.3 (UCI/WB - known for its technical prowess and extensive positional understanding);

Delphil v1.9 (UCI - universal GM style, favoured by professionals, does play fighting chess moves when put to the test);

Rodin v8.0 (WB - the '2100' level: a form of IM standard, a little tactical while it somewhat plays for material);

NanoSzachy v2.5 (WB - makes strong often decisive queen moves, original in its evaluation of positions, while a little straightforward);

Terra v2.9/ v2.7 (UCI/ WB - strategically and technically advanced 'Smyslov style,' like Pro-deo high class and balanced);

Obender 3.2.4 (WB - human considerations, relatively convincing GM style);

Bison v8.1.28 (UCI - relevant, in more than one sense the ideal GM and tutor);

Feuerstein v0.4.6.1 (UCI - extraordinary human-style technical engine);

Movei v00.8.174 (WB - the Paul Morphy of chess engines: mobility and positional finesse);

Schola v1.0.4 (WB - excellent head-on attacker with an intricate technique);

Booot v2.4 (WB - humanlike style, excellent evaluations, often plays an interesting and inventive game);

Neurosis v.2.5 (WB - simplicity galore, at the same time technical, a little like Rueben Fine);

Be aware of the engines 'Bikjump,' 'Rodent' and, especially, 'Bagatur', but they are not working well with the platforms I use and do not figure on the list, but perhaps they work with Arena (yet should you be so lucky as to get hold of an early version of the chess engine 'Deuterium'... definitely top-end!). To round it out, Hermann (v1.3.5) and some of the versions of 'EveAnn' are very good, and these are also much favoured by professionals.

I would further recommend the classic Chessmaster program as an alternative platform for winboard engines, while some like the great Protej and Rodin engines doesn't work on this platform only on the freeware 'Winboard.' I personally use 11, but 10th edition is good and all the more compatible; also, the 'Botvinnik' personality -
and that of Pillsbury - of this version is of interest.
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