If the browser tab I have your site on crashes because of all the frickin ads you have playing and repeatedly loading over and over, perhaps you should rethink your ad strategy. This is NOT user friendly and I most likely will not return to your site when I see this.

And no I don't use adblock extensions or utilities. I respect site owners who rely on ads to keep their sites free. One such site, who has respect for their visitors is +Techaeris one of the best technology sites on the net.
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Uber self-driving car hits and kills a person.

This a repost from a post about that story....because I loved my response so much:

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I don't see self-driving cars becoming widespread for a while. It is realistic to expect incidents like this until they get it right...and even then, they will still happen because shit still happens....and no amount of programming or machine learning can prevent every incident. You balk at self-driving cars now, but when they figure them out and they are actually commonplace and widespread, the deaths due to cars will bottom out. Right now there's no focus on people who get hit by cars and all the incidents that happen because humans are behind the wheel....yet we focus on the emerging technology that has just hit and killed a human.

I would prefer a world where I can bike safely on the streets of Chicago....instead of the world now where I take my life into my hands because of the idiots on the road (not saying some bikers don't ride insanely, they do, I do not). I speak from experience: 2 major incidents where the person in the car was at fault and they got away with no charges (technicalities) or just ran off without worrying about the biker they just hit with their door (officially a hit and run with Chicago Police). Several other incidents that were minor where I got no injuries but I can't say the same for my bike.

Please bring on the self-driving cars....gets humans out of the seat behind the wheel.

new comments:
Cars are not the problem...the human element is in driving...so remove the human element and you will see car deaths almost eliminated. Humans are flawed and we make mistakes. We have egos. We get full of ourselves. We think we own the road.

A self-driving car isn't like that. It's first priority is the safety of those people in and around the car. Everything else takes a back seat. They still have to work on it...it's not quite there yet...and thus the reason the car had a human in the driver seat in the incident that occurred. Don't know why they didn't intervene...but shit happens. This doesn't mean we should stop working on self-driving technology...it just means we should keep working on it. A driver-less world (or one where the number of drivers on the road are DRAMATICALLY reduced) will be much better than the world we have now.

Original Story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dr-gridlock/wp/2018/03/19/uber-halts-autonomous-vehicle-testing-after-a-pedestrian-is-struck/
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Post has attachment
fix for losing muting tabs in Chrome (now defaults to muting sites not tabs). note: to mute a tab now you click the volume icon when a site is playing audio. you still have the mute site option in the right click menu if you want to use that too....this is how it should be by default: http://techdows.com/2017/11/chrome-63-mute-tabs-not-sites.html

+Google Chrome Please enable both mute sites and mute tabs in this way BY DEFAULT. I shouldn't have to rely on this experimental feature and opt into a feature I used to use heavily....finalize it and make it default.

Specifically....I use it HEAVILY on Twitch with multiple monitors. They are now turning off your viewer status if you mute the video....but it doesn't apply when you mute the tab. But most of the time I want to watch multiple streamers of and on with my main computer. Mute Site killed my ability to temporarily mute streamers when I'm paying attention to someone else....so I have to use this option. Give us options don't take them away.
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Nice to know the 7:40pm Milwaukee West train that was CANCELLED due to mechanical failure....won't be counted in the metra on time reports for September. I was just waiting around Union Station because I like looking at granite....yeah...that's it.

Oh...and the 8:40 train I boarded? It was late to the station too....and left 16 minutes after the scheduled departure time.

Stellar job tonight Metra.
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Just don't order directly from +Motorola Their shipping is a shitshow. Love your products but you really need to straighten out your logistics guys.

I ordered a moto mod for my new Motorola Z2 Force. It got shipped directly from China, just like my phone. It shipped on the day it was supposed to be delivered. It started off just like my phone and they didn't get the palette of shipping boxes to FedEx in time for their cutoff for the delay. 1 day delay.

It then gets here in the US in Memphis. Like my phone it had to go through customs. Unlike my phone, it popped up a clearance exception. The clearance exception said that the shipper had to provide information for it to clear customs. It sits in this over the weekend. I call chat with Motorola on Monday, they say they will escalate the situation. I wait a day, no change in the tracking message. I chat with Motorola again to try to find out what's going on. I actually get handed off to the escalation specialist this time. He does his escalation thing and says I will get an email from him once it has been resolved. Last night a new message popped up on the tracking number:
"Per shipper instructions, package will not be delivered until the scheduled delivery date."
So the shipper told Fedex....there's no rush, only deliver it on the scheduled delivery date. At that time the clearance exception was still on there...so still no scheduled delivery date.
This morning I get up and check the tracking. There's now a scheduled delivery date.....OF AUGUST 30TH....a week from today. I could drive down to memphis and pick it up myself in the time it will take to get it to me. One other thing I noticed: This new scheduled delivery is after a new shipment with the same tracking number was picked up IN CHINA. It was then released for shipment here in the US in Memphis. It still has a scheduled delivery of August 30th though.

Shipment is sent on the day it was estimated to be delivered.
Original Shipment from China gets delayed due to customs issues the shipper has to resolve.
A new shipment gets sent from China...with a scheduled delivery date of 2 weeks after the original estimated delivery date.

This little moto mod is the wireless charing back for my Moto Z2 Force....it is one of the PRIMARY REASONS I bought this phone. Never order directly from Motorola. Get it on Amazon, get it from another carrier, anyone but Motorola.

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One of the things I love doing, on the roughly hour long commute I have to downtown Chicago, is reading. I've done both Kindle books as well as Audible books.

I prefer listening to Audible, however, I have a problem with continuing to be an audible member. It is simply much cheaper to buy Kindle books that come with WhisperSync (the audbile audiobook that syncs your progress), than it is to get audio books from Audible in which I don't also get the book on Kindle. I can't fathom why Amazon has left Audible like this. They really need to unify the services, make it one price to get both the Kindle ebook and Audible audiobook. I like getting credits I can use every month to buy books with Audible, but if I can get a Kindle eBook with Whispersync for cheaper, then I don't see the point in the audible membership.
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Atlus....you don't fucking get it.

There are those who intentionally spoil just to spoil endings and ruin someone's enjoyment of a game. YOU CAN DO NOTHING TO STOP THESE ASSHATS. They're going to do it regardless of whatever restrictions you put out there.

Then there's the people who play a game on a stream or post videos to youtube so people can enjoy the playthrough of the game. This sells games for you. Multiple times I have watched Twitch streams, and found out a game looked cooler to play than what was presented in the steam listing or some trailer the publisher put out for the game. That ended with me buying the game. I don't always have time to play all the games I buy. That's backed up by my stats for steam where somewhere around 65% of the game I own on there, I've never played. I look at it this way: Me buying the game is my vote that more of that type of game should be produced. I don't care if I ever play that game...as long as I've bought it that means I've supported that developer towards producing more stuff I like the looks of.

Because I can't play every game that comes out, and I can't play every game I buy....I have to rely on streams to see the stories in games I may never get around to. You choosing to threaten streamers and youtubers with copyright violations is only hurting your reputation. Pushing the date back in Persona 5 to 11-something does nothing to repair your reputation. Just let people, ALL PEOPLE INCLUDING STREAMERS/YOUTUBERS WHO HAVE BOUGHT YOUR GAME, play the damn game to it's conclusion.

You say you didn't want the tone of your previous posting to be threatening....but having any restrictions at all is inherently a threat. The solution is let people play the game they bought...and share it with the people they choose to share it with (via streaming/youtube, I am not saying share the actual game) free of any restrictions on what they can show.

If you give away games to streamers or youtubers, feel free to restrict what they can stream....but if they have legally bought the game....they should be able to do anything they want with it without the threat that they may have their streaming/youtube careers ruined by some asinine publisher who can't get it through their thick skulls that Streaming and videos on youtube actually help video game sales.

People have brains...they don't need you setting restrictions on what streamers can show to hold their hand so they don't get spoiled. They can choose to avoid streams to avoid spoilers....I see it all the time on twitch. Someone says hi to the streamer but apologizes they can't stick around because they don't want to be spoiled. It's always cool with the streamer...at least they said hi.

I don't care if there are run-on sentences here...and I don't care about grammar. This is just a stream of thoughts coming out of my head that I wanted to share about this situation.

References to what this is all about:

I have no interest in the game Persona 5 myself. I watched both Bikeman and DansGaming on Twitch play it a bit, but it's just not my type of game. I speak about this here because of my strong feelings for what occured surrounding this game. I actually heard MULTIPLE streamers say they weren't going to stream the game because of the restrictions. Good for me since I don't enjoy that type of game....but bad for all those fans out there that wanted to see it. I post this here for those fans who were let down by this policy. Because I don't want to see it happen with any of the games I want to see streamed.
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G2A you're not doing yourselves any favors. By NOT taking the actions that Gearbox suggested (reasonable considering their concerns about your business practices), you basically admitted that you allow the sale of illegally acquired keys (that does not mean they are illegitimate keys, a distinct difference) on your marketplace. You can claim ignorance but that does not excuse your responsibility....especially when you can do something about it. You are not ebay....ebay can do very little to verify that products for sale on there are acquired legally and can be sold legally. Keys to games can EASILY be checked by developers and publishers against known blacklisted keys, even in an automated way (as suggested by Gearbox).

Anyone who has or was thinking about using them, please stop. They are a cancer on the gaming industry that needs to die (in its current form).

G2A I suggest you backpedal....take and implement ALL the suggestions by Gearbox with every publisher you have games for. Become the marketplace for game keys that people can rely on. There should be absolutely no reason why you cannot verify keys with the people who make and sell the games. There should be no reason why there needs to be a G2A shield product. Get your revenue elsewhere...not from gamers scared they are going to get screwed by the sellers you allow to operate on your marketplace.

-a former customer
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Is there such a thing as chronological order for G+? I'm tired of seeing 4 day old shit when I refresh the page right next to 5 minute old shit.

edit: and yes this is for my home stream. I don't want to deal with making sure a specific circle I have everyone in, has everyone in it, just to see the damn posts in chronological order.
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edit: They have resolved this situation, and made me a happy customer again. I still have to wait for my Rival 500 as it is still out of stock with them, but they threw me a nice bone for my troubles. More on that later.

I highly recommend +SteelSeries products. They make great products. I own the following:
Siberia Elite Prism Headset (now called the Siberia 650)
Stratus XL Gamepad
Apex 350 Keyboard

At work, I asked my company to buy me the following (they did):
Apex 300 Keyboard
Rival 100 Mouse

I had an issue with the USB hookup for my Headset....I reported it to them, and got a replacement shipped out in a couple of days. Fast service, very happy.

I have been trying to replace my Logitech G700s with a Rival 500.

My original order sat in customs for something like 2 weeks beyond when it was originally scheduled for delivery (something they have no control over...though I wonder if it was really customs that entire time). I ultimately cancelled the order hoping to get one from Amazon. Amazon didn't get them in either, despite sellers on their marketplace getting them in and marking them up considerably beyond the base price.

I decided to order directly from Steelseries again, because this time, it showed as "In Stock" on their website. This was on the 8th...with an estimated ship date of the 9th....and estimated delivery of the 11th through the 16th. The charge is on my bank account....fully posted...not pending in anyway. I still have not received a shipment notice. My attempts to find out why have resulted in getting transferred to the web shop rep...who has so far been unresponsive. "In Stock" my ass.

I highly recommend Steelseries products. Just do not buy them directly from Steelseries!

+Jason Bouwmeester
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