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BBC Trainer

Hi, I am Laura! From a young age I've had a huge passion for sports, it's always been a massive part of my life. I used to play tennis for Essex County as a teenager, before finding out I had scholiosis and had to have a metal plate placed in the length of my spine. As a result I wasn't able to do anything for 6 months, but this never and still doesn't stop me, being active is part of my life. Going to the gym, swimming, boxing, bootcamp, body pump and spinning is all part of my exercise routine.

In 2008 I had twin girls who are now 7 years old...even they have the passion for sports and taking part in anything and everything, especially Brownes Bootcamp. They love a burpee too! Looking back, The weight gain and loss of fitness had a huge impact on my confidence. Being a working mum the stress of holding down a job and trying to be the best parent was enough in itself, before I even thought about my fitness!

About 3-4 months after having the twins I decided it was time to get back to what motivates me and what I love the most. It was time to get out of the City and sitting behind a desk and instead do what I love, something that makes me feel good. Getting to do this as a job now is amazing, I love seeing how good it makes other people feel to.
I am a level 3 Personal Trainer and Spinning instructor and will soon be specialising in Pre and Post Natal. I also want to work on helping people who have suffered similar back injuries. Having experienced both first hand, I feel I can provide the right kind of support to help with both the mental and physical challenges and improve people's wellbeing.

Exercise is addictive once you get the bug and start seeing results, it makes you feel amazing!...always remember, there is no magic pill or magic session, it takes dedication and commitment, but don't worry, I am here to help! Always remember 'Progress over perfection'.
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BBC Trainer

Hi, I am Steve! I have worked in the fitness industry for over ten years. I hold Personal Training qualifications with #YMCA fitness industry training, along with boxing qualifications under the ABA England.

In the past I have worked for Esporta and LA Fitness as a personal trainer where I assisted members to achieve a variety of fitness goals.

Keeping fit is a passion of mine. I enjoy lifting weights and participating in various sports. In the past I have competed in swimming, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and running. In 2005 I completed the London marathon in three and a half hours.
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Assistant Head BBC Trainer

Hi, I am Jack! I have served in the British Army for 9 years joining in 2004 from school. I joined as a tank crewman serving with the Royal Dragoon Guards serving in places such as Germany, Poland, Austria, Canada & Iraq.

Throughout my time in the Army, fitness has always been my passion, as a soldier your fitness is required to be at a good standard anyway & I enjoyed representing my regiment in many Army Cross Country Finals also many Swimming & Triathlon competitions.

In 2008 I was chosen to become a Army Physical Training Instructor, an extremely hard 3 month pass or fail course, learning how to train soldiers in circuits, running, loaded marches, swimming and battle PT, I jumped at the chance and completed the course as best student.
In 2010 I moved to The Royal Armoured Corps at Bovington as a Physical Training Instructor, training well over 300 recruits in Physical Training.

As a Physical Training Instructor I work as part of a team of 10 PTI's, which forms an integral part of the military Training Centre. Responsibilities include conducting daily physical conditioning sessions for soldiers, permanent staff and civilian MOD employees. Ensuring recruits are physically prepared for the operational demands of the field army. Sessions include: circuit training, endurance training, battle PT, interval training, spinning, sports training and swimming training. Also a qualified swimming instructor taking children's swimming lessons twice a week. Further to this, providing nutrition and dietary advice and to organise various sporting competitions throughout the training year.

Jacks Passions

Jack is a keen runner competing in numerous Army & Civilian races, from the Army Cross Country Championships to The Great North Run. He loves swimming, something he has been brought up with as a child & recently had trails for the Army Swimming Team. Topping his list though are Triathlons, he loves the training involved in order to succeed in one, he this year came 2nd in the Southern British Army Triathlon held at Bovington, Dorset. He puts success down to the work put in prior to doing anything, ‘train hard fight easy'.
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Managing Director/Founder/BBC Head Trainer

Hi, I’m +Angus Browne I am a level 4 qualified Premier Training International Personal Trainer.

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to keep fit and lift weights! I started my journey at SEEVIC College and studied for a diploma in Sports and Recreation level 2 and completed the course after a year. Whilst there, I also studied for courses in first aid, amongst other sports related modules.

I started my professional career at Esporta Clearview Health and Racquet Club in Brentwood, Essex. My job there started as a work placement and they soon saw my potential and offered me a job, helping clean in the gym and allowing me to help with gym inductions. I then took qualifications in sports massage and passed level 2, 3 and 4 at Premier Training International, in Dartford and London.

I continued to work at Esporta for 6 years and learned a lot from them, but I knew it was time for me to brain out on my own. That is how Browne’s Fitness and Browne’s Boot Camp was born!

About Angus

Angus spends most of his time motivating and training others to achieve their goals, whatever they maybe. Getting people outside in the fresh air and understanding that there are better, more enjoyable ways to train other than the gym. His ambition is to encourage both indoor and outside exercise. His spare time is spent training himself, as he is a big believer in 'practicing what you preach'. Angus also loves training Specific Training Needs, to top sportsman, celebrities, boxers as well as the normal person that walks through the door or onto the Boot Camp field.

Why Angus Loves Boot Camp!

I love Browne’s Boot Camp because of the ethos of what we do: we have fun, exercise and train in all areas. I love nothing more than seeing clients getting the results they have worked for in Boot Camp, as I believe it’s a lot harder than going to a gym, by nature of what we do.

I might shout at you, tell you what to do and look at your form and technique but it’s all for the right reasons! You won’t get away with whimping out at Boot Camp, but we do have fun and great friendships are made. There are social events and they are always fun too.
Boot Camp is for anyone and everyone, whether you’re super fit or really unfit, I will offer you, what I believe, is the best Boot Camp service you’ll find!

Angus TOP 10 Tips for Success at Brownes Boot Camp!

Health & Well Being
Listen to your body when training
Passion to Exercise/training
Self Motivation
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