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I am very impressed with the way Waterway Primary keeps me updated with all that is happening in the school with platforms such as SNAC and the school website. The school also engages parents such as myself on my child’s development by actively updating us on the homework and activities through e-mail reminders and online resources.

Last but definitely not the least, I would like to praise the exceptional teachers of Waterway Primary. Weaker students like my daughter have been specially picked out for extra lessons in the morning to receive more attention and coaching. This has really helped in her development and I can definitely see the improvement in her after attending these lessons.

Thank you for going the extra mile. Kudos to the outstanding teachers of Waterway Primary.

~Tiong Wee Shan, mother of Kayla Tiong Yong Yi (1C, 2017)
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The school has made a wise decision to include Orators lessons as part of its curriculum. My daughter has benefitted from the step-by-step guide to present her findings on selected topics. I was able to work with her on her Orators’ assignment together. It was indeed an interesting experience for me. I certainly look forward to the school’s introduction of Literature into its Primary 3 curriculum.

I am also grateful to the school for giving Lynn opportunities to present during the Observance Ceremony as part of the National Day Celebration, as well as during Teachers’ Day Celebration.

Both my husband and I enjoyed ourselves at the singalong session during the National Day Celebration in school.

Once again, we are very happy to have enrolled Lynn in Waterway Primary School and look forward to enrolling our younger son in the school in 2019.

~Mdm Chan Wei Foong, mother of Ong Yu Xuan Lynn (1C, 2017)
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As a new family moving into the Punggol estate, we were initially very anxious about selecting a suitable primary school for our youngest daughter, Dawn. She is our third child but was not able to join the same school as her siblings since we had moved out of our previous estate. Entering P1 from K2 was a memorable milestone, particularly an important one too. Although Waterway Primary was not our first choice of school for Dawn because it was neither the most popular school in Punggol nor the nearest school to our new residence, we are glad now that we have made the right choice. Dawn enjoys going to school every morning and will eagerly tell us about the happenings in school every evening during our dinner.

Similar to her siblings’ past experiences, our family’s expectations of a good primary school is that our child must be happy going to school to learn new things every day. We are especially impressed with the “Good Morning School” programme during morning assembly where recent local and international news and current affairs are being shared by the teachers to the pupils.

On top of the team of good teachers, especially Mdm Tan and Mdm Teo who are both caring and passionate about teaching the children, we are also very thankful to the school operations and admin support, including the security staff. We are always greeted warmly by them at the school drop-off porch every morning. They are there, rain or shine, without fail every morning to ensure safe and smooth drop-off and traffic movement.

Well done to the whole team and management of Waterway Primary School! We have full confidence that our child is in good hands under the guidance of the school!

~Tan family, family of Tan Yan Jia, Dawn (1C, 2017)
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Hi! I would like to compliment the school for their dedicated teachers and highly beneficial programmes for students (e.g. Orators programme). The teachers have consistently shown great care and thoughtfulness for their students. They have shown great patience in nurturing their students as well.

As a parent, I greatly appreciate the teachers for their great effort.

As Waterway Primary School is a new school with no proven track record, we initially had our concerns about sending our child here. However, our fears were soon alleviated as the teachers show a high degree of professionalism. And we soon realised that we, too, played a part in shaping the school as well. And I am happy that my child – being among the first few batches of the school – has a role and a great part to play in making Waterway Primary a good and model school for others!

~Mr Derek Loke, father of Loke Chee Khai Kye (1C, 2017)
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It was a great learning journey for me as a parent and also a good opportunity to bond with my child. It is also help to drive the message that learning applies to all ages and both the parent and child are on this learning path. I see that by having such activities in engaging both the parent and child in building on a project is purposeful. Probably the only feedback was for the session, if the child could stay on to help the parents to continue to build on the microbit and working together instead of adjourn to class and leaving the parents to complete the project. In this way, the students can showcase more of what they learnt and also to help some parents who are relatively new to coding to cope better. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed the session.



During the ICT Micro:bit. parent involvement programme, I was amazed the students were very fast learning on how to use Micro:bit.

Micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that lets us get creative with digital technology.

I was a bit lost in the beginning but Sarah and ICT teacher guided me well in introducing drag-and-drop programming interface use to code the Micro:bit.
We learned about breadboard, LEDs, sound buzzer and other hardware components. We were taught how to program the Micro:bit to play different notes too.

I have to say I was so proud to create our very own calculator. It was fun, engaging and enriching Micro:bit programme.

I believe that ICT should be embraced as it is a very powerful tool for teaching and learning.

Thank you.

~Juliana Sahat


Although Mingyuan has briefed me on what he had learned in his class before I went to the Microbits workshop. I still happy to see that he can finish almost the whole process by himself just with a little assistance from me on one or two manual steps. The workshop really a good way for us to discover our children's progress. I found this curriculum is able to encourage the students' self confidence in a easy and enjoyable way when they completed their masterpiece independently.

~Mother of Andrew (2D, 2017)


We were delighted that the school has organised the ICT Microbit program with parental involvement. Participating in our son’s classroom activity was a special bonding time not only with him but also with the school. The practical aspect of problem solving and creative thinking to build a calculator using microbit and drink carton was intriguing. Waterway Primary School has a holistic approach to learning not just from textbooks. The school has innovative programs (Lego We-Do and Mindstorm)to prepare students for jobs that may not exist yet due to technology disruption ... very forward look!

~Father of Gabriel Maximus Koh (2E, 2017)



~Qu Hongli & Gao Jianping, parents of Qu Haish (2C, 2017)

It has been a very great experience for my husband and myself attending the

Microbits session. The session was very well planned and organized.

During the session, it was shared with us about the objectives of the Microbits classes which can help the students beside develop coding skills but also able to learn about logical thinking and problem solving skills.

The thoughts of involving the children as the “mentors” to share their learnings with their parents was a great idea. I can see that the students rise up to take on the lead to teach their parents about coding. This also encourage us as parents to appreciate life-long learning together with our children.

I personally enjoyed working on the Microbits project as a family that brings the bonding together.

Big thumbs up to Waterway Primary School for organizing this great event and I look forward to attend it again in future!

~Mother of Lee Xin Yi (2C, 2017)
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