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Three years ago, we decided as a family, Luke included, to have him enrolled into Waterway Primary School. It was Mrs Wee’s vision and directions for the school’s development that drew us to her school.

Luke is attending Primary 3 now. His holistic growth, his evident progress and his unwavering enthusiasm for school since he embarked on his primary education journey, affirmed that our choice is right for him.

Most would expect school life from Primary 3 onwards to be stifling due to the academic-driven nature of our education system. We are very glad to see a well-balanced curriculum made available for Luke despite the norm. The Modular Co-Curricular Activities, Interest Co-Curricular Activity and Literature, introduced at the beginning of the year, gave Luke more reasons to look forward to school. He enjoyed his SwimSafer lessons tremendously last term and has been very excited since Info-communications and Media started this term; he often tells us that he can’t wait to watch their complete Lego video clip which he and his group mates have been working on! And he’s already looking forward to Coding & Programming next semester!

Recently, we had the privilege to attend the school’s Opening Ceremony. It was heartwarming to witness the school’s various stakeholders coming together to make the event a success! The zest and commitment from the school staff, the pride in the young student performers and presenters, as well as the passionate parents who volunteered their time and effort generously; the teamwork and synergy were amazingly impressive!

The last 2.5 years in Waterway Primary School have been a memorable experience for us, especially so for Luke. We are confident that Waterway Primary School will continue to thrive while staying true to the school’s Mission, Vision and Values. We would like to thank Mrs Wee and her team for their exemplary effort and devotion as educators of a Thinking School.

~Mrs Patricia Theseira, mother of Theseira Luke Markus (3A, 2018)
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If you asked me, the curriculum during the kindergarten phase made me so worried for the possible culture shock my child was about to face in primary school.

On top of that, the thought of our kids being exposed to the new system that we were still unfamiliar with, brought about an insecure feeling.

However, all these fears and assumptions were calmed down when my child felt so welcomed at Waterway Primary School last year.

I felt the change in my child right from the start. Her attitude switched from being clingy, well-known for separation anxiety and fearful of school, to someone who is now more responsible, speaks her mind when in doubt, refuses to be bullied and is brave to approach her teachers. I see her greet the school staff just like family.

When she was selected for the “Speak Up! Kids 2018” public speaking competition, before I could complete explaining what was expected of her and the long list of responsibilities that came with it, she rolled her eyes. I knew I got on her nerves sometimes for probing with negative questions like, "Are you sure you can wake up earlier now that we are in the midst of moving further?" But she cut me off confidently and positively. I could not say no. We shared our ideas for her to present in class and before we knew it, her idea was chosen and she was ecstatic to get on with the script. She memorised her speech so well it left me hypnotised as she rehearsed again and again with actions she learnt during her early morning trainings.

The school has provided her with a sense of trust and belonging which I feel is the most important. For instance, a few days ago, she fell upon reaching the school gate and scratched her knee, so I walked her to the General Office. But she suggested that I just leave her there because "someone will help me, you don't have to worry".

Nowadays, she no longer fears Mathematics like she used to, although yes, I have to still push her at home. But overcoming the fear is a big relief, thanks to Mrs Shrlinda Lee who has been so encouraging.

Sometimes, when she comes home, she will play “pretend” and take the role of her teacher, replaying whatever went on in school that day. That is how I get my updates about what goes on in school.

She is thrilled that everyone gets a chance to be a leader at school. She takes her roles seriously even though one moment she is a Toilet Rep, next she is a Canteen Rep, then she is the Queuing Up Leader...and so on.

Nyla is just in her 2nd year and I think she is already enjoying school. I have no regrets for choosing Waterway Primary School. It was a good start for us and I hope it will continue to be a smooth and fruitful journey for everyone who sets foot here.

~Mdm Sabrina Pereira, mother of Nur Nyla Qaisara (2G, 2018)
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I am very grateful to Waterway Primary School for inculcating school values in my daughter, Silvie, and to have Mrs Mitchelle Wong as the form teacher of class 1I. During the Parent-Teacher meeting, I could tell that both Mrs Wong and Ms Chua had made impressive efforts to show parents what had been taught by displaying children’s works neatly all over the classroom. It is indeed a good way to show appreciation for every child’s work. I was amazed by the unique way Mrs Wong conducted the class, and interestingly, Silvie was awarded with the ‘Super Writer’ certificate.

Silvie was also given the opportunity to build up her confidence level through her recent class monitress assignment and through taking part in the school’s opening ceremony to present about ‘Dash’ in the Robotics programme to the public. Thank you, Mrs Wong, for believing in Silvie. The whole ceremony was highly organised and well prepared. It was a spectacular ceremony. I was overwhelmed by the talented young presenters and performers. I was even more amazed to learn that the school song was written by one of the teachers, Mr Seah Yien Beng. Indeed, talents are everywhere in the school.

Silvie enjoys the Mass Walk on Friday mornings. It is a good exercise for the children and they get to come into contact with nature. I believe, besides improving bonding between classmates and teachers, nature brings our senses alive and allows us to be more conscious of the surroundings. This is a good move by the school.

A safe environment, good leadership by the principal, Mrs Wee, as well as outstanding and dedicated teachers, make Waterway Primary School a distinctive school. I have no regrets enrolling my daughter at Waterway Primary School.

~Mrs Yim, mother of Silvie Yim (1I, 2018)
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Being typical Singaporeans, my wife and I wanted our child to be in a school that doesn't just allow him to develop academically but in other aspects as well. We weren't looking for just pen to paper grades, but something more practical and hands-on. Character building to us is just as important as the academic part of school life. Being Kind, Inclusive, Sharing and Supportive are some important qualities in a person. Of course, being in an Asian society, having the confidence to speak confidently will always be an asset in future.

Waterway Primary is a choice made right. Besides the every day syllabus which the teachers diligently teach, Waterway Pri has distinctive programmes that mould our child with the right values.

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) offers Robotics this term, a practical and hands-on way of learning.

Orators@Waterway has made him more vocal about public speaking and presentation as well. Orators also has a 'Bucket Filling Activity' that cultivates kindness, 'Care & Share' qualities and of course being gracious.

The Value-In-Action (VIA) programme for P2 is the Recess Buddy Programme where a P2 student will buddy a P1 student during recess, helping him/her integrate into the primary school setting. This promotes Inclusiveness and, of course, giving support to newcomers and making them feel welcomed.

Through all of the above, I see a boy who enjoys going to school and looks forward to hands-on activities (PAL). He also looks forward to filling his friends' bucket with kindness and more, speaking more confidently at the same time (Orators) of course.

He enjoys helping new friends settle in, making sure they are happy in Waterway Primary. We are confident with the various programmes offered by Waterway Primary setting the base for our child, he will grow to be a person with the right values in life.

~Mr Ng, parent of Lionel Ng (2C, 2018)
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I strongly believe that a parent is a child’s first teacher. However, as a child grows, the environment and the people he/she meets and interacts with play vital roles in shaping the child’s character and mind. I could not choose what kind of people my boy would meet, but I could decide what kind of learning environment I want him to grow up in. Hence, I enrolled him in Waterway Primary School. Three years ago, I had no idea what kind of school Waterway Primary School would turn out to be. What I had was just faith in the Principal and her leadership. Other than that, I like the idea of my child growing and learning in a new school. In a new school, anything is possible. Three years have passed; my husband and I do not regret sending Kyle to WAPS. Thanks to the Orators programme, he has grown more confident and is no longer shy with strangers. Kyle is taking Literature this year, something that many primary schools do not offer. I love the school’s idea of integrating literature into the curriculum. It is a relaxing and interesting way to learn the English language. In addition, I think Literature expands a child’s horizon and builds empathy in them.

Beside having an all-rounded curriculum that gets students future-ready, WAPS has a group of dedicated and caring teachers too. Yes, all schools are good schools but to my son and niece (who is studying there too), WAPS is the best!

~Mrs Kim Tan, parent of Kyle Tan (3E, 2018)
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Being a new primary school in the neighbourhood, Waterway Primary had yet to establish its reputation and prove its standard amongst other schools.

Nonetheless, I decided that it will be the choice for my Primary One going daughter as I had a good feel about the school. In addition to that, the school offers unique programmes, such as Orators and Good Morning School which promotes learning beyond the textbooks. The positive feedback from other parents from the pioneer batch also helped me in my decision making.

My experience has been wonderful thus far. Not only does my daughter enjoy going to school and look forward to attending school daily, which is reflective of the positive learning environment the school offers, there is also great communication and partnership between the school and parents.

A teacher that deserves mention is Mrs Jaslyn Quek who has shown much dedication and passion in carrying out her duties, often going the extra mile to positively impact the lives of her students. She always presents as joyful and sprightly and is not only able to engage her students well but is also very supportive and encouraging when interacting with them.

As a parent who has gone through the Singapore education system, I also find her tactful, motivating and nurturing ways and her ability to recognise her students’ strengths and efforts to be extraordinary.

One of the things I recalled her doing was providing personal coaching to my daughter to enable her to catch up with her classmates when she returned to school after a week of Medical Leave. She is also highly responsive to emails and would address any concerns in a prompt, collaborative and encouraging manner.

I also recall a pertinent message from the principal during one of her speeches in which she mentioned that we should not shield our children from challenges but rather give them the needed support to face the pressures and challenges in life which I found to be inspiring.

With such great leadership and dedication from the school, I believe Waterway Primary will be able to soar above other schools and be the school of choice in helping our children thrive and paving a bright future for them.

Kudos and Viva la Vida, Waterway Primary!!

~Mdm Fizah, mother of Anna Eyssha (2D, 2018)
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It has been almost 4 months since Ethan started his primary school life. We are happy that we have chosen Waterway Primary School for him. He enjoys school and looks forward to going to school every day. We feel very welcomed every morning when sending Ethan to school. There is always a teacher stationed at the school gate and the vice principals at the foyer to welcome the children to school. The teachers in the school are caring and dedicated. They keep the parents constantly updated of the school events through SNAC and children’s progress and developments in school through Class Dojo. This allows us to know what is happening in school and enables us to work closely with the teachers in nurturing our children.

The distinctive programmes offered in the school are interesting. We like the Good Morning School which kick-starts the children’s day with what is happening locally or globally; the Orators programme which trains the children to speak graciously and confidently in public and the Robotics programme which develops students’ abilities to think systematically and logically. It is a wise decision that the school has incorporated these programmes as part of the curriculum as these make lessons in class more enjoyable and thought-provoking, thus enhancing the student’s interest in learning. Ethan especially likes the Orators and Robotics programmes. He finds these lessons entertaining and interesting.

We would like to specially commend the Form Teacher of 1I, Mrs. Mitchelle Wong and Chinese teacher, Ms. Chua Qinyu (蔡老师). Both of them are very dedicated, thoughtful and patient. They worked closely with me to provide the support Ethan needed and have been very patient towards Ethan. Mrs. Wong has been very encouraging and supporting. She never gives up on her students and works closely with the parents to find ways to help the students to develop the right attitudes, values and behaviour. She keeps us closely updated on Ethan’s conduct in class and works closely with us in areas where Ethan needs improvement in. Mrs. Wong also goes the extra mile to prepare cue cards to remind Ethan of the right behaviour in class and keep him staying focused.

Ms. Chua takes the effort to update us daily on our child’s performance in class through Class Dojo and incorporates games during lessons to make it more fun for the children to learn Chinese. She also works with us to find ways to increase Ethan’s interest in learning Chinese. Thank you Mrs. Wong and 蔡老师.

We believe Waterway Primary School will become one of the most sought after primary schools in the near future.

~Mr & Mrs Leong, parents of Ethan Leong (1I, 2018)
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Another fruitful year has passed and we are glad to see Andrew growing up happily in Waterway Primary. When we asked him, "Do you like Waterway Primary and why?", his answer is still "Yes, because I have learned so much and the learning is so fun in our school."

At the beginning of this year, the P3 students were enrolled into more in the curriculum. Beside having after school CCAs based on different students' interests and specialties, all P3 students also take modular CCAs during school hours, which include speech and drama, coding and programming, swimming, etc. Andrew was lucky to be chosen to participate in a drama performance for the school opening ceremony and he has learned much from this experience. He learnt that he should control his voice and speaking speed, the importance of making gestures when conducting a presentation, and having eye contact when giving his opinions. We noticed that Andrew is now more willing to present his opinions with confidence.

Another notable curriculum is the Robotics Interest CCA. Nowadays, our children have so many ideas about the world and are full of ambition to develop and change our lifestyles. Robotics just meet their thoughts and interests and provide them with the imagination space under the guidance of professional teachers. Andrew is always talking with us about his blueprint for designing a robot that can help us to go out shopping and come back home safely when we are too old and cannot recognise our way home. All children have their own creative ideas in different areas. We think that Robotics in Waterway Primary is helping them to pave a way to a better and more convenient life in future.

Coding and Programming is also a useful course. It is a continuation from last year’s Micro:bit programme. At that time, P2 pupils were taught to write code to achieve different purposes, even to command a robot. Though what they learned is simple and basic computer coding, the school opens the window for them to connect with the outside digital world and widens the children’s way of thinking. Last year, the school organised a Micro:bit workshop where parents worked together with their kid to complete the tasks. Most children completed their jobs mainly by themselves and showed and explained the process to their parents. What Andrew showed to his daddy was not only his coding skill, but also the feeling of success.

Andrew is an easily distractible boy and we have been worrying that his interests would come and go quickly. But we are pleased to see that he always keeps his enthusiasm towards the many different parts of the curriculum in school and thus he also gains a lot of friends from his favourite Robotics CCA, Speech & Drama training, basketball lessons and even from the Student Care Centre. We hope his learning experience in Waterway Primary will always be interesting and lively, and that the character and knowledge he picks up here will help him to adapt well in his future life and career.

~Mrs Jane Zhen, mother of Andrew Zhen (3A, 2018)
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Waterway Primary School is a lovely school.

Thanks to the school staff and all the teachers. We see Sean developing from a quiet and shy boy to a more confident and responsible boy.

I am glad that he goes to school happily and comes back with a lot of positive sharing from school. For example, news or information shared during the Good Morning School sessions.

Recently, we were invited to the school’s opening ceremony. We were so touched by the efforts of everyone at Waterway Primary School to make the event so successful. Every performance and presentation by the children was really fantastic. All the children and teachers deserve huge compliments for all the hard work they have put in.

Waterway Primary School has excellent communication with parents. I always receive timely school updates through the SNAC app and letters. The school also provides my child with a warm, well-organised and great learning environment.

We are glad that our child is a part of the school. When there are friends/neighbours who ask for my comments about Waterway Primary School, I will always share with confidence. I will definitely enrol my youngest son at Waterway Primary School in 4 years’ time!

~Mr & Mrs Ng, parents of Sean Ng (2A, 2018)
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Looking back at the past 1.5 years of our child’s educational experience with Waterway Primary School (WPS), we must admit that WPS is no doubt the ‘lighthouse’ of our child’s learning journey. From being a skeptical parent naturally worried about an unheard school, we are, today, proud parents never missing a chance to strongly recommend this ‘lighthouse’ to anyone enquiring even remotely about a good school in Punggol.

As an educationist, the common aim shared is to prepare learners for life after school and we must say WPS is at the forefront of this for a rather new primary school. By engaging the parents regularly and designing a holistic curriculum that extend beyond academics and with a view of the future, WPS has beautifully weaved in various learning activities of interest, such as Robotics, sharing of current affairs in the mornings, music and Orators, to name a few. Besides these, the opportunity to participate in complementary events such as the school’s opening ceremony and other events such as Teachers’ Day and National Day celebrations certainly adds to a child's personal development.

We are just glad our daughter, Isabel, is privileged to experience such a commendable learning environment and the many carefully designed initiatives that aim to develop her as a responsible and gracious person. Kudos to Mrs Wee, the Principal, Madam Tan, the form teacher of our daughter’s class and everyone else in the team for making this possible. Keep the flames of the lighthouse shining brightly for a long time to come...

~Mr Isaac Joshua, parent of Isabel Vasquez Joshua (2C, 2018)
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