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+Google+ Your New Logo Is Really Nice, It Makes The Old One You Are Still Using To Explain How I Can Add Someone's Name Look A Little Out Place...
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David Cameron: a) who wrote your script? b) what are you trying to say?
UK’s prime minister implies muslims are part of the growing problem and silently siding with international terrorists...
Think Back to a Non-Muslim Mass Public Shooting... [ /]
You will never ever sit there and think, ”he or she is one of us”
Everyone who knew a person before the shootings, will naturally look-back with an altered lens. Should have, would have, could have...
The psychopaths in those shootings are usually said to be the cause of a messed up life experience but...

Imagine living every day of your life since years ago – being told, because of a similarity between what that psychopath believed in, and why that lunatic thought it was okay to kill, YOU are to blame for those killings, and now have to stop them...

You Alien: Let’s swap religion for say, a ‘green alien face’ – if that’s what you, and a psychopath shooter, and millions of others around the globe had in common, David Cameron just  asked you to find a needle in a haystack, and let him know when you find it – okay?
News & Politics: The media is somewhat followed as religiously as religion, and each nation will have a spokesperson who makes decisions, and represents the masses (primeminister) – that .gov voice is usually channeled through the media. Most people are told to believe what the news is telling them; when misconceptions of a 'leader' are presented as fact, it does have an impact.
Five Points For David to Consider
Are psychopaths not driven by the fact that no one, other than them and those involved know what is about to happen?
1. Solution: muslims understand muslims, they are tools for the solution and understand what others don’t understand. David, should ask for help with manners – don’t accuse the whole group for being guilty to a crime that they did not commit, especially when trying to negotiate some assistance. Recognise current community leaders who are making a difference, ask them to do a speech instead. #backseat
2. Grouping: if muslims do not report someone they suspect of being a terrorist, maybe – just like you and everyone else, they did not suspect someone was a terrorist. David, stop expecting ‘british muslims’ to have special psychopath radars; being of the same religion does not mean they ’condone anti-western ideology’. Making things up. #delusional
3. Illogical: regardless of religion, if you knew someone was about to blow themselves up, how would you feel? Exactly – if you were going to blow things up, and knew your own reaction to the news of a third party, you’re not going to tell anyone are you? David, pull your finger out > encourage psychopaths to talk to someone. Stop inventing a third person, you have no evidence of them speaking to. #genius
4. Police: most UK muslims would agree, becoming a police officer or secret agent is a decent career. Being an investigator, with no training, resources or equipment and no career in the field, is a little difficult. Of course David, of all people would push for a ‘self-policing’ because in the years he has been in power, budgets were cut sacked lots of police officers < maybe that is cause of crimes of all kinds, nationwide. #blameyourself
5. Knowledge: if you want to hold a constructive debate with anyone who opposes your way of thinking, then learn their way of thinking. If David speaks to muslims, and frames them in a negative light, with no independent positive views of his own – then he can't  expect to be listened to, heard, or respected by muslims. #disengaged
Dear David, > +Conservatives 
Don’t worry, I know you had to look busy and the core of your message was not aimed at market segment 'uk muslims' , I get how the purpose was to advertise communicate, you, as protector  prime minister are doing something about psychopaths from Britain.

I appreciate opinion polls market insights might show it's what the target audience general population wants to hear; just a shame branding company someone decided you were going to be ‘passing the book’  this time...
If I could pull your strings instead, I’d make you reach out to those psychopaths and ask them to help themselves - this in theory would be a far more strategic message, identical to the one you cocked up; a more granular approach, optimized to reach the correct person.


+Sky News  .
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Read A Lot, Learn Nothing: Seven Ways to Define a Sociopath
Before taking those special skittles your “am I going crazy?” Google search results prescribed to you, or buying yourself a cool strap jacket, helping you hug yourself to sleep at night; it’s best to respond to that tiny voice in your head and let him or her know “it’s not you going crazy, it’s them”...

Sociopath, its ’a popular term for anti social personality disorder’ and in short, is a person who fails to be a proper human being adapt to norms, ethics and social standards.

1. Anti-Social: motivated by the wildest confabulations. They often debate and cause argument for irrelevant reasons.

2. Irresponsive: their responses to the world, smiles, frowns, hugs lols are all faked. They pretend to be normal. They do not experience emotions like usual humans do.

3. Actor: they do not appear to be stupid; they seem rational, charming, sharp and intelligent but at second glance, impulsive.

4. Lies: they will mislead, misinform and make up whatever they want, whenever they want. They do not often tell the truth or reveal to much personal information.

5. Unreliable: they cannot keep promises, but will make many of them. They are not scared of risk and known to be confident.

6. Blind: they take unusual risks, and surround themselves with an aura of perceived intelligence. They do not learn from punishment and are not self-reflective.

7. Uncommitted: befriends those who don’t mind lack of connection (really it’s those who let the sociopath use them) all others may experience awkward short-term encounters.

So that ’tele he pathetic’  feeling you get when talking to a sociopath, whether it’s offline or online – is a #silentinstinct that you need to trust. You can’t really hold a sociopath responsible for having a ’anti-social personality disorder’ because that is equivalent to blaming a blind person, for bumping into a wall. But just like the circle of trust at rehabilitation, sometimes it’s okay to take centre stage, point and say:

”he/she is a sociopath, and I’m just here to admit it for them”

How else would you get help for those that are addicted to deception?

#sociopath #explained

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Career in Marketing:  Surely it Happen by Chance and Not by Choice?
I don’t think my career was something I fell into by choice (I am sure it’s not the case for many anymore) but I do not believe people can want or plan a career in something, before it ever existed...

It is funny though, to see how well my background in growing up, education, and career synchronised so well with the job I do today, and could not have imagined doing what I do today, when teachers used to ask ”What do you want to be when you grow up?”  see the checkpoints in reverse below:

Phillips G7000: got my first games console very early.
Encarta: my first search engine, and alternative to the internet.
Internet: was online before even the schools had given us access.

Multimedia: strange, but I wanted to be a producer and studied print, sound, video production.
Psychology: my interest in #mindseye and subliminal was satisfied here. Was a science degree though (i.e. data analysis and significance)

Sales: I’m the guy who used to take all the ‘best sales’ prizes home, from month one.
SEO: this job gave me a taste of digital marketing.
Data Custodian: the secret data only entitled people are allowed to have.
Search Engine: where I transferred every skill I had and fine tuned.

Check my CV []

My theory is a lot of the current people who have made a name for themselves in marketing also landed into the trade by accident. They had the building blocks to succeed, but were given no architectural or blueprint instruction on how to apply that skill – it must have all been done autonomously.

Well done to them!

I am yet to face someone who claims to have studied digital marketing at university, and had a lecturer who taught them the theory of Google Adwords lol, but trust the next gen of marketers will be individuals who planned their careers from a young age – unlike most of those who came before me, and a large majority of those in the industry today...

#marketing #career #planning  
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Question: If Businesses Could Direct Buy Social Persona Media Space, How Much Would Yours Be Worth?
I'm assuming some people know they could try to approach large website publishers/bloggers asking for ad space direct, is it possible to do the same with G+ personas?

Social media marketing takes time, so rather than paying people with lots of followers to build your page for you (or invest lots of time taking their advice), why not pay them to promote you instead?

- instant access to hundreds of thousands of loyal sheeple followers
- no long wait or reliance on finding a target market of your own
- possible long-term mentions on hangout uploads to youtube

How Much Would it Cost?
If you could buy ad space from personas, and can't value yourself - how much would the examples below be worth?

Examples of profile and audiences:
+David Amerland liked by audience for #writing stuff costs > ?
+martin shervington liked by audience for #social stuff costs > ?
+Mark Traphagen liked by audience for #thinking   stuff costs > ?
+Pam Adger liked by audience for #saying stuff costs > ?
+Vincent Messina liked by audience for #questioning stuff costs > ?
+Christine DeGraff liked by audience for #circling stuff costs > ?

Note none of the USP's identified above are entirely accurate (lens of single perspective) but okay examples...

Problem: How Do You Cost it Up?
Google should just ask personas to opt into cost-per-click adsense styled payments...

Followers: figure per follower, $0.01 per follower.
Reshare: average reshares could increase value, so average of 1 reshare equates to +1% to $0.01
Percent Increases add weight to the cost per follower reached with any metric of your choice really, average number of comments, +1s, weekly hangouts e.t.c
Viewability: discount to the client, so only pay for actual views registered on photos.

The best way to calculate yourself might be 'value based', but is it  easier to ask someone how much they would pay to pin up their business ad (that looks like a post) on your profile page, community e.t.c...

Final Thoughts: a type of 'middle man' who resells space on another personas behalf (I'm sure twitter bought a company that does that)  is kind of plausible, could potentially be effective for businesses needing social reach overnight... direct buying without the media buyers will also have it's advantages, and a cool addition to Google's real estate of digital relationship builders...

#price #socialpersonas #mediabuying  
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Resigning: Do good jobs restrict potential entrepreneurs or should skilled staff "take the plunge"?
After quitting nearly all jobs I have ever had and "going for broke" on most occasions (eventually being offered better) - I sometimes ask myself "how the bleep have you managed to stay put for so many years?"

Some curiously ask me why I don't leave, go self employed, why I work so much (legal, websites, marketing) for free or why I don't patent my ideas. The short answer is, I don't care for money - it stinks more than you can imagine. Even if I did want money, I cannot trade as a company.

A good contract prevents me from engaging with colleagues, and clients (for business benefit only) for two quarters of the year after leaving my role. I share most my knowledge and ideas because I don't see the same value in them as other more tenacious business people might - however, I do think about resigning and starting up...

Why Would You Consider Quitting Your Job?
1. Can’t stand a colleague, things (i.e. relationships) do get damaged beyond repair.
2. Maybe your lifestyle has changed, (i.e. just had a baby) and role effort or hours are no longer feasible.
3. You no longer enjoy your job, (i.e. increasingly stressful) it's changed and not exactly what you signed up for.
4. Realising it's not what you thought you would be doing 10 years ago (i.e. wanting change).
5. You can't put your finger on it but you 100% know you hate the job.
Extra Concern Realising you are helping someone else create their dream business and not your own?

What to Consider Before Quitting
Financial Implications -  You might end up broke and mess up your current lifestyle.
Future Job - It's harder to find a job when your unemployed, moving job to job is far easier.
Emotion - Don't let feelings mess with your head or make irrational decisions, mind over matter.
Reflection - Is the situation really that bad... really? Seriously? Are you 100% sure?
Perspective - Speak to someone you trust, neutral. A person who can give you a reality check.
Explanation - In future you could be asked why you quit out of free will. Can you answer that?
Entrepreneurship - Ensure you know what you're doing. Do you literally have all the skills to be self employed?

Going For Broke - Yeah!
Think about what kind of mission you want to conquer next. If you quit - your allowed to live life and do something new. Literally. Plant fruit & veg (so you can eat after savings are spent). Learn how to knit (so you don't get cold in winter). 

Success does not happen by accident, it's given to those who deserve it. Some work, others win the lottery and your next job could be the same or worse than your previous one. That's the game of life, chances and probabilities.

Leave on a Positive Note
Do this out of respect for your employers. After walking out for the last time, remember it takes  a lot of nerve to do what you just did - don't hold any regrets/grudges. Drop it and walk away.

What do you think? Should skilled staff quit their job and start-up before they get left behind or is it best to wait it out until something more significant forces you into self employment?

.+Daniel Leeman - well done & good luck!
+MaRS Discovery District
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American Stonehenge: Illuminati Ten Commandments?
A set of principles that could be the 'New World Order'. Made from The Georgia Guidestones communicate knowledge on several levels: philosophically, politically, astronomically, etc. The commandants are, engraved in eight different languages (includes Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian).

Image Explained

1. Oriented to track the sun's east-west migration.
2. On an equinox or solstice, visitors who stand at the west side of the 'mail slot' will see sun rise from horizon.
3. Eye hole drilled into center support stone allows stargazers to locate Polaris (North Star).
4. 7/8 inch hole focuses sunbeam on the center column and at noon pinpoints day of the year.

The 10 Principles

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.

3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.

5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.

10. Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

#georgiaguidestones #stonehenge  
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Test of Life: Once Accepted, No One Can Hold It Against You
Been over a decade and I won't regret a single second... 27/01/2004

1. Make peace with your past, so it does not spoil your present.

2. What others think of you is none of your business.

3. Time heals almost anything, give time some time.

4. No one is the reason of your happiness, except you yourself.

5. Don't compare your life with others, you have no idea what their journey is about.

6. Stop thinking so much, its okay to not have all the answers.

7. Smile, you don't own all the problems in the world.

#logic #life

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Joe Average: A List of 20 Things Average People Do Too Much of...
Fed up with the type of average who acts like the world owes them something:

1. Watch too much TV.
2. Play too much.
3. Do not track time.
4. Wake up late.
5. Rely on inspiration and motivation.
6. Too lazy.
7. Don't act on thoughts.
8. Assume too much.
9. Lack critical thinking.
10. Fixed mindset.
11. Lack patience.
12. Don't take notes.
13. Don't listen.
14. Feel entitled.
15. Back bite.
16. Don't read.
17. Read passively.
18. Hate to create.
19. Have no purpose.
20. Point fingers at others.

I could have added things like drink and drugs, too much Facebook and Twitter, but needed to leave you guys with something to do when you take your eyes off the goal...

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‎*Ups & Downs of Negativity in The Workplace*
Being stuck in an environment where everyone around me is overly negative (at levels above the norm) would feel like a prison sentence.

Here is some idea on what not to do:

‎*Spat Your Dummy Out?* Seriously, -hit (S) happens, get over it. Give yourself a 24 hour cool off period and realise, it's not your company - someone else calls the shots. Don't whine and moan about being "screwed" when you technically screwed yourself by not being self-employed... Stop #whining

"I'm Just Waiting For..." For what? I don't really care about people who are waiting for degrees, more money, to leave or anything really. Keep your future, in your future - right now, you have targets to hit and other priorities in the present, without getting them > there is no future! Stop #timetravelling

Hiding in Disguise of 'Humble' Ha! Total B.S, it's unfair on the people who have the balls to work hard, if people in the audience, who live, act and behave as an audience have the audacious dream to be on stage... Stop #dreaming

"When I Grow Up I Want to..." Your already grown up!! Decide on a goal and stick to it, you can't keep wandering around in the world of career like a headless chicken. Learn to understand yourself and what you want, have something to work towards or else you will never know what success/winning feels like. Stop #growingup

Regret The difference between people who regret things and the legends that don't is, that latter learns from their mistakes and the first are destroyed by them. Think about it. Stop #feelingsorry  

Let Me Flip You Upside Down Before You +1

1. Be happy and learn from mistakes.

2. Be grown up and act in-charge, like leaders act before they become leaders.

3. Be confident in yourself, accept responsibility and give yourself a voice that's noticed.

4. Be sensible when conversing with colleagues that have not admitted friendship.

5. Be glad it's not worse then it already is, quickly fix things before you make them worse.

#negativity #workplace #forbes

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