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Why this month is significant for easyJet customers
In particular Thursday 20 September and Thursday 27 September, especially if you are looking to book flights for your holiday next summer.

Booking on the day of release (and the earlier, the better too) can significantly reduce the cost of your holiday.

If you're interested, don't forget to ask us to hold your preferred dates to ensure that Ampeli Villa is available when you want to come. Links and more flight info on our blog and website travel page:

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★ What's your idea of the perfect holiday? ★
In our latest blog post we outline some of the highlights in our area, and suggest the best season for your preferences. Of course travelling with family or friends, there may have to be some compromises, but luckily Cyprus has a wide appeal at all times of year so it's easy to keep everyone happy.

(My fav months are May and September!)


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★ Look who's here! Kimberley Walsh! But where in Cyprus is she? ★

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★ Tips on avoiding holiday villa scams ★
Today's episode of Rip Off Britain - Holidays has some timely advice to help you avoid the pitfalls of booking a holiday villa online.

There are two scenarios to look out for... either the villa doesn't exist (because the scammers have stolen photos and details of another property), or you are not making a reservation with the genuine owner (because scammers have copied a real advert). These problems can arise whether you are booking through a well-known listing site or a regional one, regardless of any 'book with confidence guarantees' they may offer.

Advice featured in the programme:
1) Check the website registration... how long has it been in existence?
2) Make sure you have genuine phone contact details... and not just email.
3) Be suspicious if there is too much availability in peak season.
4) If it's a bargain, it's probably too good to be true.

To which we would add:
5) Can you pay by card? Scammers prefer bank transfers.
6) Search for the property on other sites. Check whether the owner information is consistent. It's a good sign if the owner has their own website, as it shows they're prepared to invest time and effort in creating and updating one. Booking directly is normally at the best rates too, as they're not paying to use a listing site or for payment processing. Search for the property name. R-click on images > Search Google for image. Also look for particular phrases used in the description.
7) Is the owner active on social media? This is a great indicator that they are genuine. In particular look for regular posts, good local knowledge, and guest feedback.

Happy hunting!

Nikki @
Programme: Rip Off Britain - Holidays - series 6, episode 5 - currently on BBC iPlayer

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★ easyJet's late summer flights released today ★
We still have a choice of dates in October if you’re looking to holiday next year in sunny Cyprus. For easyJet flights at the best price we recommend booking today. I’m on standby to respond quickly to enquiries. 😎 🇨🇾

Our photo shows an easyJet Airbus A320 turning over Pissouri on its flight path to Paphos. Tip: to see a great aerial view of Pissouri on arrival choose seats on the right-hand side of the plane.

Nikki at

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★ New: Travel light with easyJet 'Hands Free' ★
How It Works
easyJet have introduced a new luggage option that they’re calling ‘Hands Free‘. This allows you to check in hand luggage for a flat £4 fee at the airport. There are advantages for both the airline and traveller with this…

Travellers can take toiletries and liquids in larger sizes than 100 ml without the faff of putting everything into zip lock bags. It also saves you lugging hand luggage through security and departures. And you can still take a small under-the-seat laptop or handbag on board. If you haven’t brought a bag, you will be provided with a small plastic bag at the bag drop for your valuables and essentials. You will be called to board after the ‘Speedy Boarders’ with your luggage tagged as ‘Priority’ to come off the carousel first.

For easyJet it eases the congestion in the cabin overhead lockers, and adds another small ‘extra’ charge to your booking.

Sounds like a win-win!

More details:

Post: Nikki at

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★ Ryanair announce a new Dublin - Paphos route ★
The planned schedule will run twice weekly throughout next summer from April 2018. Book online from September.

Paphos September 2017 - late deals
Dimitra Apatsidou of Ryanair has said that in order to celebrate the new route, the company would be releasing seats on sale to other destinations from Paphos from just €26.99 for travel in September, which are available for booking until midnight on Thursday August 31.

Welcome to Cyprus!

Post: Nikki at
More info:

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★ The safe way to book a holiday rental online ★
We've all read scary tales of people who have unwittingly booked a holiday rental only to find that they've been scammed. This can happen in two ways: a fictional advert (using fake details or copying text and photos from a real ad), or by hacking a property owner's email and intercepting communications.

Listing sites have exploited this by introducing 'book with confidence guarantees' which is really just an excuse to introduce online booking through their site and bump up their fees for owners and guests. See TrustPilot reviews for the site you are considering.

Stay safe
Imagine you've found a rental on a listing site. We show how you can find an owner's website to book directly. It's a good sign if there is one, as it takes time and effort to create a website, but much less if you're copying and pasting! Check further in case it's a scammers' site that has paid to come at the top of Google searches...

Our checklist
You will find our complete checklist at

Hope you find the information helpful.

Nikki at

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★ BBC's How to Holiday Better ★
In a nutshell this programme shows insider tips for getting more out of your holiday budget.

A family who normally book an 'all inclusive' were sent to a lovely villa in Greece. Result? They got involved in far more activities than usual, whilst enjoying the benefits of a home-from-home compared with a hotel. Win-win!

A pair of history-loving friends did an independent journey through Greece taking in Thessaloniki, Kalambaka, Edipsos and Athens. Their tailored itinerary included winery visit, guided tour of spectacular mountain-top monasteries, island hopping, luxury spa, and Athens.

Both examples worked out cheaper than their usual packages, and offered much more.

And Richard Madeley shared some excellent Venice tips. Have made plenty of notes about that one as it's on my list!

It's available on iPlayer for the next month - do take a look!

Post: Nikki at

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★ Professional secrets for awesome smartphone pics ★
Some great tips here... Just wondering whether I dare try the balloon trick with my precious phone. Maybe I'll dig an old one out of a drawer to be on the safe side.

Shared by Nikki at

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