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All's I kin do is try, y'all

All's I kin do is try.  I cain't say if this dog'll hunt, but I got a Senor Fusion Mk. II plugged into the back of this Fiat 503-Steam, a pocket full of Spook, and 50 miles of open road through the most dangerous county in Old Jersey

Just need an anthropomorphic animal navigator/gunner and we're good

I'd settle for a robot, halfling, or asexual alien.  Maybe a wookie or dralasite.  Something that can pull a trigger and has a cool head
All I want is some kind O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU hex-crawl, and maybe a car chase, and Americana.  I'm thinking of Oz, Uncle Sam, Anachrony, and I gotta reread the car chase rules from Crawling Under a Broken Moon.

I also was thinkin' about this d20 Microlite Cyberpunk mission generator I found; maybe we could generate a couple of courier missions, and have an evenin' of racing around and causin' mayhem

Wampus is the creation of +Erik Jensen , and Azurth is the creation of +trey causey

+Jason Hobbs and +Jason Kielbasa are on Hobb's podcast talking about Americana, if you wish to find it

Venn diagram between Joss Whedon fans and Bronies?

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Someone tell me, since I have little knowledge. Demons of the æther, hear my query!

Is there a fantasy version of fantasy baseball/football/futbol/baskething/iceblood?

+Donn Stroud revealed on The Alternate Social Medium that there is a board game called Fantasy Fantasy Baseball but what I want is some method to tie exploration of the dungeon or something to Actual Living Peoples so that I might take a halfhearted interest in Sport

I had a Strat-O-Matic game as a kid, which I think my grandparents got me to offset the pernicious influence of AD&D. The softball team was full of jerks, though and so I lost interest 

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This is a delightful tool, pregnant with risk and possibility and ought not to be attempted by low-level adepts

Be very careful, for breeches of the covenant are not forgiven easily

Give +Ramanan S a follow whilst you are at it, and punch a Nazi in the ear if you get the chance. No room for homogenization or intolerance or bullies in my conception, except of course under the previously outlined circumstance vis a vis National Socialism and it's derivatives

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#itsgameable #alwayssharehoards

Yes, BUT, does your metal detector pick up the unending wrath of a long-dead Celtic king and the curse upon your family until the end of your line?

No? Yours for the picking, then

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Kick the tyres on this freebie and warp it into your likeness, Errant Sorcerian!
Hungry for another radiated MCC adventure? Can't wait for the official stuff to be released? Then do I have an adventure for you! I wrote a completely unofficial, unauthorized 0-Level Adventure after running the Free RPG Day adventure for my group.

"Father Brain Knows Best" is a deadly romp through an alien-infested Dimensional Temple space station. It's got aliens, it's got mutants, it's got alien mutants. And a Death Ray. It was designed to be used with the pre-gen 0-Level characters that go with the Free RPG Day adventure.

So how does it play? No idea! Given my hectic schedule, I likely won't know for some time, but that shouldn't stop you! A Google Drive folder is shared below that houses the adventure PDF and the Handouts PDF.

All I ask in return is that if you do end up running it, let us know how it goes here in the MCC Google+ Community. 

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Seeing the talk about free Pendragon 1e (downloaded and scoped but not really grokked, yet) I was thinking about novel PC generation systems that leads to cool characters. I want to run a Beyond The Wall/Alma Mater mashup that will generate brilliant, horribly scarred punk-rocker drug dealing bully wizards with hearts of gold and ancient family curses, and cheerleader Valkyries, and half-Orruk (harr harr) Nerd-Thaumaturgists. In between delves into the Barrowmaze you gotta take tests and resolve crushes and deal with the outcomes of sanity-blasting magic that warps your body. It's like High School but less traumatic!

This is contrary to my current vehement stance against up-front character loading but flexibility is key IMHO. The trick is not to design/optimize a PC, but rather have it handed to you and ready to flesh out

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+Kabuki Kaiser what happened to this - did I miss it? Did it transmogrify?

My 40K buddies all twitterpated about developments in the fluff universe. I am still sort of put off by it, every time I meet up with them. Like PRIMARCH THIS CADIA THAT SANGUINIUS SUCH AND SUCH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Nobody ever wants to talk about Ambulls or the Church of the Shiny Coat Button, but anyway

Anytime people talk to me about fictional characters with enthusiasm almost like that shit really happened, I get all squishy and anxious. I'm not much of a fan, that way. I could totally get behind discussions of how the explicit Fascism in 40K used to be a joke and now it's the appeal but these guys! They want to hash out whether Lion El'Johnson is an agent of Chaos or whatever and my jimmy gets all limp. I guess it gives them a good excuse to read, maybe O MAN MAYBE CYPHER IS THE GOOD GUY AND THE LION IS THE TRAITOR!

I dig the fluff, but I don't get excited about the fictions. When I was a wee lad I got a dorkboner for when whatserface killed the Nazgul King, and the movie moment was great, but when we start talking about the events as if they have the same validity as a real thing, then you lost me

Same goes for Marvel, Tolkien, Star Trek, Star Wars. I don't assume the mode of denial of disbelief very well. Like questioning the motives of foghorn leghorn or something. Makes no sense to me as usual ymmv of course
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