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Welcome to My Just for Fun Collection!

What you will find here is a variety of posts on topics that don't necessarily have anything in common other than the topics of the posts are all about having fun or the posts themselves are fun. Some of the topics of the posts in this collection include: Rubik's Cubes, exploding balloons filled with oobleck, April Fools Day jokes, a Mario Kart FlashMob, optical illusions, random fun videos, and much more.

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-- Random Stuff that Interests Me ( has a similarly random variety of posts but they are of more general interest rather than being focused on fun. The common thread is that I found them interesting.
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-- For Writers ( has posts which would probably be interest to you only if you are an author or would like to become one.

Finally, there is A Bit about John Skeats ( If you'd like to get to know the guy behind all of the above, this is where I share a posts of a more personal nature.

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The Woodstock Community Drum Circle

Woodstock, New York still has much of the same spirit that made it famous with the Woodstock Arts and Music Festival in 1969 and follow-on festivals by the same name. Weather permitting, there is a Community Drum Circle on the village green every weekend. The brief clip below gives a sample of what today's Drum Circle was like.

As you can see, there's a good turnout for such a small village that there aren't any traffic lights, gas stations, or fast food restaurants at all. The crate you can see when the camera swings to the right was full of drums and other percussion instruments so that people who don't have their own can join in. In addition, bigger drums were on the mat in the center. You can see a guy picking up the last one -- but people put drums back at times and other people took them to play. The chairs were also provided -- but some people brought their own, as well.

The video was taken near the start of today's circle. Later the center area was filled with dancers ranging from young children to people who might very well have attended the 1969 festival. A good time was had by all.

I don't know if there were any well-known performers in the circle today. It wouldn't surprise me, though, because Woodstock has been a haven for musicians since before the 1969 festival. Such people as John Sebastian (of The Lovin' Spoonful), Dave Matthews, Levon Helm and fellow members of The Band, and Bob Dylan -- to name just a few -- either currently live or have lived in the area.

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Mathematicians Prove That Solving a Rubik's Cube Is Hard

It isn't exactly news that solving a Rubik's Cube is challenging, but mathematicians just made that official. They proved that figuring out the minimum number of moves to solve a randomly scrambled cube is what they call an NP-complete problem. That's a mathematical term for a class of problems which are extremely difficult to solve. I think anyone who has ever played with a Rubik's Cube already knew that just solving it at all not to mention solving it in the last possible number of moves was difficult. Now you know why!

h/t +Erno Rubik
Mathematicians explain why solving the Rubik's Cube is so difficult

"If you thought solving a Rubik’s cube was difficult, you were right and maths can back you up. A recent study shows that the question of whether a scrambled Rubik’s cube of any size can be solved in a given number of moves is what’s called NP-complete – that’s maths lingo for a problem even mathematicians find hard to solve." …

"So if you’re frustrated about how long it’s taking you to solve a Rubik’s cube, it’s not just you. “You have the excuse now: Rubik’s cubes are legitimately hard,” Rudoy says. You’re not going to figure it out quickly, so you might as well sit back and enjoy the puzzle." …

#RubiksCube #mathematics #algorithm

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*Blue Screen of Death on a Soda Machine?

I burst out laughing when I was saw this in a mall yesterday. It was too good not to share.

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A Rubik's Cube for the Colorblind

And it is dressed up for a formal occasion!

h/t +Erno Rubik
All dressed up...

...and 43,252,003,274,489,856,000* places to go.

*possible permutations

#RubiksCube #humor #mathematics

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The Rubik's Cube Makes a Cameo Appearance on Blindspot

As they said in the show, Rubik's Cubes are far more than children's toys. One becomes instrumental in a spy case in this episode, which looks really interesting.

h/t +Erno Rubik
Rubik's Cube and Espionage

Many people are familiar with how Edward Snowden smuggled confidential documents using memory cards hidden in a Rubik's Cube.

The popular television series "Blindspot" takes the idea further and shows the Cube involved in encryption by criminal hackers.

Special thanks to "Blindspot" for mentioning that the Rubik's Cube is not just a "child's toy" but that "plenty of mature adults are into cubing".

There is a clear link drawn between puzzling and development of logic skills. Always nice to see that point made in a TV program.

The following video clip is from S02 E19 of the series.

Want to know more about how the Cube is a part of the hacker's plans? You'll have to watch the rest of the show :-)

#RubiksCube #Blindspot #Drama #Crime #TV #espionage #spy #hacker #hacking #encryption

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Raccoons Playing with Bubbles

The world needs more things like this and a lot less of what we're seeing in the news everyday!

h/t +Yonatan Zunger
Because the world is steadily going mad, you need some raccoons playing with bubbles.

h/t +A.V. Flox

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Wonderful Visual Effect

The dots here shift back and forth between forming a hexagon at times and a rotating cube.

h/t +Erno Rubik

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Is this Sign Really Needed?

I took this picture during a walk in Pleasant Valley Park in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Warning that the ice is unsafe there would be reasonable in most Januarys, but the sign seemed just a wee bit out of place when there wasn't a bit of snow or ice in sight as I walked by with a medium jacket hanging open because the weather was so warm.

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Captain America Fights Hydra Soldiers in LEGO Stop Action

By +GP Bricks
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