My Goodreads giveaway ended, and I think it was worth the effort and books. I've gained some followers, 1300+ people entered the giveaway and over 500 people now have it on their to-read list. This might sound like a lot, but from what I've seen there are a LOT of fake accounts entered, and you have to opt out of having the book in your to-read list when you enter a giveaway. The numbers are hard to gain any insight from. But gaining followers is nice. And one of the people winning the giveaway (I offered two) is someone that hasn't got thousands of books on her to-read list, and actually looks like she might read and review! The other one is a fake account from Singapore. Not surprised at all that it's from Singapore. But I'll send the book anyway!
I'll host a giveaway again later. But I'm running out of books! Hopefully I can do Kindle e-book giveaways soon, it's in beta testing on the site now. Much faster and cheaper and easier! 

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A giveaway on Goodreads started this morning, so far there are 59 people entered, and there is over 11 days left! =) Some of them mark it as want to read, that's fun =) 

It’s been a week since I published my book. It has gone exactly like I thought it would. Maybe even worse.

I’ve sold 8 Kindle copies and 6 paper copies. One Kindle copy to my husband (...), and two paper copies and one for Kindle to the same (awesome) person. Two paper copies to IRC friends, one that I know of here on G+. So that’s 5 out of 6 paper copies identified, 2 of 8 for Kindle. All these were sold on the first two days, it’s been completely silent since then. My goal of 100 sales seems like complete utopia.

And it’s no wonder really. My support system is almost non existent. I couldn’t even get 50 likes on Facebook when I posted that I’d published a book. I mean... is this such a normal thing to do, publishing a book, that people don’t care? Or is it just because it is me doing it? I’m weighing towards the latter. I’d feel like sending flowers and share it with all my friends over all platforms if it was someone I cared about writing a book all on their own... How much does a like on Facebook cost you when someone has done something that takes this much time? Got 3 reshares, one from someone that used to be here on G+. So that’s the extent of my support from (mostly) Norwegians. Here on G+ I got over 200 +1’s and 11 reshares and a whole lot more nice comments (Norwegians on Facebook mostly commented about my blog post being dated forward so it stays on top on the Catpasity page...), but when you post in a collection that has over 70k followers it’s nothing to write home about, to put it mildly. The cat photo I posted a couple of days later got over 500 +1’s and 9 reshares by comparison. My cats has fans, my writing about them has not. Instagram has been even worse. Bit over half the regular likes (500 vs 1000), regular amount of comments. Got 14k followers there, so ... No. I have no idea what it would take for someone like me to find people excited about what I’m doing. I must suck at something. Probably human interaction. Making friends. Making people really like me. It's always been like that, no surprises. Doesn't work in my favor, ever.

Good thing I didn’t get my hopes up in advance and that this was more of a bucket list thing than anything else. I’d be so crushed if this was something I’d hoped be successful and give me a few moments of “fame”! At least those who has bothered to read the book seems to have enjoyed it! But don’t expect me to ever write another... Where can you find motivation to do it again when this is the reception?! 

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First review, short but totally sweet!
No idea who this person is, makes it even better =) 

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Ey, I'm beating Garfield! Now if that isn't cool, then I don't know what is! Haha! 

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Now it's online on Createspace!
Waiting for Amazon to catch on. Might take DAYS. Argh. I don't want to do the whole announcement thing before it's there. That's what regular folks understand and know how to use. 

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Looks like the Kindle edition is live! Waiting for the paperback to go trough checks before I unleash the announcements. 

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Waiting for the book cover designs. It is overdue by a couple of hours, even though I paid for 24h delivery. ARGH! I AM NO GOOD WITH WAITING! I'm trying my best not to rip the designer a new one. But the rating on the site he has been hired trough isn't going to get pretty if I'm not getting great stuff in a flash, with an apology!

EVERYTHING else is done. 

Book blurb text? I'd really love some input here:

"Cat experts write books about cats, about how they behave, why they behave like they do, and perhaps what you can do to make them behave differently. This is not that kind of book. This is more of a survivor story, about how it really is to live with cats when you let them be themselves, and how they have chosen to behave in all kinds of situations over a period of 15 years. Catpasity is a book completely free of celebrity/historic cat quotes, just a true story about a woman and the cats that has driven her bonkers enough to write a book about them."

Need this "yesterday", so ... yeah. If you have ideas, throw them at me! 

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Got the book back from the editor today. Dreading opening the document to view all my mistakes and errors!
On beta reader has come trough, she loved the book, the other two seems to be a bust. 
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