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The Google+ in the Context of Work Better
The expanding power of Google+ platform has always been connected with the people using it daily and with the unique opportunity to develop and grow personal and professional skills. As cross-disciplinary and multicultural environment space, defining the experience would be close to our understanding for University projects, transforming mindset in our merged physical and digital world of today. I'm humbled to have first heard about The Google+ from +John Skeats during our talk for You and Google+
Short video (1:27min)

Here is what +John Skeats says on his post about G+ recent improvements:
"Fourteen months ago today, Google announced the new Google+, a complete redesign and rebuild of Google+ from the bottom up. This reflected a huge investment in the future of Google+ by Google, which they said was necessary to overcome limitations they had encountered in the ability to add new function to what became known as classic Google+."

More insights from +John Skeats on Coming January 24th Announcement Summary and Commentary

The development of the platform is happening in a context of innovations across all leading technology brands and science. It is scaled from free online courses on Google, private initiatives for educational seminars of tech companies, Tech Academies like +Telerik Academy and global campaigns involving Universities +IBM In South East Europe, to name a few.

How to make best choice for the daily work each of us is involved with? With G+ everything is instantly accessible! Visit +Zoltan Buzady profile and Collection on G+"Flow leadership&Serious games" . Professor +Zoltan Buzady has been just honoured with Management Innovator Awards and was so kind to answer my question on best daily activity experience:
"anyone can achieve flow experience (what is flow? what is important at work? ) Not only managers or professionals - in fact flow was observed first in the case of professionals of a somewhat different nature: musicians, sports people, or artists.

However in the modern world increasingly it seems that happiness and creativity are being seen as separate from from being a manager or in a business profession - but there is no reason for that being so.
The essence of my/our flow-leadership research is to show that flow experience can also be very redeeming for business and managers but also as a principle for leading other people, subordinates, teams or organizations.

What is needed?
1) a clear goal or direction what needs to be achieved
2) a set of subunits leading towards that overreaching goal , this we call typically challenge at hand, but it can also be the project or the task of the day, week or so
3) we need to be aware of our skills needed to achieve the goal, if our task is too high or too low we will be bored or in anxiety but not in flow and not happy nor creative
4) we need immediate feedback from the activity, the project progress report or from team members or bosses an indication how we go forward to achieve the challenge and then the goal
5) focus it is not possible to achieve flow in multitasking - mentally the brain cannot process more info than is needed to be in flow - remember: challenging task -not too easy !

Important: we strongly believe that being in action, being creative is the right way to lead yourself and others to have a meaningful work life and personal life also"

Back to G+ announcement, Making *G+ work better for you in the context of work better for me, G+ is the prefered platform. One can fast relate to the corresponding sources to elaborate their digital skillsets

Not understanding is fine, we are living in the time of the Fourth revolution and a new universal language. The #5UltimateRelatedBits can walk you on appropriate and relevant steps and trends: Review ( 5 min read)
Making G+ work better for you and work better with G+

#TheGooglePlus #mindset #workbetter #GooglePlusKnowledge

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Place in The World
+David Amerland explores persisting entity

Who Are You? Really?

A sense that we really matter is created only after we understand the mission of our life and accept the difficulty that comes with being who we are. You guessed it, it's an aspect explored in The Sniper Mind - be in the loop as we explore some pretty deep tides:

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One Thing Users Love About Google+
New to Google+? Learn what users who are here before you have to say. Follow You and Google+

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One Thing I Love About Google Plus is Allow Me to Get Where I Want
+Lyuben Todev chooses how to pick subjects to read. He also chooses to write for the people who are organically interested in what he has to say in his writing.Listen to his short message about his experience on the platform.

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Google+ Events
Unique Integrated Worldwide Conversations

Extended Power
Unlike events in our physical world, online conversations have extended power. +Zara Altair ( Your Voice in Words, spoke about it during our online conversation, her interview for You and Google+
The essential event is the integrated conversation happening among hosts, speakers and audience (worldwide visitors).

You can Follow Collection
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I have used recent You Tube update #endscreen

Start your own events here. Events are now on your Google+menu
#GooglePlus #Events #WednesdayWisdom

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One Think About Google+ is It is an Extension of Real Life
+Azlin Bloor nails how Google+ beats other social media.
#BeKnownForWhatYouCreate #Wednesday

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A Great Year 2017 for Google+ and for Paolo Amoroso
+Paolo Amoroso is sending his wishes and intent about 2017 on G+

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You and Google+
July 2016 - December 2016

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One Thing I Love About Google+ are Open mind Conversations
+Paolo Amoroso is sending his message in Italian language. Paolo Amoroso is on Google+ since day one. The best value for him are open mind conversations on the whole influence spectrum, as well as the engagement.
#BeKnownForWhatYouCreate #Italian
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