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One World Trade Center
It's #treetuesday, so here's a long overdue submission from me for the theme. Be sure to tag the curators +Ralph Mendoza and myself so we can find your submissions easier.

For #treetuesday by +Ralph Mendoza & +David R Robinson
#Nightscapes #cityscape #tree #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc

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#joinindaily - Light is Peeping Through

Today's #joinindaily by +Johnny Wills​ theme is "Light is Peeping Through".

This shot was shortly after sunrise at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia

#georgia #state #park #treetuesday #trees

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Tree Tuesday Recap
Thanks everyone for continuing to share your images with sharing #treetuesday and tagging +Ralph Mendoza & myself in your posts. This makes it much easier for us to find your posts. I got behind on curating again, so here are some shots from the past few weeks that caught my eye:

Family Tree... by +Paul P

The Path of Solitude by +Tisha Luk

Watching........................ by +Anna Ryndak

Graßnitz and Surroundings (5) by +Günther Zettl

+Julie Brocca

Autumn Trail Walk by +John Balboni

+Naturpunkt by Gina M.

Ravna gora, Gorski kotar county, Croatia by +Dalibor Pačić

spray coated by +John Dusseault

evening by +Remo Primatesta

+Mathis Mendau

+Kati Lust

+Debbie Ambrous

+Virpi Flankkila

Emerald Lake B.C. Canada by +Giselle Savoie

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Family Tree...
Ward Pound Ridge Reservation
Westchester County Parks
Pound Ridge, NY

For #TreeTuesday ( +Tree Tuesday ) Curated by +Ralph Mendoza and +David R Robinson

#westchestercounty #westchestercountyparks #newyorkstate #wardpoundridgereservation #crossriver #poundridge #newyork

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#joinindaily - Fruit On Trees

Today's #joinindaily by +Johnny Wills theme is "Fruit On Trees"

This was a tough one to come up with an image for since I don't really have any shots of trees with fruit on them, but also I remembered I shot some this past fall. I'm not sure what kind of tree this is, but it is covered in bright red "fruit" in fall once this leaves drop off. This was shot along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

It's also #treetuesday curated by +Ralph Mendoza & myself.

#northcarolina #tree #blueridgeparkway

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Golden Weeping Willow
I had a great time a few weeks ago walking around in the cool evening. They still had a lot of the Christmas lights up in some areas such as the Boston Public Garden. There were a lot of neat trees there as well. This is a Golden Weeping Willow according to the small sign that was hung on the tree.

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Foggy trees and foggy future for theme curators
Tomorrow is #treetuesday. Unfortunately, beginning tomorrow Google has decided to remove a key feature that made curating themes much easier. As of tomorrow the Mentions tab that allows you to easily see all posts where you were mentioned is going away since the Classic interface is being disabled and there is no such functionality in the new UI. This feature made it very easy for me to find #treetuesday posts where I was +mentioned. Given that hashtag searches are broken in G+, that there is no way to filter or sort notifications based on the type of notification, and now that the Mentions tab functionality will be disabled, Google is making theme curation extremely difficult.

If you enjoy participating in the #treetuesday theme or any other hashtag based theme here on G+, please help your curators by going to the G+ Feedback page (you'll find a link on the G+ menu on the left near the bottomw) and submitting feedback requesting that Google bring back the Mentions tab.

Going forward I would still suggest tagging +Ralph Mendoza & myself for #treetuesday posts, but Google is making our jobs as theme curators much more difficult starting tomorrow.


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Tree Tuesday Recap + Catch Up #4
I can tell everyone is back from the holiday. Submissions for #treetuesday are up a lot this week over last week. Thanks everyone for tagging +Ralph Mendoza and myself so we can find your posts more easily. Here are some shots from this week that caught my eye as well as some catch up items (round #4).

+David Mathre

+Mathis Mendau

Sunset Is My Favorite Color by +Shawn McClure

Father Frost by +Remo Primatesta

+Liz C

Trunk View by +John Balboni

+Naturpunkt by Gina M.

+Rob Tilley

gone over the edge by +John Dusseault

Catch up round #4 posts:

Hiking trail on Medvednica mountain (1.030m), Croatia by +Dalibor Pačić

In The Highest Cathedrals -- LaSal Mountains, Utah by +Shawn McClure

Beech Trees in Thieve's Wood, Nottinghamshire, UK by +Chris Draper

The Water Hole by +Dave Gen

Summit View Northeast by +John Balboni

+Russ Bishop

Living on the edge... by +Paul P
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Six-Years Ago Today -- Argentina.

Wind blown tree in Patagonia along the trail from Hosteria El Pilar in El Chalten to Mirador and Laguna Torre from . Image taken with a Nikon D3x and 70-300 mm VR lens (ISO 100, 70 mm, f/4.5, 1/800 sec).

#TreeTuesday ( +Tree Tuesday ) Curated by +Christina Lawrie , +Allan Cabrera , +Ralph Mendoza , +Kim Troutman and +David R Robinson

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Tree Tuesday Recap + Catch Up #3
Thanks everyone for this week's contributions to #treetuesday and for tagging +Ralph Mendoza and myself so we can find your posts more easily. We were a bit light on posts this final week of the year as I'm sure everyone was busy for the holiday season. Thanks everyone for a great year of fabulous tree photos. I look forward to seeing everyone's tree shots in 2017.

Here are a few posts from this week that caught my eye as well as some from the past that I'm still catching up on sharing:

Revealing The Eternal by +Shawn McClure

Je reviens te parler by +Dominique Keller

Autumn in Styria (91) by 117728375903366176082

Catch up round #3 posts:

Snowy Trees by +Stacy Sanchez

Sunset at Jenny Lake by +Kathleen Milks

aestate ad lacum by +Remo Primatesta

+Rob Tilley

orange intrusion by +John Dusseault

Wünsche allen einen schönen Tag by +Andi Fritzsch

Herbst am See by +Remo Primatesta

Autumn in Styria (81) by +Günther Zettl

life and death on a pasture by +Mathis Mendau
Revealing The Eternal -- Portland, Oregon
"A tree says: A kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a thought, I am life from eternal life. The attempt and the risk that the eternal mother took with me is unique, unique the form and veins of my skin, unique the smallest play of leaves in my branches and the smallest scar on my bark. I was made to form and reveal the eternal in my smallest special detail."
-- Hermann Hesse, Trees: Reflections and Poems

An upshot from underneath a spreading Japanese Maple tree in the Portland Japanese Garden last summer...

For #TreeTuesday ( +Tree Tuesday ) Curated by +Christina Lawrie , +Allan Cabrera , +Ralph Mendoza , +Kim Troutman and +David R Robinson...

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tree at -30

taken at night in the Canadian Rockies as the temperature dipped to -30, lighting was provided by adjacent path lighting...unlike the tree I'm not designed to survive the cold without warm shelter....I soon headed back into the warmth...

for #treetuesday (+Ralph Mendoza +David R Robinson)
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