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Beyond cissp discover your next goal by visiting
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If you are a CISSP exam taker.... Great... you are on the right track career wise to make the best out of your cyber security career, but... most of the folks I noticed... who take CISSP exam... are not feeling secure financially...

Most of the folks take the exam to increase their career salary, and grow in skill set to make them valuable... in the eyes of the organization who is hiring them... but the reality of it all...

Folks who take CISSP exam are simply trying to secure their future... by becoming more valuable for the purposes of having better salary and working in corporate world...

Yet the real truth of it all... there is a cap... that you will reach in salary one day... the cap that you won’t go past, no matter how many certs you have...

So what is the point of doing any of this....if the salary you get tends to equate... to the salary of folks who are not cissp certified....

In fact... if you notice most of the job positions out there... ask you to be the leader the manager oriented type.... and the super star... and all of the above.... and expect you to secure to lead to, create that security awareness training for folks.... in organization where you currently working or end up working with your cissp credentials.... but at what costs?

The cost of you being like a dog reporting to its master for feel secure about yourself. For the cost of your efforts.... which is not factually seen....

Most companies out there can not quantify security efforts done by their employees...

cissp certified folks only know abstract level of tasks that need to be done.... to secure organization...and when such folks tell their business units that business units must all become security mind oriented folks... business units resist and can not understand... the value...

Simply because efforts of any actions required by business users is abstract and not clearly seen.... this results in questionable behavior from business units... towards cissp champions...

Behavior of not rewarding their cissp candidates well.. or simply behavior of attempting to use cissp certified person for something else... that is beyond the job responsibility...

The point I am trying to make is... cissp certified folks are extremely intelligent... and are most intelligent types of folks that I personally had pleasure meeting with.... and I met different mindsets from different people... lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, CIOs, college students, high school students etc....

So the point is... cissp folks are not appreciated enough to the level of obtaining a lot better salary... in comparison to more junior employees... who simply do not have such advanced level of cissp expertise and mindset as more senior oriented folks...

Junior folks that are in cyber security field simply getting a lot more pay.... because they are younger mostly... and because they think faster... their brain is faster.... vs an older person....

Companies discriminate against more senior folks... and do so secretively... in their practices....

Junior guys who are told... that your responsibility is to listen to senior cissp certified guys.... almost get paid the same... as senior guys... that’s the trend I am seeing folks... and the reality of it all...

What I am seeing is a convergence of salaries... where salaries regardless if you are a senior guy or junior are gearing towards the same constant flat line..... with not much of a deviation in between...

So what does all of this mean?

This means if you are the leader the champion the cissp certified person.... and doing all the work of telling junior guys what to do and getting paid almost the same... then what is the point of being the senior managerial settings...?

perhaps it’s simply better not to be that guy and simply be under someone... and be managed?

See the point? The point is you are working your ass off... yet ... junior guys get paid almost the same..... sure you may say that is not true.. indeed... there are some exceptions....but based on my analysis across many professions and the field of Information Technology and Cyber Security... that is precisely what I am seeing....

Therefore... yes making money in Corp organization is great... but... it should be a lot greater... for a lot less that is the point I am trying to make....

In fact I see similar trend across other professions and not just across cissp certified folks.

I see similar trend across other folks of similar caliber in other professions..

I see patterns that favor rich vs poor. I see patterns of middle class being no longer the same as it was in 1980s.

I see patterns of smart folks working hard but progression of their working hard efforts not being rewarded at the rate as it used to be.

Think about what kind of price you would pay for top of the line ford pick up truck car in 1980s vs now. What you will see is price of top pick up truck is a lot higher vs avg salary of the middle class folks.. vs what it used to be in 80s and before 80s

Why is that you must ask? The reason why is because the marker appeals more to rich vs poor. That means companies realize that they can sell more to rich vs poor and bump up the price. The very own nature of capitalism has major obstacle... that obstacle Is greed.

That greed is what makes people want to get paid more and as the result of that greed they market their products toward rich folks to be able to get paid more.

Sure there are exceptions, but.... the overall trend that no one can argue with is the fact that people want to get paid more, and this creates a problem.

Problem of not so much controlled or regulated market that sure evens out as it progresses further but it evens out gradually in the direction of favoring the rich vs poor.

In fact if you look at trend line on the graph for the past 30 years you will see middle class getting lower and lower pay and is becoming close to the poor class.

Meaning there is no clear distinction.... meaning there is no major gap.... meaning difference between poor and rich becomes bigger and bigger.

So what does this mean for cissp folks?

That means you working hard doesn’t equate to higher pay and you might as well don’t work hard and instead pick more relaxing position or job or career that does not equate into you being security champion super star and not getting paid for your efforts as much as you should be especially if you also have other certs.

What I rather prefer personally... is not to manage anyone and just be told what to do... less head aches.. and less effort... and do what I like to do best... screw around with logs looking at technical aspects of web security.. looking at east to west traffic, looking at technical side of the story....

Some folks simply prefer to be in the trenches vs... outside of the trenches... I prefer to see how of course security awareness training in lms shows results of who took the test and who did not.. and what score they received... sure I still have such mindset in me... but.. I would not want to lead and get paid the same as the junior guy.... after all what is the point if pay equates and converges with other professions that are less brain intensive more real, easier to see progress (vs having progress of solving tons of vulnerabilities which are questionable in a first place and seems like waist of time to management) in and requires less intellectual expertise.

That’s the reality.... I prefer the junior guy to be the manager and manage me... someone who is senior... vs managing the junior guy...

You may say Rome Wells you are crazy... why... why would you want to not be the leader... and the reason is.... I want to be the leader... but I do not think it’s proper use of my time if I don’t get rewarded better.... then the junior guys and not just better, but a lot better salary wise... that’s my mindset... and that is most of the folks mindset who are already cissp certified or attempting to become ones to feel more secure in their career wise and get better job opportunities.

So with all that being said... here is what I recommend to do instead... and this is the advice I will give you cissp folks... first over my other types of audience... (lawyers... teachers project managers etc...)

My advice is... go beyond your full time job.... go beyond cissp.... sure position yourself in your career... in a way that brings you less stress.... if you see you are getting not appreciated enough at your work... then this is how you slowly... but surely get out of rats race....

The secret I am about to reveal is this.... 90 percent of millionaires... became millionaires in real estate.... doing real estate, doing something real.... vs doing something in the cloud....

So what I am trying to say is leverage your career to dive into commercial real estate.... and discover how you can make money being the leader that you want to be.... but being appreciated... and being your own boss... because if you don’t.... then someone else will... especially from other career tracks.

Doing commercial real estate is like learning cissp except... on another totally different level...completely different... yet the outcome of it all can help you feel more secure... financially...

Converge your mindset... from cissp into commercial real estate... and you will be glad you did.. Obviously you do not want to quit your job... but use it.... to get out of rats race...

I will show you how to learn commercial real estate... and will show you secrets... that can help you get close to your financial freedom goal.... so this way.. u do not feel insecure... about your career and yourself... and can one day generate income on passive basis doing something fun..

Visit to learn more about Rome Wells commercial real estate secrets.... that I Rome Wells share with you...and just like you I am cyber security oriented person with cyber security mindset just like you... and not a mindset of some real estate guru sitting with their Ferrari’s somewhere in the garage....

My advice and secrets in commercial real estate will be a lot more fun to watch and read... especially for the new comers...

remember cissp should not be your goal.. it should be your intermediate goal... to get out of rats race... but do not confuse it with your actual goal... of gaining financial freedom and being your own boss.

If you are ready... to continue discovering commercial real estate secrets... and begin planning your future towards the next transitional stage of your life... in becoming commercial real estate investor, then visit

Once again the reason I am telling u all this is simply because there is better ways of making money... vs simply having a full time job... and getting laid off one day.... or not being appreciated enough for your monumental achievements of being cissp certified or your efforts just because such efforts can not be easily quantified as it is the case with more real oriented professions.

What I just did above... I networked together concepts of cissp and concept of real estate... and cyber security... and pivoted you away from cyber security field into real estate....

The skill of being able to pivot mindsets... I describe in my book “The Secret Art of Pivoting” feel free to check out one of my google plus collections on this site... and see what other collections I have to help folks... discover themselves...

Also feel free to visit my Rome Wells profile on Quora..and follow real estate commercial secrets google plus collections also on this very same page

This is where I will be posting secrets... for how to position your self into commercial real estate business while still having a full time job and help you decide when to quit the job.

The goal here though is not to stop you from studying cissp... that I still want u to study and get certified and expand your mindset.... just remember the limits of your intermediate goals... do not go over board... unless pay is ridiculously better.. then where you at now.

The goal here is to expand your mindset and make you aware that there is something else out there that can help u make money for way less level of intelligence in comparison to cissp...

If u r cissp certified ifs literally in my opinion like holding PhD... super level of intelligence in my book... but... sometimes being too intelligent... makes it easy to oversee most basic things.... such as easier ways of making money for a lot less effort in comparison to what you maybe doing at your current job...

Note you may still love your job... I don’t disregard that either... I also love my job.. otherwise I wouldn’t be working in Corp job as IT Network Security Engineer.... but I am still working and didn’t quit my job...

The reason why is because... I am also in the same transitional stage as you... and being real... as real as you can get... and relevant to your mindset... hence join journey of Rome Wells to reaching financial freedom goal together...

First the goal was to teach you in becoming cissp certified with Rome Wells help and provide advice as shown here and ways to get certified, then it became this and in the middle of it all it was even this (cloud networking etc)but in the midst of it all... I simply realized .... technology changes... yet houses still stay the same.... how it was 10 years ago to fix leaking faucet.... it still is the same today....

So why should you be learning... things that constantly outdated... with all the vulnerabilities out there.. etc.l in the world of cyber security... while other professions stay constant?

Doesn’t it mean you are putting too much load on your brain? Leaning constantly shit that is not needed due to rapid progress in technology and vulnerabilities that pop up here and there?

What I am trying to say is ... there are other ways to make money based on more constant type of business such as commercial real estate... vs doing something like working full time for the rest of your life and not being rewarded for your monumental achievements.

To get started with real estate commercial investment journey visit this page and learn how to analyze commercial real estate deals.

Do this as your homework. Don’t just sit there at home after work with remote control in your hand flipping tv channels. Take action. Don’t waist time. Take action. Take at least enough action to get your self to feel comfortable about getting your first commercial real estate property.

You are not dumb... why should you be getting paid same as other folks who put way less effort and generate cash flow on passive Basis without even having fraction of your level of intelligence.

That is just plain ridiculous. Change your mindset but still leave a bit of traces from your old self to be able to transition from cissp oriented folks into commercial real estate investors, syndicator and land lords.

Once again I am sharing this with cissp guys first... not my other thousands of audience.... from other professions yet as of Jan 19th 2018... so take action and listen to my advice...

I am just like you the guy of similar caliber as you someone who just happen to be in multiple circles someone who simply discovered the reality of it all and sharing it with you.

Hope my advice helps...

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Ever wondered how to connect something in motion to the cloud? Well... here is how...

In this video, Rome Wells shares his research finding with anyone who is in the process of cooking up some sort of connectivity from in motion or in-vehicle devices in the field to the cloud.

Rome Wells creates a video review for one of the small routers that can make magic happen and connect IoT devices to the cloud.

In this video, Rome Wells opens up CradlePoint router and explains to the regular folks out there what on earth does this small box do and how can it actually help you get connected to the cloud such AWS or anything else for that matter.

For folks who want to get their mobile IoT devices connected to the cloud, feel free to check out this page...

IT consulting service created by Rome Wells, if your company is interested in getting connected to the cloud don't hesitate to contact Rome Wells direct from the chat icon at the bottom right corner on

For those of you who read my software-defined networking book, this will make sense.

For those who did not read my book, it's will be a bit tougher to see how dots come together. After all at the end of it all.. it's all about connecting the dots right?

For the folks who want to actually get marketing help, feel free to contact Rome Wells from page or NetworkConsultant.NET page from the bottom right corner to have your products reviewed and marketed

Or alternatively, contact for pricing. DBA Binary Fusion is the only company in the world that combines the concept of education, marketing, business development, recruitment, staffing and IT consulting all in one.

Hence if you have any type of security or cloud or IoT related product that helps fight cyber crime or helps folks connect to the cloud, definitely don't hesitate to contact Rome Wells for pricing per each review/post that would automatically get distributed across network of educational sites.

Optionally if you are IT/Cloud/IoT/SDN networking vendor your product can also end up in SDN book as well as NetworkConsultant.NET site and across many other educational and social media sites.

The power of DBA Binary Fusion is in it's ability to actually know what the product does, due to the fact that Rome Wells had to implement it himself, vs marketing companies who only do the marketing.
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Tutoring Services, LLC edu division of the company and DBA Binary Fusion consulting company under umbrella of Tutoring Services, LLC releases new IT training service, for students who would like to learn how to become Information Technology professional in the field of cloud, software defined networking, cyber security and even wifi engineering. Discover how to become an ethical hacker, and make money with your skills helping other companies roll out it projects.

Discover how to become wifi radio frequency expert to catch criminals who are connected to your wifi network and using it for inappropriate purposes, such as downloading torrents or other info. Discover how to become network consultant, offering wireless consulting and cyber security solutions.

Wifi usage is only increasing and will increase even faster in the future with new devices rolling out on the markets. Cyber Security field is also not going to go down in demand any time soon... and in fact the need for professionals in cyber security and wireless only increases in tremendous rate. The future jobs will be and already are in cloud, security and wireless waves. Find out how you can get help, and learn from both educational company and consulting company. How? By signing up with our company as our student. Note you must have finished college or university. Note if you are in high school still, you can still get private tutoring lessons for cloud, SDN, coding, and cyber security and wifi.

If you happen to be in ct ny and nj, in Fairfield, New Haven, Westchester or Bergen county then we can arrange lesson with one of our experts directly at your home or online. Using skill sets from both educational company and consulting company you will be able to learn concepts way quicker then on your own, and will be able to super charge your skills and prepare for the right IT cyber security job, or even get opportunity to do an internship doing consulting projects with us. Note this is not something we offer to everyone, you must work hard and train hard to reach that level. We can provide with job assistance placement, internship and one on one training.

We also provide opportunity for students to be part of our local tutoring network, where you can teach your skills others and make money part time and teach not only cyber security, wireless, project management, SDN, coding but other academic subjects as well, helping you make part time income locally and helping you learn new skills while also helping you maximize your chances of landing high paid information technology job, while also gaining real world experience in the field of ethical hacking, cyber security, cloud, SDN, wifi engineering, and project management.

So what are you waiting for? Find out more visit or for more info.
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We help you market cyber security related products. We know how to increase your client leads for your information security related product. Whether it is in cloud, IoT, SDN or any other type of software as a service cyber security related solution that can help businesses reduce cyber security risk and help America stay defended from cyber crime.

What type of products in cyber security field can we market?

Firewall vendors
Software defined networking vendors
Network Security solution vendors

How do we market?

We use our network of sites, in such a way that helps companies realize your product values. By providing review, and really good content.


We can list your product in such a way that can help companies realize what makes your product so different.

Take a look at our example see how the product is listed?

We can do similar for your product. By creating sales page and publishing on our site in relevant to IoT, Cloud, and cyber security sections.

Our site is backed up by inter combination of different educational sites that show any product that we list automatically in relevant local network of sites. We specialize on building networks, specifically the type of networks that bring value to us and bring value to you.

Think of these networks as funnels, funnels of information that carry over customers from multiple geographical regions. We use inter-combinations of geographical networks with global types of marketing cyber security oriented networks and localized networks. We use similar marketing principals for cyber security field as we use in the field of education.

In fact you can see how we market for edu companies helping them get student leads similar like in your case except, in your case you would need business leads from actual companies. Here is the link to see our marketing strategy example You can check this link

However small and medium and large size companies will not want to hear what you have to say unless you can get logically inter connected or networked to them in such a way that they come to you. Of course simultaneously you can attempt to approach them as part of your own marketing campaign, but as part of our marketing campaign our emphasis is based on customers coming to you not the other way around.

Now depending on which cyber security product or service your company sells, and depending on who your product is tailored to.... whether it is global audience or localized audience, we can craft custom marketing solution for you in the form of advanced marketing weapons, that can be crafted in such a way that would help you increase your client leads in cyber security field and helping you maximize your chance of an actual customer being able to find your company.

Now to see how we do this visit our NetworkConsultant.NET site and see how we market to customers. Even if you have some company that is local and specializes in cyber security where for example it provides classes locally and you need exposure in your local geographical area we can help. See how for example we market local areas of tri state county of CT, NY and NJ.

There is no reason why we can not replicate our marketing tactics for your local region helping you advertise your cyber security product or services. You may simply be consultant and at the same time a trainer who happens to be good in both cyber security consulting and training, and perhaps you want to be marketed across 3 states so you can travel like a super hero across 3 states teaching companies cyber security or teaching university or training center students cyber security, while wearing another hat in part time business where you for example provide cyber security related IT consulting services.

This is just one example of what we can help with market. We can help market vendors as well such as cyber security vendors, who have solid product but can't get through to companies. Note we can help such vendors increase their potential client leads. We can differentiate them just like in the example of how we do it for FortiNET vendor from the very top link that we shared with you. Where we show how we market inter combination of our own IT consulting services FortiNET vendor and our training services.

So what does it all mean? It just means we can help you increase your client leads, and no it's not cold calling to companies. This method is useless of cold calling. What we do is help your product get differentiated whether your cyber security product is a well designed course that teaches companies how to reduce cyber security risk or if it's an actual solution or a product, or inter combination of a product and service.

How we are different from other marketing companies?

Mostly other marketing companies simply not in the field of IT cyber security and if they are, the only thing they may do is probably write review. To help you get differentiated. Which is still ok for you, but we do really comprehensive review and we can evaluate your product and show why it's truly different, simply because doing so for you helps us grow ourselves and help America minimize risk in cyber crime.

The best long term solution for cyber crime is education.

How does our company help fight war on cyber crime and helping America defend itself? Simple.... by creating one network at a time, just like the universe was created one network of small particles at a time.

We help convert local companies specializing in IT cyber security, by showing them how they can get more client leads. We do that by showing them how they create networks, networks of websites that can help drive local businesses in attempting and wanting to get help from companies in securing their environments. Regardless if that environment is in the cloud or local area. We equip IT and cyber security professionals with knowledge for how to create such networks that can help them being found by customers. We offer marketing study guides and voice recordings and tutoring services explains to companies how to build such networks.

The need for an actual professional in cyber security field, driving around multiple geographical areas and providing their service to companies, whether that service involves doing an audit or performing internal network scan or educating entire company about cyber security related risks or providing consulting in cyber security, will only grow more and more.

Companies who realize that early and start building network funnels as we describe in our study guide and training on this page will end up taking competitive lead as the demand end up gradually increasing... for cyber security professionals.

What we are offering is not just training in marketing..... training is separate from what we are offering here. What we are offering here is an opportunity for your cyber security company have higher chance of being found by customers.

Whether your company specializes in risk assessment and remediation and providing higher assurance, or if your company happens to be firewall vendor or any other type of IT security related solution vendor, or a class provider or a training center or if you happen to be local or online match making company and wanting to increase your chances of being found in the field of cyber security or want to have a higher chances of your cyber security professionals being found by companies, then guess what we are the company for you, who can help you get marketed.

Other marketing companies do not show others how to build networks, or if they do.... then what they are showing is either too general for you cyber security product owner or simply is not compatible with you. Marketing companies who specialize in marketing cyber security products, have 2 challenges....

1. They either do not know IT industry and Cyber Security industry really well
2. They either do not know how to build networks
3. They either are not IT company themselves
4. They simply do not write books or convince America how to fight long term cyber crime
5. They either do not have the actual network which they can show you as example of how they market their products that makes sense.
6. They either have an example but it's too general and completely not applicable to you.
7. They either can not speak English really well.
8. They either can not interconnect your products logical that will give a wow factor to audience who is reading it.
9. They either only do marketing and never been exposed to an actual business, which automatically means higher risk of being marketed incorrectly.
10. They either do not specialize in creating synergy, in such a way that would drive customers in providing value to themselves and you.... simply because they do not really have any of heir cyber security solutions or services or products.

Saw all these 10 reasons? Want to know how we are different?

1. We help you get marketed using synergy, because it's in our interest to help ourselves and increase our own capabilities in providing cyber security related services.
2. We can write reviews in a way that no other marketer can write using synergy using logical interconnections and logical statements,
3. We can speak English really well.
4. We are in IT and edu business and edu marketing business.
5. We do not only provide marketing services but also offer marketing tutoring services, helping you discover how to build informational networks that instead of delivering binary bits of data are delivering customers.
6. We can publish your product or service or solution in our cyber security books that we create and sell on our site with that book automatically replicating across our local edu networks in cyber security. If you are not sure what we mean visit this just one of many other sites where we automatically replicate our study guides to in the form of APIs that simply show relevant info in relevant places, creating what so called synergy,
7. We can also use our NetworkConsultant.NET to list your cyber security product.

We also have many other reassigns why you can chose us. Get a quote today by visiting

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Are you residing in tri-state of CT, NY and NJ? Do you know how to do external vulnerability scans or internal vulnerability scans? Do you know how to do other things other then vulnerability scans related to information security? Perhaps how to install a firewall, or perhaps how to configure other type of information security device?

Are you an IT Information Security consultant? If you are and interested in becoming our agency managed tutor in the field of Cyber Security contact us. You may of course ask, how do you recruit clients? The answer is simple we are both educational consulting company and information technology consulting company and clients come to us. Meaning we do not have to call them, they come to us. Cyber Security field is indeed hot.

Now of course you may say, well why should i be agency managed tutor? If i can just do that myself? Reason is actually simple... why do this yourself? If you can get help from the agency... and no not the useless type of recruiters...

That is not what we are talking about here. Recruiters in our opinion are completely useless for IT professionals who want to make some extra income part time. Especially the type of professionals who already work full time and simply need to have some part time... whether it's teaching other students Cyber Security or providing consulting or both.

Why recruiters in IT field are useless? Reason is actually quiet simple... they ask u question such as.... how much do you make at your full time job?..... <--- this is a useless question and is irrelevant to you........... they want to make money of you by doing minimum effort of marketing for you... and asking you questions that guess what... are irrelevant in many cases...

Ask your self this question... if you are happy at your full time job.... and someone calls you and tells you... why don't you quit your job I will give you better salary, but tell me what your current salary is.... and i will try to beat it.....

When you tell them the salary... what do the recruiter tell you? They tell you... we look at your base salary and not at any other income.... Well as the decision maker you do not want someone to be evaluating you based on just one chunk of money that you make from your full time... job... you want them to evaluate based on your overall value!

Not just a chunk! Which is why IT recruiters in many cases are useless, reason is simple.. they are useless because they do not fit your business model... and your business model is you.... you making that extra income and in such a way that you actually want to make that extra income...... and in such a way that you do not have to sacrifice your full time job, but can instead work part time after your full time job or on weekends doing something that can help you earn more money, while not having as much stress at your current full time job....

What we found based on our research is that Millennial generation simply do not care about money as previous generation, and care more about flexibility.

So what exactly are we offering here? Well what Tutoring Services, LLC is offering here is flexibility.... flexibility where you can still keep your full time job.. and make money on part time consulting basis... Note we do not randomly offer that to random people, we only enroll trusted tutors into our agency managed system. As trusted as the firewall trusts only specific inbound traffic in the same way for us.

Note we are different from recruiters.... simply because we do not ask u how much u make... we do not care.... we only want passion and desire... for someone who is intelligent to provide their services.

Therefore if you are residing in 4 counties of CT, NY and NJ or near these areas... our doors are open to you, if you really go the Information Security skills.

You will be tested by our company Tutoring Services, LLC and DBA Binary Fusion to see if u got these skills.

These who we enroll into our system we help.. in which way? multiple ways... way number 1 we help you market your self in math, so if you are good in math you can increase your chances of making money on part time bases in our local network in Fairfield, Westchester, Bergen and New Haven counties.

If you are IT Cyber security expert and lurking around in NYC, we may squeeze you into our network... but do not expect it unless you live in these 4 counties... there is a reason behind this...

If you are mediocre expert, but have skills in math and information security, then don't hesitate to apply. You are not working for us when you enroll with us... you are working for your self... you just paying us to help you, but not paying right away, but paying only when you land the customer and convert the customer in information technology.

We send you the customer you do the talk you do the walk, you show your skills, you go out and make that part time income on scheduled flexible by you and the client date. You record your time in our system time that you spend servicing client, and we take percentage. You declare discount packages.

Here is who we do not need... We do not need you if you are simply out there to make money........ we need passionate professionals... these who are true IT Cyber Security and Math experts.. Note if you are missing portion of your skill set, feel free to apply anyway we can either help you get trained and maximize your chances of landing onto our network or simply recommend proper test prep materials or non agency or agency managed tutors.

We prefer tutors who are either A) our students and became consultants through the roots of our training that we provided to them.... or B) if you really good, and you know math and you are Cyber Security expert or have similar related background...

Note this opportunity is not for someone who wants things explained, this opportunity for people who you throw at anything and they can decipher logical connections from anything that we throw at you in the field of cyber security. We can provide suggestions for which fields we are mostly interested in in Cyber Security, to you...

This is a good opportunity only for local IT consultants and trainers or both consultants and trainers. This opportunity is based on trust concepts that you can read on this site. Don't expect to be fed information if you truly are IT consultant.

Note.... you may say well... i can just market my self, do that my self... yes.. but once again... doing it your self... is a pain in the ass... if that was that easy why do you think recruiters do not do that? Why do you think recruiters do not help you get marketed why? Can you answer that question? Reason is simple because they want big chunk of the pie... they do not want to deal with part time consulting gigs.... Reason for that is simple.. they want to make money...

While in our case it's not about money... it's about passion... Passion comes first and goal of helping America stay defended one network at a time comes first.

Here is why working with us makes more sense then with any recruiter...

1. We are flexible.. u r not working for us... u r your own boss....
2. You schedule lesson between clients... and your self.... (in certain cases we help)
3. You do not need to quit your full time job (this is very similar to tutoring)
4. You can actually if u happen to have skills in both math and cyber security be in prime spot for being able to earn from both streams of income.

If you do not know math. that doesn't mean we don't need you... perhaps you know how to provide IT training... and perhaps even do consulting... these are qualities we look for...

Some of you may say well how do you market to companies? How do they find you? The answer is simple, we market through this site go here take a look NetworkConsultant.NET Now of course you may say well, I will just do the same and market the same way.

Yes indeed you can do that also for your local area if you happen to be both training and consulting company and you can learn how here at and discover marketing secrets for how to market your IT consulting company.

In fact if you happen to be IT consulting company and reading this blog, you can even buy our marketing services to help you build your IT consulting local and educational training network in your area whether you are in California, Chicago, or any other location in USA, take a look at our blog for online and local tutoring companies to see how we help them build educational networks, similarly we can help your IT company build local educational + IT consulting network... and no... not the network you are thinking about.. not the technical network... but the network that can help you get clients.... that is of course if you are interested in this service.

You see while our competitors in the world of IT was focusing on IT, we were focusing on science behind getting new clients, and mastered that science. Hence if you were to actually try do this on your own and copy our DBA Binary Fusion company... you can... our word of advice... do it using concepts we describe in our Marketing study guide which you can find here at

You can buy our marketing book and learn how to market and get new leads, it's tailored towards getting student leads, but many concepts can be reused in the world of IT. In case if you want specifically book for IT industry we can write one up for you, just request. By visiting us on and requesting a quote.

Notice... how we help IT consulting companies break the barrier of thinking about only IT and thinking about Marketing and IT... this is very difficult to do...

Also notice how our system is literally impossible to copy.... have you noticed that? Or not yet? Even if you copy it... unless you do it right... it won't work! To learn how to do it right... buy our study guide and training lessons. This way you can build your own network and offer more then just IT in your area and go beyond the boundaries of IT.

Do not think of Tutoring Services, LLC DBA Binary Fusion as your competitor, we are not your competitor, we are your friend. We don't capture entire world... we capture limited network and show you how to do the same in your area.

Our goal is to secure America 1 network at a time, by securing analyzing and designing solutions and networks, and carrying over that knowledge to other IT consulting companies who are willing to go beyond just IT and into the world of networking, but not just IT networking but literally networking..... The type of networking that can help you get clients.

IT Network Consultant
IT Network Consultant
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Tips of cyber security and accounting professionals. Powered by Tutoring Services, LLC visit and for more info or
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Tutoring Services, LLC is rapidly expanding it's Cyber Security Training and internship services, into New Haven area of CT. Helping local college students in New Haven area or nearby country gain competitive edge over other students.
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Trying to get into Cyber Security field? Have you considered taking CISSP exam? If not you may want to check it out. Find out more.
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Many students asked us, how can our company provide basic job placement assistance?

Our response is simple, because we want you succeed, and you going through our Tutoring Services, helps us make money. It's in our interest to help you. Not only because you are paying for tutoring lessons.... but also because you are being recruited from the very low roots of your studies, to become agency managed tutor or even part time IT consultant, that can help us help you generate money and helps us keep portion of that money.

Plus not to mention the fact that by Tutoring you and you completing your internship, it helps us complete other tasks from other businesses that we run related to IT and marketing, lowering our operating expenses while simultaneously helping you gain valuable work related experience, thereby maximizing your chances of gaining better chances of landing IT related job that can lead you to Cyber Security related role, all that while getting individualized based one on one training, instead of class room based.

Individual attention is proven to bring better results then class based training. Getting guidance from a mentor, a tutor and IT consultant is a heck of a lot better than trying to take a class, not get individualized attention and in addition to all that not being able to significantly maximize your chances of landing your IT related job.

Getting guidance and tutor and IT consultant for your specific specialization... and getting multiple types of trainers depending on which specialization track you chose is simply better than trying to strike on your own, especially if you are even provided opportunity to gain some experience or even become a tutor and or part time IT consultant your self, helping you generate some income in addition to landing your first full time job in IT related field.

Note we do not provide this opportunity for anyone, it's based on careful selection from only few qualified students. We are looking for smart students, with bachelors degree already or close to finishing their bachelors degree in math related or computer science related field.

We are not here to provide free training, we are here to provide high quality tutoring services that is one on one. Technically we do need a lot of students we only select few chosen ones. Find out more about our Tutoring Services, by visiting NetworkConsultant.NET in case if you are not sure what IT Generalist role has to do with Cyber Security feel free to read about our Software Defined Networking study guide. To help you get motivated and help you get the glimpse of reality of what is going on in the current job market trend and whether and whether or not hiring us to help you worth the efforts or not. You decide. We simply show you glimpse of what we can offer when it comes to 1 on 1 training on this page

We are not here to convince you to become our IT consultants or to convince you to become our agency managed tutors or to convince you that we can help you maximize your chances of landing IT Related job, or convince you working for us for free doing internship.

We are here to simply offer you an opportunity of what we can do for you to the best of our abilities. Whether you chose to get our help or not is up to you. This is not a replacement for college. Think of it as informal tutoring except with extra twists in the way that no one else offers.

Plus think of it this way....

You do not have experience.... (who would hire you?)
We offer internship that can help you gain experience, and improve your chances of landing IT related job.

Think of knowledge...
You may have college related knowledge, but not real world, for what companies would look for.
We offer that knowledge in the form of 1 on 1 tutoring lessons

Think of part time income
You may not have that income... now... but we can help you increase your chances of making that extra income teaching others or being part time IT consultant. (Other companies simply can't offer that unless they have network of websites to get student leads)

Think of job placement assistance

You may say your college may provide that to you. Indeed but, probably for a job that may not be in your passion, besides they would not have much reason to provide job placement after you paid for their classes.

We do.... provide basic job assistance,because it's in our interest to help you our trusted future tutor or part time IT consultant. Of course we may not provide advanced job placement unless you pay us.... which is why we offer only basic free job placement assistance, where you land the job and keep 100 percent of revenue for yourself.

If you want us to follow through with helping you get the job , then obviously we would charge you percentage from advanced job assistant placement service. Where instead of basic we would offer advanced job placement, and place you into a consulting job for 6 month to 1 or 2 years and keep small portion of the money and you get to keep the other portion.

In fact some companies do that, however such companies also offer classes where they provide training to you for free and even pay you (in rare cases) then place you on he job and take huge chunks of your pay check.. In our case we do not have such capabilities to provide you with free education and therefore take huge chunks, therefore for advanced job placement service we would take smaller chunk in comparison to what such companies would typically take, that is because we made you pay for the training in the form of high quality one on one informal tutoring services lessons. This gives you opportunity to keep more money for your self, rather than giving it away most of it to greedy corporations.

You may say wow, how did you derive to such business model. The truth is, we hate huge recurring fees or percentage chunks and make other agencies realize the same. Why do we hate huge fees? Simple because it makes education less affordable. We do not like when other companies scam people with border line slavery type of fees. As an educational marketing company and IT consulting as well as educational company we make that distinction perfectly clear.

In case you are wondering how clear you can read many of our other blogs and see how fight educational crime. Where companies try to do less and earn more without providing much value, when they should instead be focusing on providing higher quality value, and if they can provide such value at least charge less!

Therefore, if you decide to use us for our advanced job placement services rather than basic, then do not expect it to be free. We would have to charge you portion from your pay check, but we would help you land that job. It would be in our even higher interest to do that. Then after working for 6 months 1 or 2 years you, can hop the job and basically maximize your salary even more without us keeping any percentage what so ever. Think of it as a jumping ground for your Cyber Security or IT Generalist career.

Note we ask you when you first enroll into our tutoring lessons whether you are interested in advanced job placement or free job placement. You can tell us which option you would like one or the other. One option makes us work harder to help you get the job for you, and the other option makes us work less harder and offer to you basic job placement assistance for free. Whichever option you chose it's up to you, but offering you both options is the right thing to do.

One option keep 100 percent of revenue we provide basic job placement assistance. Other option do not keep 100 percent we take small fee, but work harder to ensure that you get the job. Regardless which option you chose we still provide relevantly the same training. However with basic job assistance placement you will not have as much higher chances of landing your IT related job in comparison to advanced job placement.

If you chose advanced job placement, there will be additional recommendations and guidance from our trainers separate from informal tutoring lessons, in regards to which certification you need to get, interview test prep and helping you even find the job, where we would talk to the companies on your behalf specifically staffing agencies who reach out to us from time to time asking us if we know any IT consultants and we would recommend you to them. You would sign contract and work for them in the form of DBA Binary Fusion consultant. We keep portion of your revenue.

Note we do not trust random students with such advanced job placement opportunities. In fact we do not trust any one at all, not until you become trusted. Anyone who work with us must be trusted, regardless if you are a student or a tutor. For example view our blog how we make our tutors trusted and what we consider to be trusted. Similarly with students.

We would make you sign contract in all cases, and under no circumstances would even offer advanced job placement, unless you went through tutoring services, internship and until you become our trusted agency managed tutor or part time IT consultant. Only in such case we would consider even remotely near to offering you advanced job placement assistance.

However we do ask you that up front before training starts whether you are interested in advanced job placement of basic free job assistance.

Note when going through our training not only are you preparing for career, in specific field... but you are also maximizing chances of doing something part time after your full day of work or on weekends, by teaching others concepts that you have learned from us in your local area or online.

This way you should be motivated to study not only so you can learn but study so you can also teach others! Motivation that no one simply offers to students! Now do you see why we offer tutoring services one on one and not in class? Do you see that such level of trust is difficult to overcome with simply... class based training? Do you see how and why getting tutoring Services from us makes sense?

Note we do not need a lot of students, simply because only few of us, however as our capabilities will grow we will add more IT consultants and mentors and IT Generalists and tutors who can train more students.

Our approach of teaching is not only high quality, but also motivational, therefore because we provide such high quality we charge a lot per hour for our training. However the good news you can buy our tutoring discount packages. Before you enroll into them, you would talk to advisor who will analyze your request to see if you are the right fit.

Note not everybody becomes our students.... just like we carefully select tutors... we also carefully select students.... note smart students may already be working in other places or finishing classes, and getting jobs from their colleges... however level of education they are getting is not individualized and not motivational in a way that makes you want to learn for the purpose of not just helping your self increase your chances of getting into Cyber Security or IT Generalist related career, but also to educate others.

So this way when you are training, you would know that you are training because you are interested not only in generating income on full time basis by landing your IT related IT consulting job, but also because you can use your very same skills to generate extra part time income on weekends or after full time day of work, teach other students in your local area in a few selected counties where we have our educational network of sites and or online.

Doing so places you into incredible advantage over anyone else in your local geographic region. Not even if you land a job somewhere else outside of that geographic region where you currently residing we can still have you enrolled as our future agency managed tutor or part time consultant or both, so this way you can teach others and generate income. Of course we charge agency recurring from every hour you teach in the future, for all of our agency managed tutors.

Note.... we have a business model where we do not charge any recurring agency fee... for non agency managed independent tutors. In your case it makes total sense to be agency managed rather than non agency managed tutor in the future simply because of the fact that agency managed tutors are way better marketed and provided more level of differentiation.

Having hard time wrapping your mind around what we are offering here? Think of your self now.... and think of your self in the future..... and it will make more sense....

Note.... we are offering something completely unique that no one offers. Reason is simple... to offer something like this.... company must have a network.... many companies do not understand how to create such networks... and no we do not mean IT networks.... we mean educational networks.... well... we happen to know both types of networks.... IT and educational. Which places us into unique position on the market.

In case if you are wondering what type of educational networks are we talking about and happen to be curious... feel free to check our blog section for online and local tutoring companies and test prep companies. We also help such companies get marketed....

Hence to be able to offer what is being offered here by us to few students... is extremely difficult to pull off by any other company in entire world. So when looking at our rate do not just think... that we are some random company that does not know what we are doing. We know exactly what we are doing and also help other companies as well in Cyber Security related or IT related educational fields realize how to do it right.

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