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This is how I got myself #motivated to get up early.

Gotta get used to see those #toys. Soon they will park in my #garage.

#yellow #ferrari #lamborghini

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This is #sad, but it motivates me!

This is why #Money and #Power are important!

With money and power, you can change the situation. At least, you don't have to fight for the seat. You can just fly in your own #privatejet.

#motivation #inspiration

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This post is nothing but motivation! This smoke shop's owner immigrated 38 years ago from the middle east with nothing in their pocket. And now their entire family are driving expensive fancy cars that many American can only dream off.

What is your excuse? There are tons followers on my Startup & Entrepreneurship Collection, but only a few actually take action to achieve their goals.

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Need a #Tuesday #motivation? There is nothing better than the #Power and #Speed. Of course, you need #Money to get it.

#Lamboghini is doubling the sales. It means you have double the chance to get one. Even renting one is a good option too!

Go Take Action and Get it Done!
Relive the #Lamborghini Huracán Performante worldwide premiere at +GIMS Swiss!

Discover the #HuracanPerformante on 

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You are not alone. You are just ahead of everyone.

#StartupMustDo #16 - Enjoy Loneliness

#Startup #Entrepreneur journey is really a lonely journey. What you do is often not appreciated by your friends and even your family or spouse.

You must really enjoy the loneliness to be able to last long.

There are reasons why I am sharing my thoughts here on Google+ Collection.

1. To remind myself what my life long goals are.
2. To find like-minded people to grow together
3. To record that I've been there, and to prove that I've done that.

I have failed the attempt on Facebook, and was hoping to achieve that on G+. It turns out that there are more spammer or fake people on G+ than on Facebook.

When I feel #lonely and #helpless, I always say to myself.

If you want to live extraordinary life, you must do extraordinary things.

So I wish all of you good luck on your journey. Enjoy the loneliness!

Interested in reading my previous 15 must-do things? Hit the link!

If you have read this far and wanting to grow together? Hit me on FB.
Send me private message @


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There are reasons why you should attend classes to learn something you don't know. I was lucky to attend a wonderful #Sales101 class in #Phoenix.

Selling is really a skill that anyone can learn. No matter what you sell, you need to get skill into your bones, so you can do it naturally.

I haven't really thought about this, but writing an Amazon Kindle book is a way to sell your personal brand and credibility. Car-ching!

Are you starting your own business yet? Why Not?
Selling Is A Skill

Some of us are not born to be a gifted salesman, but it's a skill that anyone can learn. You just need to practice, practice, and repeat!

Make selling a skill into your bones. So you can sell anything naturally!

#Startup #Entrepreneur #Motivation


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Disclaimer: I am no stock trade expert nor financial adviser.

Last year, I asked myself a question. What would I do if I have $10,000 that I can afford to lose?

I decided to take really high risk gamble. A year later, the risk has generate triple return.

With just $10,000, I can't even afford to buy a new house. It is also not enough to give me a taste of #luxury #lifestyle. So I decided to #invest.

I was told by a successful business owner and investor.

Higher Risk = Higher Return
Use money wisely

He also mentioned, if you have one little piece of negative thoughts in your mindset, don't invest. The successful business man always think positive even at their worst time.

So if you think I am here to show off, you are really laughable. I am here to give you a real life example! Yes You Can Too!
Would You Take Higher Risk To Live Better Life?

I really don't give #shxt about the #election and all the #negative things going on. People should focus on the #positive thing that can improve their life. I tend to spend less and less time on social media or things that don't add any value to my life and future.

I am taking risk since last year quietly. It doesn't matter who won the election, I am closely watching where America goes. So if you took the risk to invest on steel stock like this one in April, you've made good #ROI today.

I've decided to give up the #realestate #investment and move on to investing business like stock, and downsized equity.

Do something for your future. The best thing about money is that it generates money faster, if you do it right. The fact is that you have 50/50 chance to lose all the money you have, while you may also double or triple your fortune. Which one would you prefer?

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What is true love that last?

It is lucky to have someone holding your hand and walking with you from the beginning to the end.

#truelove #love
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