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Jodorowsky's Dune - Uncovered
Update 2

With the ink still drying on the final part of the Uncovered series, fellow Jodorowsky's Dune fan Julian DiLorenzo found some amazing new information.

Back in 2010 the Museo Carrillo Gil in Mexico held an exhibition "Gabinete Gr谩fico Jodorowsky", and among the items on display were 4 character designs from Dune.

These pieces appear to be some from the same artists as the "idiot drawings" from the "fake" script. With the Emperor being almost identical to the one that appears in the script.

The Kynes drawing also includes an alternative head, which appears much older. This corresponds to the script in which Kynes has been on Dune for 400 years and whose hair and beard are white.

While these drawings also appear unsigned they provide more evidence that "idiot drawings" or not, the illustrations in the script have some basis in the history of Jodorowsky's Dune.

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Jodorowsky's Dune - Uncovered

The most obvious changes between the "fake" script and the Moebius storyboards are the beginning and the end.

The first 19 scenes of the Dog-beings and the history of humanity aren't in the final set of storyboards, and they could have been removed for a number of reasons - cost, pacing or length.

The Dog-beings would have been expensive scenes to film, requiring many special effects, and the "History of Humanity" would have needed lots of sets, costumes and extras for a series of brief scenes. These scenes would have also slowed the film down, delaying the introduction of the main characters and plot.

The ending has the biggest change, with Paul no longer surviving in the Moebius storyboards and, replacing the epilogue, the planet Dune becoming a green paradise and moving through the universe!

The storyboards also appear to have removed a lot of the nudity and sexual content of the script, although the violence depicted in Moebius's drawings is pretty graphic in places - guts on spears, limbs cuts off etc.

The drawings often show much more cinematic sequences than those written in the script. It is unclear if these visual flourishes came from Jodorowsky or Moebius, or, more likely, both.

Otherwise the script and storyboards seems to match up pretty well. Some slight reordering of scenes, and some seem to have been cut or restructured, given the known scene numbers of the storyboards and those in the script.

While the script clearly is strongly tied to the storyboards, the "idiot drawing" are more puzzling. What is revealing though is that in a deleted scene on the Jodorowsky's Dune documentary we see two early costume sketches that don't appear to be in the style of any of the known artists who worked on Dune, but do bear a striking resemblance to the artwork of the illustrations that appear in the script.

Could these sketches be the missing-link between the script illustration and the Moebius storyboards? Unfortunately, no-one seems to know who did these costume sketches, but they do show that there were some very early artwork done on the project that appears to predate Moebius's involvement.

And so we draw to the close of "Jodorowsky's Dune - Uncovered". We hope you have enjoyed this exclusive look into the script and the storyboards. Please let us know in the comments your thoughts about script and illustrations - fake or legit?

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Jodorowsky's Dune - Uncovered
Scene 152-154 : Epilogue

Inside the Museum of Man the dog-beings are watching the last scenes of the movie projected by the robot.
Thousands of ships carrying Fremen are leaving Dune, the cries of "Muad'Dib" echoes in space.

At the film's end the robot's head explodes (not unlike, perhaps, the heads of the viewers in the cinema!) and the dogs leave the museum, sad that their "master" (i.e. mankind) will never return.

But as they return to their vehicle they decide that one day they will go looking for him.

The end titles are superimposed on the image of the ship flying towards the centre of the universe.


And so ends the "fake" script of Jodorowsky's Dune. This Epilogue, much like the Dog-being Prologue doesn't appear to form part of the Moebius storyboards, which ends in the previous scene.

In the next and final part we will take a look back over the script with our closing thoughts, some additional artwork and maybe a few surprises.

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Jodorowsky's Dune - Uncovered
Scene 151 : Final Showdown

In the government palace Paul watches as the Emperor, the Reverend Mother, the Lady and Count Fenring, Hawatt, Feyd and Irulan are brought in.

Paul demands that Hawatt is to be removed from the other prisoners. Hawatt steps forward towards Jessica. Paul steps between them, and reveals that he has seen this moment in his visions - Hawatt holds a poisoned needle which the Emperor has given him to kill Paul, and only then will Hawatt receive his antidote.

Paul offers his life for Hawatt's many years of service, but Hawatt moves past him towards Jessica again. Jessica offers her life and Hawatt turns the needle onto himself, dying instantly. Paul tells the Fremen to honour Hawatt as a hero as they carry his body away.

The Emperor claims that on his order 5,000 Guild ships will attack, but Paul tells the Guild that if they allow the attack Paul will destroy the worms on Dune, and therefore the spice. He demonstrates this power by gassing a small worm.

Paul signals and Fremen uncover a mutant Guild Navigator floating in spice-blue water. The glasses are suddenly torn off the Guild officials revealing their blue eyes. Having revealed their dependence on spice, the Guild is now at the service of Paul.

Paul next deals with the Bene Guesserit, stating that the unborn son of Lady Fenring and Feyd will be a brainless mutant.

Paul informs the Emperor that Irulan will be his wife, but promises Chani that he'll never touch Irulan.

Only Feyd remains to be dealt with, who challenges Paul to a duel. During the fight Feyd poisons Paul. But when he moves in for the kill, Paul is able to counter the poison and kills Feyd.

But still under the poison's effect Paul falls to his knees and Count Fenring suddenly has a blade to his neck. The Emperor orders Fenring to kill Paul, but the Count realises that doing so would only make him a martyr.

The Emperor decides to do it himself, but Paul says he is the Kwisatz Haderach as he lives in everyone, and Jessica, Chani, Alia, Stilgar and Fremen all start talking in Paul's voice - "I'm Muad'Dib".

Paul (and all the Fremen) announce that he is the "collective man", and that the universe has but one path - the Kwisatz Haderach.

The Fremen recover their voices and cry "Mahdi, Lisan Al Gaib, Muad'Dib !"

Many parts of this final scene are reflected in the Moebius storyboards, we see the glasses being ripped from members of the Guild, and someone (Fenring?) holding a blade at Paul's neck. But unlike the script, Paul does actually get killed! Paul's voice does still then come from all the Fremen, but at this point the storyboards diverge from the script (and the novel) with Dune itself transforming into a green paradise and travels through the universe.

The press kit script summary seems to be more similar to the script, with Paul becoming the Emperor and form a "Collective Being".

The storyboards end here, but the script has an epilogue, which we'll look at next time.

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Jodorowsky's Dune - Uncovered
Scene 145-150 : Atomics!

A hurricane is blowing across the desert, and Paul comes out of a small shelter to look down at the Emperor's encampment, protected by an energy screen. Paul orders the use of atomics to destroy the shield and cannons to take out their air support.

Inside the tent the Baron is brought in, and the Emperor accuses the Baron of being a traitor, plotting to unite the Fremen against him.
The Baron denies it, and the Emperor introduces Alia - sister of Paul Muad'Dib Atreides!

The Emperor tells Alia to get in touch with Paul and tell him to surrender, but Alia says that the Emperor no longer gives any orders, that Paul is now the Emperor!

Suddenly the atomic bomb goes off, taking out the shield, and the hurricane, along with thousands of Fremen rush into the encampment.

Back in the tent the room vibrates and walls crack. The Baron grabs Alia, but she stabs him with a poisoned needle, instantly killing him.

Fremen burst into the room, but the Sardaukar manage to escape with the Emperor through a hole in the wall. Outside the Emperor sees the battle - dead Sardaukar litter the ground and Fremen drive sandworms into the encampment.

Other Sardaukar bring the Lady and Count Fenring to the Emperor, and they decide to "surrender" - they have a plan...

With no Moebius storyboards available for these scenes it is impossible to know how they'd compare, but as the script roughly follows Frank Herbert's novel perhaps the boards would have too.
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Jodorowsky's Dune - Uncovered
Scene 142-144 : Alia's Message

Many ships have landed in the desert forming a military camp, in the middle of which stands the Emperor's large metal tent.

Count Fenring leads an exhausted and dejected troop of soliders in from the desert. While the soliders collapse and drink water, Fenring enters the Emperor's tent.

In the luxurious tent Fenring reports to the Emperor that they have still not found a single Fremen, despite weeks of searching. The Emperor demands that Fenring finds and exterminates the Fremen.

Leading another army through the desert Fenring finds Alia walking alone. Fenring orders the Sardaukars to halt, and he picks up Alia in his arms. Alia shows him Duke Leto's ring and says she has a message for the Emperor.

There is a Moebius storyboard page showing the Sardaukar encountering Alia, and a couple of slightly blurry ones, with Alia showing the Ducal Signet ring to Fenring.

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Jodorowsky's Dune - Uncovered
Scene 138-141 : Rabban's Death

Paul leads the army of Fremen through a town defended by Harkonnen, leaving behind the town in flames and filled with dead Harkonnens.

Later the Fremen are killing more Harkonnen, who have formed a cirlce around a pile of shields. When the last soldier is dead the Fremen part, allowing Paul and Stilgar to approach the shields, under which they find a cowering Rabban, who Stilgar shots in disgust.

Rabban's head is raised on a long lance and the Fremen cry in triumph.

In a conference with the Fremen leaders Paul tells them that they have won the planet, but not the war. Paul foresees thousands of ships attacking Dune, lead by the Emperor himself. Paul gives orders to the Fremen and then says to Alia that the Emperor will only find a single child.

Meanwhile, in space, an enormous fleet of space war-ships is approaches Dune.
"These ships, bearing the Emperor's emblem, look sinister. They are completely covered in claws, spikes and teeth."

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Jodorowsky's Dune - Uncovered
Scene 132-137 : Paul Takes the Water of Life

Fremen fill a cave watching a small worm being drowned to produce the Water of Life. Jessica hands the Water to Paul, warning him that no man has passed this test, but if he is successful he will be the prophet.

Paul drinks in large gulps, and after a few moments of pain Paul announces he has transformed the poison. He kisses Jessica to share the transformed Water and we see their shared vision of the Universe, traveling towards the centre of blinding light, the forbidden place. Paul's face breaks into pieces revealing the face of Leto.

Back in the cave Paul stands before the Fremen and proclaims that he is Paul Muad'Dib, Lisan Al Gaib, the Kwisatz Haderach! Paul's speech convinces the Fremen, and they draw their Crysknives, utter war cries and run into the desert screaming their religious fervour.

They are joined by thousands of Fremen from across the desert, joining the crusade.

The Moebius storyboards that show Paul after he has taken the Water of Life are a lot more theatrical. Instead of Paul just standing before the Fremen we have smoke rising and then spreading out among the Fremen (compared to the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark in the documentary) before Paul himself levitates!

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Jodorowsky's Dune - Uncovered
Scene 126-131 : Gurney Reunited

A Fremen brings his heavily pregnant wife before Jessica, explaining that his son cannot be born, and that his wife will die.

Jessica examines the woman, but announces that nothing can be done. A four year old Alia however says that she will help, and sits on the woman's stomach and makes movements with her hands and feet until the baby is successfully delivered.

In the desert Paul leads an attack on smugglers, and approaches the single survivor, only to discover it is Gurney Halleck! Gurney is overjoyed to discover Paul is alive, but collapses from his wounds.

The Fremen return with Gurney back to the sietch, where Gurney's wounds are treated while Paul goes to tell Jessica the news.

Paul gives Jessica a message found on a Harkonnen - the order to exterminate all Fremen. Jessica tells Paul that is time he killed Stilgar and became leader of the Fremen armies.

Paul rejects this, stating that he has seen the future, and he does want the fire nor the violence. Jessica coldly tells Paul that the leaders are waiting and if Paul doesn't challenge Stilgar then she will.

Paul goes to meet with the leaders, but says that the customs must change, to kill Stilgar would be like cutting off his right hand. Now is the time that the Fremen need to work together and not rob the tribe of its strength and wisdom.

As the leader agree Alia rushes in and talks to Paul, who runs to Jessica's room where Gurney has a knife to her neck.

Gurney still believes Jessica to be the traitor that killed Leto, but Paul plays him Yueh's message to prove the truth.

Paul decides to take the Water of Life.

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Jodorowsky's Dune - Uncovered
Scene 124-125 : Paul Conquers Shai-Hulud

Carrying out the order to kill all the Fremen, a Harkonnen transporter lands near a sietch and move towards it, suddenly Fremen emerge from beneath the sand, killing the Harkonnen and shooting down the transporter as it tries to escape.

Later in the large flat land Chani, holding their son, watches Paul as he listens to Stilgar.

Stilgar tell Paul that today he will call a worm and ride upon it. Paul kisses Chani and his son, and walks off towards a spice field, carrying two hooks and a thumper.

Paul activates the thumper and calls the largest worm ever seen. Chani exclaims the prophecy is being fulfilled, it is Shai-Hulud the white!

Paul sinks his hooks into a ring segment, and the worm turns over until Paul is on top of the worm, a true Fremen!

A few of the Moebius storyboards for these scenes are available that match the script, and Chani's exclamation is also very similar between the script and the storyboard.

#Dune #JodorowskysDune
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