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By +Brendan Lynch Two days after the fire began behind Half Dome, its exhaust continued to fill the valley during the morning and evenings (essentially extending the golden and blue hours of light). The fire roared on, albeit not in immediate proximity to Half Dome, as it was in the days prior. This image was taken along the Panorama Trail. - Brendan Lynch

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"San Qing mountains in Jiangxi province, China"
By +harem sewaisi Located to the northeast of Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, Mountain Sanqingshan was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List during the 32nd session of World Heritage on July 6th, 2008. Apart from that, it is designated as a national key scenic spot, a grade AAAA national tourist area, a national natural heritage and a national geo-park. Mr. Paul, the President of the National Park Foundation of the U.S., remarked that: "Mountain Sanqingshan is one of the few essences and the treasure of the world". Chinese National Geography recommended it as one of the "top five beautiful mountains in China" and geologists from China and America all agree that it has "the most spectacular granite along the verge of western pacific ocean".
Mountain Sanqingshan is 89.48 miles (144km) east of Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 48.47 miles (78km) west of Shangrao City, 62.1 miles (115km) south of Wuyishan City, Fujian Province and 163.42 miles (263km) north of Huangshan City, Anhui Province. The scenic spot covers an area of 84.89 square miles (220 square km), of which 27.41 square miles (71 square km) is the main scenic area. Yushan County is closest to the mountain. - Harem Sewaisi

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"Dark To Light"
By +Daniel Greenwood / I dont often post here anymore let alone spend a whole lot of time on social media these days. Its nice to get away from all that and just explore, have fun and travel. Here is an image I took while on a hike out around Yakima at some places I am positive nobody has ever taken photos of. Thanks for looking! - Daniel Greenwood

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"Proxy Lit"
By +Ted Gore Here's a shot that is a bit out of the norm for me. I took a client to a popular waterfall in Oregon last summer, and mis-calculated the light. I was hoping to catch the waterfall while it was still in shade, but upon arriving, much of the falls was receiving direct light... not really an ideal situation for shooting the typical long exposure, smooth silky waterfall style photograph. To make the most of the situation I decided to try some out of the box thinking and aimed my lens at the water in the direct light and used a 10-stop filter to get a long exposure. The result was this naturally high contrast isolated portrait of the water, and I was really liking the results. This is practically no post processing... there really wasn't anything I could do to it aside from some adjustments to contrast, highlights and shadows. I'm curious to know if people like it! Thanks for looking! - Ted Gore

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"Aspe Valley"
By +Alex Strohl Welcomed by low hanging clouds high up in the Aspe Valley, Pyrenees.. I grew up skiing in the Alps and I never thought much of the Pyrenees until a few years ago when I started looking at France from a foreigner perspective. It may be my home country but it's still full of mysteries. - Alex Strohl

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"Quiver Trees in Namibia"
By Andrey Omelyanchuk (+Anshar Photography) The first day in the Quiver Forest was about getting my bearings in a strange, new place and letting my vision adjust to the strangely beautiful landscape there. And like the first day in any overseas trip, it was also spent largely in a foggy mental state, the result of travel fatigue and jet lag. Most of the photos from that first day were disappointing and didn’t see the light of day.
By the second day, Namibia started to feel as comfortable as an old friend. The Quiver Forest was still ethereal and otherworldly, like something conjured from a child’s imagination, but it was welcoming; I no longer felt like a visitor there. Among the forest’s chimerical inhabitants, I already had favorites; trees whose unique profile against the horizon captured my attention. I found myself returning to the same trees and compositions again and again, mesmerized by their lines and colors.
It wasn’t only the trees that made the place special; it was a sensory experience, and I took in all of the sounds and smells. I reminded myself often that I was walking in a field of volcanic boulders among trees that in some cases, were two or three hundred years old. The stories they could tell. The world does this here and there — spreads an ancient landscape out before us, simply to remind us of our small place in the order of things...
As I walked among the quiver trees I gradually became aware that we photographers were not alone there. I didn’t notice them on the first day, but on the second day in the forest, just at sunrise, small animals — hamster-like and no bigger than kittens — emerged from underneath the rocks and began to scurry about. I’d never seen them before and I didn’t know what they were, but somehow, they seemed the perfect inhabitants of this place, as if the same child who imagined the quiver trees into existence filled her fanciful landscape with playful creatures who come to life with the sunrise.
May 2017, panorama from 3 vertical images, additional exposures for highlights, focal length 16mm, aperture f/8, shutter speed 15 seconds, ISO 200, tripod. - Andrey Omelyanchuk

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"Botanic Garden"
By +Clément Coudeyre Le fameux "bush" néo-zélandais... Tellement intrigant depuis mes premiers jours ici et tellement difficile à capter à travers l'optique de mon appareil... Cette fois ci j'espère vous transporter un peu avec moi dans cette jungle où j'ai passé tellement de temps - Clément Coudeyre

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"The Temple of Highlanders"
By +alban henderyckx
Here my first picture from my recent trip in the Icelandic highlands!
As some of you already know..
Every year I leave a few weeks immersion wandering in its mountains. It became a kind of ritual because I have this vital need to feel connected to nature, when I evolve in this environment, far from the factitious, day after day, there emanates a saving effect between my body and my mind, it’s like a therapy on the daily life.
Each year I leave alone because I need to be able to push the limits to continue my exploration of remote places..
The concept is simple! I chose a region, a camp where I leave my car with a restocking of food and from there begins an immersion on feet of several days.
A few years ago, the Highland camps were populated only by true lovers of nature, true mountaineers and hikers.
Today, these places are invaded by ordinary mortals dressed in fashion clothes without any knowledge of the mountains or awareness for this fragile nature.
During this trip, I brought a drone to make videos of the 4x4 which was provided to me by my dear friend owner of the car rental agency to help him for promoting his company and to thank him for supporting me in my projects from the very beginning.
It was the opportunity for me to try to make some aerial photos of these mountains at the same time but I realized that the pleasure did not have the same taste.
For me these gear are just toys, of course they offer nice other perspectives but there is no merit.
Nothing replaces what one can live in immersion to roam for hours at night on top of a mountain and the last moments of my trip was again the proof.
It was 3 days that I was based in the same place with a very bad weather. I was plunged into the clouds and rain hoping for a thinning in the sky. It was the last day and night of the trip, so the last chance...
I had in mind to reach the summit of a mountain and spend the night there with the lights of the midnight sun. At midday the sky decided to clear up and I took the opportunity to do some spotting on the summits to finish in the heart of the valley where I left my 4x4 .. Ten hours of hiking has already passed, 'Clock shows 22:20 pm.. I only have a few minutes to eat something if I want to reach the summit in time!
At this time, the sun goes down at 23:49 at sea level, it means in mountains I must be at the summit at 11.30 pm at the latest……. I hasten to swallow an energy bar and a mini home sandwich.
After 3 days of waiting in the void, I feel guilty to death lol because I feel that I'm very late.. Usually, the climb to the top of this mountain does in 2 hours! It is 10:30 pm now, so that means I have only one hour to reach the summit.
When I set out to leave, a group of photographers armed with drones arrives. The colors begin to flare up, I think I could also use my drone to capture the sunset in time without risk of missing it and especially without any effort!
No way, I used to listen to my instinct.. My plan was to reach the summit on foot and spend the night until the next morning and experience this adventure fully! These toys have many advantages but also many flaws and can only fly about twenty minutes with a battery composed of lithium polymers highly chemical and it is very easy to crash this thing in nature and what a terrible impact it would have on this environment so pure and so fragile.
The hour turns fast, I’m like a vice. It’s now 10:40 pm, I begin the ascent in express direct way and sports version! The rain of these last days makes it difficult for me to move on a muddy soil composed of rhyolite, the last part of the climb, the steepest is a field of sharp volcanic stones creating small avalanches preventing me from progressing and hurting my legs a lot.
Finally arrives at the summit at 23.40.. The colors disappear as a cloudy mass engulfs me quickly. Damn !!!
I find myself in the void amid the clouds with no visibility. I decide to stay on top hoping that a thinning reveals the beauty of my environment, knowing that at night when it's cloudy so my chances are slim.
I begin a long moment of waiting, hope and abstract contemplation.. the enormous volcanic peaks below in the fog plunges me into a mystical world.
The sky opens timidly at times, I run on the summit in the snow, sinks to my knees, tries to compose something but the mass moves quickly... Till the mass embraces me again!
Finally, I decided to stay at the place I had to spot in the hope of immortalizing the sunrise. A long moment of waiting starts on a rock on the edge of the precipice, it’s cold I begin to lose the toes of my right foot, I jump on the spot to vivify the blood with the void on both sides.
Suddenly after one hour, an unexpected gap in the mass allows me to glimpse the divine beauty.. A sea of clouds as far as the eye can see 360 ° revealing the peaks of mountains nearby.
The show lasted a few moments but these kind of atmospheres have no price. No matter how tired I was, was just filled and proud to have lived it, accomplished it..
Time to come down to have a well deserved breakfast at the camp when everyone else is still sleeping ;-)
It’s certain that if I had used a drone to fly over the mountain, I would not have lived the same way and would not have captured this series of images.
For me, this should be the only way to live fully these kind of privileged and unforgettable moments that nature offers us.
Definitely, flying over iceland is more sexy by feets <3
Only one frame taken with the NiSi Filters V5 Pro holder filter system 100mm + Nisi filter GND Soft 1.2.
FB Page:
Copyright © Alban Henderyckx / All rights reserved - Alban Henderyckx

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"Thor's Chariot"
By +Aaron J. Groen / +HomeGroen Photography My favorite of the June 13th shots I think, It took me a while to find this one, I shot about 50 pics of this trying to catch lightning in one and didn't even think i caught one until going through them days later. Yes I got the title from that Stargate episode
PRINTS - - Aaron Groen

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"Moments like this..."
By +Stefan Forster DE: Momente wie dieser erleben selbst die Augen eines Fotografen nur wenige Male im Leben. Wie diese Bildserie entstanden ist, wisst Ihr ja schon, bzw. steht auf meinem Blog. Ich wünschte ich hätte dieses Bild aus einem Ultraleichtflugzeug aufgenommen. Das Problem von Drohnenaufnahmen ist, dass man selbst zwar die Kamera führt, einstellt, steuert und das Bild auch komponiert, aber selbst nicht vor Ort ist. Umso spannender ist es, wenn das Ding mit in der Regel 10-15% Akku praktisch am letzten Drücker zurückkehrt und die Speicherkarte sozusagen die Büchse der Pandora darstellt ;-) Ob es dieses Bild auf die Titelseite des Buchs CHASING LIGHT VOL 2 schafft, werden wir noch sehen ;-)
EN: Moments like this Photographers only see once in a lifetime. This photograph I took after 2 days of observing the flamingos on the Salar de Surire in Chile on 4250 meters above sea level is a very remote salt lake with thousands of flamingos on it.
The combination of flamingos and a very rare thunderstorm which comes closer in the last light of the day and even a rainbow it just the most amazing thing my eyes have ever seen.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Polarpro CIR-PL-ND4 Filter
1/320sec / ISO 100 - Stefan Forster

#photography #landscape #chile #beach
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