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The Dynamics of Leading People - The Absorption-based Model of Leadership
by +Zoltan Buzady and Achilles Georgiu
Learn about the typical phases of followership and leadership, how you can modify the dynamics and intervene to maximize the motivation & outcome for a sustainable teamwork and personal growth.
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Challenge leads to Flow
We know that being over-challenged typically causes fear, being under-challenged results in boredom, but the right-level of relatively high challenge -leads to Flow experience*
Here is a good summary on what matters for leaders!
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What makes a Google Team work?
Who is on a team matters less than how the team members interact, structure their work, and view their contributions. So much for that magical algorithm.
We learned that there are five key dynamics that set successful teams apart from other teams at Google:
Psychological safety: Can we take risks on this team without feeling insecure or embarrassed?
Dependability: Can we count on each other to do high quality work on time?
Structure & clarity: Are goals, roles, and execution plans on our team clear?
Meaning of work: Are we working on something that is personally important for each of us?
Impact of work: Do we fundamentally believe that the work we’re doing matters?
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Great Managers are so rare writes Gallup because a great manager needs to have the following 5 talents:

They motivate every single employee to take action and engage employees with a compelling mission and vision.
They have the assertiveness to drive outcomes and the ability to overcome adversity and resistance.
They create a culture of clear accountability.
They build relationships that create trust, open dialogue, and full transparency.
They make decisions based on productivity, not politics.

Very few people can pull off all five of these requirements of good management. Most managers end up with team members who, at best, are indifferent toward their work -- or, at worst, are hell-bent on spreading their negativity to colleagues and customers.
And this is where Flow-Leadership comes into the picture.
Creating a work environment that fosters Flow in employees significantly reduces the risk of running into such indifferent or demotivated employees.
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Unfortunately, our admiration for charismatic leaders comes at a price: perpetuating the proliferation of narcissistic leaders.
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Feedback skills
Giving feedback typically also means asking appropriate questions in order to direct the other party's attention toward the right developmental direction. In this process Appreciative Inquiry method/questions are particularly helpful!
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What Makes a Hero?
The Hero's Journey (Monomyth) by Joseph Campbell makes inroads into executive coaching and leadership development that is good so, because I think is a absolutely fundamental concept of personal growth, development and understanding.
The basic idea is that a hero must go through various stages of development, a cycle make up of an outer and inner world, to gain the ELEXIR!
Do watch it, Do read it - I recommend it!
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OpenConference The international Diversity Conference for Business Leaders
What is the next big thing in diversity?
Panel discussion with Dr. Zoltan Buzady, Associate Professor of Management and Organization, CEU; Colleen Bell, United States Ambassador to Hungary; Nidhi Singh, Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead, India, Middle East, Africa, CEE, France, Microsoft (left to right).
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The Two Worlds of Decision Making

'Analytical skills' and 'Intuition' remain two, complementary and key managerial skills - however, in contrast to common perception we should not always blend these two for taking decisions. In fact I recommend to use:
Analysis in Complex Decision Making
Analysis + some Intuition in Uncertain Decision Making
Intuition in Ambiguous Decision Making

And here is more about decision making with less data (link below)
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Selecting the right manager for a team - What are the most important aspects?
Many personality and management skill tests are floating around these days. They will tell you - in fact all too often the respondents try to tell their future employers - which important skills they posses for being selected from the many other potential candidates ... But I strongly urge all decision makers to use 'non-intrusive', that is unbiased, serious games-based assessment of leadership/management skills INSTEAD!
Second, such skills (hard or soft) are to be seen in the wider organizational context and the actual goals of the company. I am hearing so many stories, that 'great personalities' with 'outstanding leadership skill' have lead their organizations to a disaster, mostly because they simply did not fit to the given organizational goals...
Thanks to and strongly recommend the posts by +Anne-Cécile Graber (my G+Create Community fellow)!

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