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One more reason to get hooked up with your own essay writing training center profile on RateMySchool.NET

Differentiate yourself from other essay writing companies. Many students out there simply do not use their computer and use their phones.

Having a nice mobile app for your essay writing company that allows the student to register for your essay writing company and be able to simply take picture of their homework and send them to your teacher is a nice and convenient feature.

In your Hooked Up essay training center profile we would also show that your essay writing company has their own app and students would be able to download your mobile app on their phones after first contacting your essay writing company and expressing interest in your essay writing company services.

At which point you simply send invite email to the student to download the app either from android or from Apple App Store, and student would be able to see your teachers and your essay writing company brief info, similar info as described in your Hooked Up essay writing training profile and be able to take a picture of their assignment and upload it directly to your essay writing company.

Where you can see the homework picture assignment that student needs help with then simply email essay writing homework help assignment to one of your essay writing company teachers.

At which point your essay writing company teacher will come back to the student with the solution for students essay writing or English question.

Note we recommend you give your teacher dedicated email address of your company and not use direct email of the teacher.

This will allow you to stay in control of your teachers since you would have access to that email as well since it’s your company’s email. To ensure teachers don’t just end up working directly and bypassing your essay writing company.

The app is compatible with iOS and mobile and is linked back to your essay writing company profile on

This way students can also visit from the app your essay writing company and view the latest news, articles or any additional promotions that your essay writing company offers.

Plus good part about the app it integrates directly into your google spreadsheet. This makes it easy to track what students you have and which student corresponds to which teacher.

We would integrate that app for a small one-time initial fee and show you how to set it up and stay in control of.

This will allow you to be differentiated from other essay writing companies. Since this will allow you to tap into the mobile world and allow your students to work with your teacher in a much easier way.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android and you do not need to maintain it or know any programming languages to have it working. Plus it looks good and can your company logo in it.

For any additional custom integration help of the mobile app you can contact us and for additional custom fee would integrate any additional features.

Our goal here is to hook u up, and not just give you an isolated type of service that is useless. This is what other companies do who did not bother understanding their customer journey. While we did.

We simply know what makes sense and what does not. Since we are focusing directly on a particular audience, in this case, it’s you... owners of essay writing companies.

Note there is a small additional fee for an app, however, we promise it won’t break your bank. Plus you do not need to hire a team of developers to create your own app.

In fact, we also happen to use our own apps in our applications, such as tutor track app, that you can find if you closely browse our marketing section on and see how we use it.

It's worth to mention that we are not only focusing on essay writing companies but focusing on actual tutoring agencies, who provide matchmaking between students and tutors in local areas.

We are simply extending the very same service that we offer to local tutoring companies to you.

In the case of marketing services that we offer for tutoring companies we simply offer them advanced marketing weapons, where one of such weapons happens to be Mobile App for students to use.

If you also happen to be tutoring agency and not just essay writing companies then gaining competitive advantage in comparison to other agencies is most certainly beneficial for your company's image, without you have to break the bank for maintaining the mobile app, while simultaneously gaining competitive advantage in comparison to other companies who do not have the app.

Here is an example of what we offer in the mobile app to local tutoring companies. Similarly, we can offer you the very same app, except tailored towards your industry.

Here is the link.

In your case app would be relevant to your particular essay writing company.

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To clarify a bit more visually how our students find us, and how by getting hooked up monthly membership, they can find you too, consider viewing this digital animation below.

This is just many possible ways for how students find us. Sometimes students through each individual resource page on site or through exam page for which students are preparing for or through subjects.

After reaching our site we show student relevant information pertaining to exams, and if exams are relevant to English we supplement such exam pages with additional reference links to essay writing companies from relevant exams and subjects.

Hence if we have English relevant exam then we supplement the content description of such exam with additional marketing info driving students to all sorts of services relevant to such exam.

Such services, are tutoring services, homework help, Essay writing services offered by other companies, (such as perhaps your company that is if you decide to Get Hooked Up monthly membership in which case price per post of your study guide resource would be a lot cheaper than without the monthly membership.)

We have reason to advertise our study guide site on Google AdWords and bing ad words. Our reason is quiet simple, some of our study guide resources are posted for the purpose of not only helping students to prepare for their exams, but to also help ourselves in making money from commission for every time some of such study guide resources are sold.

Additionally, on top of it all it makes sense for us to advertise our site on bing and AdWords simply because we also advertise our other business models, such as site RateMySchool.NET and all of which in one form or another designed to help us make money somehow.

Either through tutor and student match making where from every hour tutor teaches student we get paid commission recurring fee ( business model) or through $15 first lesson trial feature, where students pay for first lesson $15 then work direct with the tutor without having to pay any agency recurring fees.( model). Or either through RateMySchool.NET Get Hooked Up feature.

Or through online math tutoring whiteboard feature where we would get paid for having one of our tutors teach students math online where we would get paid also on recurring basis. Many of these business models are in development and in motion.

Many of them we have on our road map to work on, many of them are partially complete. However, it’s better to have many business models and know that there is a synergy factor, vs having only 1 and not having such synergy factor.

Now if you are wondering what is synergy.... then you definitely need our services, since synergy is something like the magic power that helps companies gain competitive advantage over others.

Synergy is something that is extremely difficult to achieve and very difficult to even see or know that you have achieved. In our case here is how we know...

When we post study guide resource on our site in let’s say English subject or math, then somehow the next day or 2 days later, we end up getting calls from students, with request for help in either math or English.

In fact we ourselves do not know how it happens and can only create a theory behind it. The theory is that search engines like content, when they see new content gets posted on one site and that site happens to feed other sites, for example through RSS feeds or APIs or any other ways that shows unique data, then the corresponding site where such content showed up, ends up being better found on search engines.

Now as the creator of multiple search engines, I have done my good share of researching what works and what doesn’t. What works is fresh content on relevant sites with meta data and highly relevant structure. If any of that is missing then it’s much harder to find the site on the internet.

Note, it’s a complicated science of finding anything on the internet and the only way this science works is if what you post on the internet truly helps others.

Now if you can find a way to help others in such a way that you also help your self, with multiple reasonings of helping your self that logically interconnected with one another to help you have more reasons to do something in comparison to any one else, such as let’s say for example post article on and having that article replicated across multiple network of sites then this is what is called synergy.

Hence synergy is what allows us to continue creating content and allow us to also advertise our site on bing and AdWords. Now clearly we don’t turn on AdWords and bing words all the time, since there is also the concept of negative synergy just like positive synergy.

If interested in learning more about synergy feel free to visit section and get 1 on 1 marketing training to learn what synergy is and how you can develop it as well to help your business expand.

Or simply tap into the synergy and get hooked up today. Contact us at to Get Hooked Up with your monthly membership.

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How Rome Wells Founder of this Get Hooked Up service for essay writing companies multiplied himself in such a way that helped other companies benefit from his work and increase student leads.

Little History Behind Rome Wells Get Hooked Up feature

Some of the essay writing companies asked Rome Wells how on earth did you come up with such a wild inter-networked service to help students find you or your services and how can you help us?

The answer is...

I multiplied my self and I can help your company to also get multiplied by the number of services your company offers to help you obtain more student leads.

To help you understand what I mean, let me share you my journey that can help you understand how to multiply your services and obtain more student leads.

My journey started out long ago when I was still in high school, with the value of education infused into my mind directly from my ESL teacher.

I didn't speak English when I first moved to this country and went to high school in USA, however gradually learned how to pick up the pace after watching lots of cartoons and movies.

Most of the other students spoke Spanish in my class and didn't really bother to learn English, it seemed only natural for them to speak Spanish since after all this was ESL class and everyone in that class was from other countries. Hence this explains the reason why I speak a little bit of Spanish.

In the process of learning Spanish, I realized that I don't really speak English well. It seemed strange to me that when I came to America and wanted to learn English, instead I ended up learning Spanish as my first 2nd language rather than English.

However, that led me to believe that the way brain works best and the way learning works best is based on the actual interaction and overall environment created in classrooms.

As I continued my journey of high school, I started picking up the pace in English language and was recommended by my high school teacher to work for the board of education in the city of Stamford. At the age of 16 years old I joined the board of education where I was simply filing papers for a variety of schools and helping administrative staff members with their computer related issues.

About 2 years earlier before joining the board of education for the city of Stamford, while still in High School I embarked on my journey of becoming paperboy and worked for the local newspaper company named Stamford Advocate.

In fact, I started working as a paperboy without even knowing how to speak English. Now of course not that much English was needed to deliver newspapers into American homes from door to door, hence it may seem as nothing special. In fact, nothing was ever special about working as a paperboy for the local newspaper company.

However, there was one thing that I learned when I started working for that company, one thing that I pertained till this day, something that was all along in me since the early days.

So what was it?

The answer is my selling skills. You see even at the age of 14, I knew how to sell, and I knew the concepts of what it takes to sell, even without having any type of English language skills.

To elaborate on how I sold things, let me describe a bit more about how I sold newspapers to customers. When I sold newspapers to customers, I didn't ask customers for money, I simply was responsible for delivering newspapers to customers which were already found by the Stamford Advocate newspaper company (the company where I worked at when I was 14 years old and barely spoke any English).

However, one day Stamford Advocate offered me an opportunity to find new customers who would be interested in buying newspapers. As the paperboy, I simply figured, why to heck not especially since they were giving progressive based commission for every customer I find the $10 for 1 client up to 5 clients., $20 for each if I find them 5 to 10 clients and so on.

So what I started doing is simply learning a couple of catchy phrases from my manager and started knocking on each door of every house offering with my broken English customers to sign up either for a weekly newspaper subscription or weekend subscription.

The outcome of my effort was fantastic, I ended up almost signing up 90% of any person who opened the door and even with my broken English, and extremely rough accent at the time I was still able to get customers.

It was obvious that one of the reasons I was able to land new customers is due to the fact that at the age of 14 I looked like 10, and anyone who opened the door felt bad for me and signed up for the newspaper. In fact, I had a such a great success of obtaining new customers for the Stamford Advocate Newspaper company is that I became paperboy of the month 3 times in a row and was published in the local newspaper with the picture of my self in every newspaper in the city 3 months in a row.

The company was so happy with gaining so many clients that they offered me all sorts of incentives, MacDonalds tickets, trips to amusement parks, and even proposed my trip to France! That was me at the age of 14 years old.

At the time when I spoke more Spanish as my 2nd language than English, at the time when I barely spoke any English succeeding in America.

As the time went on, it became apparent that I can sell and that was something that I learned in the early age. Shortly after 2 years of working in America as a paperboy and attending Stamford High School as mentioned earlier I started working for the board of education, helping administrative employees fix all sorts of computer issues and file papers.

Around that time I had no clue whether I want to contribute my life path towards the world of education. It was only beginning, it was only the start of my realization of what will happen next.

As the time went on, I graduated high school and grabbed the experience from the early days of finding new customers for the local newspaper company and the experience gained from working for the board of education and moved on to my next chapter.

My next chapter in life involved finishing the University of Connecticut and obtaining a degree in math while focusing the majority of my effort in the field of computer science.

After finishing math degree I worked for 1 year as a substitute teacher for the local Stamford High School while simultaneously obtained my Masters of Science degree in Math Education.

Shortly 2 months later after obtaining my 2ndary math teacher certification in the state of CT to teach math, I decided not to teach math and instead go into the field of computer networking.

In the process of diving deep into computer networking field, I forgot the meaning of how to sell, the early skill that I was so proud of.

During this period is when I created IT consulting company called DBA Binary Fusion whose website you can find here shown as During these days is when I became extremely technical and forgot the meaning of business. During that time is when I dedicated my time in doing something completely different from the world of education yet at the same time so similar.

What I was doing in the technical field is connecting systems together, connecting computers together. However, as the time went on, I started coming back to my original roots of education and marketing.

As the time went on I realized that networking systems is no different than networking people. Except people are guided by flashy beautiful images and beautiful marketing materials that help them get convinced of being sold (just like you are being convinced here in this blog site to Get Hooked Up membership), while computers are guided by the directions of the packet being directed by the protocols, the very same protocols that people engineered and created.

Shortly after realizing the patterns of systems and computers and people I started diving deeper into psychological mind of students and teachers and started looking for ways how to convince them to join into doing something that is relevant to them.

You see in computer networking what is relevant is how you get from point a to point be and what is also relevant... is what data is being transferred across point a to point b. Hence I figured what if I similarly show to essay writing companies how they can maximize their chances of landing more students by literally showing how they get to them from point a to point b.

What If I can create a way for essay writing companies to be differentiated from each other to help them improve their chances of making money from selling their term paper, proofreading services or any other essay writing-related services.

What If I do it based on similar concepts of how I interconnected computers and systems together, except I do it with business models, and students, and essay writing companies and teachers and schools and colleges and universities.

What If i can use my mind to engineer inter-connected network of lociallly made sense connections in the form of articles, study guides, tutors, news, promotions, deals and other things that essay writing companies and students and teachers are all interested in.

What if I can combine it all together, in the way that makes sense, the most for the essay writing companies.

What if I give them access to my educational network of sites, created by me. What If i do it based on membership model, the type of model that can help them get differentiated, and what if i show them how to improve their chances of landing student leads and unite them with one single goal.

The goal of being able to help them make more money.

As you can see... there is lots of what ifs, and lots of variables, but at the end of the day it comes down to you. Whether or not you want to get started and if you do want to get started.

Then email us at and in subject line say "I want My Essay Writing Company To Get Hooked Up with monthly membership" in which case we will help you get blasted on Tutoring Services, LLC network of sites in a way that makes sense to you. In a way that would help you maximize your student leads.

Note giving your money away to Google AdWords or bing... may also be great, but to be honest... google and bing does not do what Tutoring Services, LLC does for you.

Which is hook your company up with nice training center profile, have your posts published on yearly basis in the form of the article and centralize your essay writing company as the training center on RateMySchool.NET

As well as continue posting your articles per separate fee but at much lower cost fee without the membership on yearly basis to help you increase your chances of landing student leads, while at the same time multiplying your services, where virtual trigger agents set up for your article pages that we help you post can sell your services for you.

Where students who see your central essay writing training center page can clearly see that your services are much better and different from others and more beautiful, because they are seeing nice flashy images of your essay writing service on your central training center page (that is providing you want us to create them for you, separate fee applies on top of monthly Get Hooked Up membership, highly recommended)

Where students can see other student ratings, where they get to see your associated company teacher ( a content writer who works for you) and gain an additional level of trust.

Where they can post review and rating about your service, where they can view intro video about your essay writing company, where they can find and search for your company name. Where they can visit your essay writing company website URL.

Where they can clearly see the value of what you are offering, because if you are just spitting out articles, and paying other sites to post your articles, and not really centralizing them, then you are just doing mindless work and losing effort from a long-term standpoint.

Remember the way Network Works is through the hub, if you have no hub, then you have no customers, if you feed the hub, you increase your customers. Our company Tutoring Services, LLC help you feed your central essay writing training center page, and help you get placed on our other network of sites such as

Now, of course, you may say, I don't believe any of this, how many students will I get? The answer is we can't tell you how many students, and if someone promises you that they will get you student leads and gives you the number then we recommend not to trust such companies. We can only help you increase your student leads. We do not guarantee you the student leads.

In case if you want to see how hard it is to get student leads and really want to learn how to get student leads directly without our Get Hooked Up membership fees and want to learn directly from Rome Wells, then feel free to read this page.

Where I literally show companies how to get student leads, where if interested you can hire Rome Wells direct who can have a training session with you and tutor you on how to get students direct. However, the idea here should be to help your essay writing company get multiplied, not just by working actively in searching for clients, but to get to that level also passively.

For multiplication to work, you must have content spread across multiple sites, that is relevant to students and makes total sense.

Hence unless you are planning on creating similar network of sites as Rome Wells has already prepared that are aged and logically positioned, and be ready to spend years of time in creating content and search engines and creating all of the reasonings for students to contact you, then probably in that case and in that case it would be good idea for you not to sign up for getting Hooked Up membership and do not take advantage of networks Rome Wells built and synergy he created to help your essay writing service multiply your self, and instead simply continue giving money away for advertising your essay writing services to google adwords and bing.

After all google and bing are so much trustworthy to you since they are created by big companies. ( yes sure they are but such companies will not dive deep for you into your essay writing company journey to see what makes sense for you the most, while Tutoring Services, LLC will)

It's amazing to see how essay writing companies spend money on something that may or may not bring them student leads by using big companies, instead of relying on combination of both big companies and small niche companies like Tutoring Services,LLC to help essay writing companies get marketed.

However, if you do want to take advantage of Rome Wells powerful brain and solutions he built, and use his charm and expertise that he gathered from his early days of childhood working as the paperboy and his mathematical and computer integrating and marketing expertise, then yes in that case it would be a good idea for someone like a writing essay company to differentiate themselves from others and do take advantage of the Get Hooked Up membership.

Now you see we don't need too many essays writing companies to be our customers, we only need few, to help us sustain expenses, besides if we have many we wouldn't be able to offer quality of marketing service, unless Get Hooked Up membership is strategically positioned in such a way that gives us mechanism to scale while also providing value.

Which is something that we are working towards, however as of this moment process for Getting Hooked Up is a manual process, where we manually place essay writing company across our network of sites starting with 2 articles on yearly price basis listed on RateMySchool site. Where these 2 articles would be inter-linked to your essay writing training center page.

Obviously if you did not subscribe to the Get Hooked Up membership and simply wanted us to post 2 articles, that is fine by us also, however as stated earlier.... it's better to have a hub page where we can direct traffic to (the page that must make sense) which is your central essay writing training center page and have that training center hooked up.

Keep in mind we went through many different websites before and created many sites helping people differentiate themselves, for example, sites that have agency managed tutors or not agency managed tutors, and we simply discovered that students do not really like when someone's profile doesn't look good. It brings psychological factor in their head that the service must not be good....

Hence is the reason why we offer essay writing companies to do get hooked up and do have their essay writing training center profile look good and do get better chances of being found by students and have better chances of converting the student.

You see the secret is, students like flashy images, they like things that are big and easy to understand, they want to see that they can trust you. They want to see all of the bells and whistles.

Sure you can have all that on your site as well, however, your site is not designed to bring students from multiple directions based on different reasons, while our site is designed just for that, and even if our website does not look 100% complete and has tons of bugs, none of that is the point, what is the point is when the student searches for your company name and finds you and you happen to look good then you would have better chances of getting student. If you did not bother having good profile page created then you will have a heck of a lot less of a chance in comparison to another essay writing company who does happen to have Get Hooked Up membership.

So the question is? Do you want your essay writing company to Get Hooked Up or not?

Note you will not see this service offered anywhere, it's strictly offered to the Essay Writing Companies only from Tutoring Services, LLC. The reason why you can't find such similar service anywhere is that many companies simply never went through the same journey as you did, while we did, in one way, shape or form or another.

Yes we may have gone through a similar journey as you, but not exact, but at least leveraging experience and knowledge and the membership you get from our Get Hooked Up service can help your essay writing company gain a competitive advantage over any other essay writing company who does not use our service.

Note, that doesn't mean that if a company who uses our service will instantly become better than another. Sure it will help you increase student leads, but under no circumstance, we guarantee that you will get the student leads if you want more guarantee or more chances then take 1 on 1 lesson from Rome Wells, as described in his marketing book shown earlier.

Rome Wells is an engineer and simply knows multiple angles for how to market. Doing both Getting Hooked Up membership and buying 1 on 1 live training with Rome Wells is the best package that you can possibly get for your essay writing company.

Get Hooked Up membership will set you up for long-term marketing strategy, and 1 on 1 training with Rome Wells or another one of our agents as described here will help you get short-term marketing results.

We recommend both, however, there is only 1 Rome Wells... not 2, not 3. but 1. Hence the marketing rate is quite expensive, but it's worth it.

Remember training is optional and doesn't come with Get Hooked Up membership. However it's great for essay writing companies who would like to take their company to another level.

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Some essay writing companies asked a question how exactly does your company Tutoring Services, LLC attract students to let's stay StudyGuide site through which methods?

Our response is simple through exams. You see there happens to be many exams that students prepare for that are English related.

We publish such exams on our StudyGuide site, these exams are what students study and attempt to pass. Obviously, students when preparing for exam need to see the info about the exam, how long exam takes, how much it costs etc.

Also, we are not just talking about exams that are in school, but we are talking many other types of exams for which students pay for. Students who study for such exams are willing to pay money to prepare for such exams effectively.

What we did is simply started publishing exams on our studyguide site and provide information to students what the exam is all about, while also showing resources that help students prepare for such exams as well as other marketing info.

The resources that we show are in fact relevant to the exam and help students to prepare for the exam in one way or another. Hence when students see a particular exam info, they are more likely to navigate to the study guide resources that we show on the very same exam page on the bottom of the page.

The study guide resource can be anything in the nature of courses, articles, study guides, pre-tests, and post-tests or any other useful information relevant to exams.

Hence if your essay writing company happens to be listed as either resource in the form of the article, course, or study guide or even as essay writing training center, and it's relevant for such exam, that helps students prepare for it in one way or another, then you would have a good chance of student navigating to your resource.

We also do the same strategy not just for exams, but for academic subjects such as English for example. Take a look here

Hopefully, this explains a bit more how exactly we attract students. Note we attract students through exams and subjects on our StudyGuide site in such a way that makes sense. We also provide reviews and provide visual information for some exams on our site to keep student more engaged.

Take a look at some of our exam pages relevant to English,,,,,,

Also with each exam, we advertise our own Tutoring Services, driving students towards our services as well and create what so-called Synergy.

Take a look for example how we create synergy shown here. See how we attract towards our own business models in the process as well.

Clearly, that wouldn't make sense for us to do if we didn't have other business models. Hence is primarily the main reason why other companies don't follow a similar strategy, simply because they didn't bother building multiple synergies, while we did.

Which is precisely the reason why we also our marketing services to essay writing companies to take advantage of our company and help you increase your student leads through the use of our network created by Rome Wells Founder of Tutoring Services, LLC and a network consultant in both literal marketing sense and technical sense (NetworkConsultant.NET)

If interested in Getting Hooked Up with our marketing methods for your essay writing company and interested in increasing your student leads then feel free to email with the subject line, I want My Essay Writing Company to Get Hooked Up.

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Interested what else we do besides helping essay writing companies get more student leads?

Hopefully this graphic will explain our road map. This is where we are heading. In this road map we show some of our services that we are currently developing and their order of priorities.

Our current priority is to have Get Hooked Up feature created for essay writing companies on our site however that does not mean that you can not contact us right now to hook you up anyway.

For these companies who want to get hooked up with the monthly membership now, we can still make it happen with our existing site however we are rebuilding it to provide better interface.

Remember even if our current site does not look good, that does not mean that your essay writing training center page also will not look good.

That is the common psychological misconception that many folks who are not familiar with marketing have.

Our priority is to our clients, if client paid us to get hooked up for monthly membership then our developers simply help such client to have better training center page and stand out, even if it’s done manually by us.

To help you understand what we do besides helping essay writing companies, consider looking at this road map below. It shows our current services that we are working towards.

Hence if you happen to have let’s math tutoring as part of your business model in addition to essay writing then guess what we can help you get marketed also, since we do happen to have entire network of math as well as essay writing relevant sites.

Remember sometimes it helps to diversify and do not just stick with essay service but offer for example math tutoring or additional subject tutoring.

Some of our services that we are working on now include optical character recognition for math symbols integrated white board and latest webrtc technology to make it possible for students to learn 1 on 1.

These technologies progressed further since last time we evaluated them, and now we are taking another stab at them and aligning this as part of our roadmap.

Hence if you want our help, in getting marketed in more then just essay writing don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you do not want to get hooked up monthly service.

We can work custom program for you that can help you increase student leads, however getting hooked up is just a lot better and gives u more incentive to post on our network of sites your services. Regardless if it’s in essay writing or in math help.
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In case if your essay writing company would like to attract even more students, good news we can help your essay writing company be found across our network of relevant essay writing blog sites.

For example if you happen to be targeting high school or college students then having your essay writing company’s post on our homework help blog relevant Section is probably a good idea, especially if your post is useful to students in a way that helps them for example explain complicated concepts of creative writing paper and focuses on helping student with their homework by providing student with tips or advice or other useful information.

Each article blog post that we add we can hook it up for you (additional hook up fee does apply) with automated virtual trigger and custom message designed to direct student to your central essay writing training center page on Additionally we can add other digital images and animated digital videos similar to the ones you see here explaining your services further. Note separate fee would apply for us to create such images or animated images.

We can also improve your article formatting and meta data to help you stand out and increase chances for your article to actually convert student and end up visiting either your actual company page or your central essay writing page on our site that is providing your purchased Get Hooked Up Membership.

Now for us to help you get promoted at discounted price is a lot better, then paying full price per post. Which is of course something that we also offer however, it would be more beneficial for you to have monthly Get Hooked Up Membership on our site and get better discount on your posts across our sites, since it will simply be cheaper for you especially if you plan on growing your essay writing company business.

We also have other sites not just homework help blog. (Exact site name we can provide to you when you contact us). If interested in signing up for your monthly Get Hooked Up Membership and gain additional advantage of being able to get advertised at a lot better price across our network of relevant to you sites created by Rome Wells founder of Tutoring Services, LLC and a network consultant in both literal marketing sense and technical sense. ( then feel free to reach out to us by sending email to and let us know your company name and tell us that you would like your company to get hooked up.

Note similarly like with student relevant blog sites we also have relevant teacher and tutor blog sites where for example we can help you post jobs for example for the content writers who you are trying to hire.

If interested let us know. Now you know even more reasons why it’s a good idea to get your essay writing company enrolled into our monthly Get Hooked Up Membership and have your essay writing training center profile created for your for other students to find you on see your ratings and reviews provided by other students and what you have to offer.

We can also write review for your company as well and associated it with your central essay writing training center profile, helping students decide even better why they should chose you vs someone else. (Separate fee applies)

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One extra reason why essay writing company may want to consider enrolling into monthly Get Hooked Up Membership with Tutoring Services, LLC and getting listed as the essay writing training center on

You see in order for your company to land students it’s a good idea for students to actually be able to find you. As a bonus for our essay writing companies who did bother getting hooked up monthly membership and ended up getting listed on as the essay writing training center and had their profile hooked by us, we decided to offer additional way for students to find your company.

That additional way is through one of our inter networked sites called UsedCollegeBooks.NET the site that is designed to bring college level students to search for used books or online books.

If your essay writing company happens to have a book even if it’s a short book with your company logo and perhaps some tips and advice written in that book designed to help students writer better essays for example, then we can have that book posted on our site UsedCollegBooks

Good news for members who are enrolled into Get Hooked Up monthly membership... we can post your 1st book free of charge and link back to your central essay writing training center page on helping students who search for books on to find your book and be able to also navigate to your central profile on our site from where they can see other student reviews, and navigate to your actual essay writing company website.

This concept helps students realize that you are a serious company and not just some random company that got nothing to show but actually have your own book . Plus if you happen to have posted listing of your free book, which is what we highly recommend to essay writing companies, then students will be more willing to read your free book and find out about your services.

Note we only post sales page listing of the book and it’s price and thumbnail pic not the actual book. For student to receive actual book from you student would need to navigate to your central essay writing page and from there learn more about your company and navigate to your actual company’s website, where you can list your actual content of the book.

Also we would link back to your company’s page also from the book page, just like we would link back to your central essay writing training center page. Maximizing your chances of landing student leads.

Keep in mind students will be able to search for your book on hence this gives u another reason to consider joining Get Hooked Up monthly membership on RateMySchool.NET
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Interested in getting attention of your students? Did you know that students are visual creatures?

Showing students simply sample unformatted article with hopes that students may contact you is not exactly a great idea.

However, having nice Hooked Up Essay writing article that brings value and shows for example some tips, or example of creative writing with attractive digital graphics is a lot better idea.

Reason for having solidified and hooked up and well formatted as well as meta seo optimized article is quiet simple, it attracts students.

If article is written poorly and missing digital images then it attracts less. Remember college students or high school students can not simply process long unformatted text, however when they see great optimized and well formatted content with convincing graphics they are more likely to convert into your paying customer.

If your essay writing company helps students with research paper or term paper or admission paper or any other type of proofreading service or anything in that nature, it’s important to present your content in highly professional way that help you stand out.

Students are not stupid, they can sell right away just by looking at content if the company’s service is worth it or not. First impression is the key.

What we recommend for essay companies to show in their articles is tips, advice and sample essay, or any other services description that brings student value.

Also if you happen to have a video of your service in YouTube then that’s even better. Your essay writing service need to stand out if you would like to have any chance of attracting students.

Our company Tutoring Services, LLC can help you stand out by hooking up your post with digital additional graphics created by us to help you deliver your vision to the student and help in influencing student towards conversion.

We can also post your intro video of your essay writing service associated with your article, to help students to understand your value even more and increase chances of conversion.

Additionally we can add engaging chat icon in your article to direct student to your central essay writing training center page. This is useful especially if you managed to sign up for get hooked up monthly membership on ur site where we would simply help your company get listed and have your profile hooked up, and where students can post ratings and reviews and help you convert your essay writing student leads even more.

Plus engaging chat icon would make it easy for students to feel engaged and can also result in student attempting to Initiate conversation. In which case chat request would go towards us and we can respond on behalf of you or grant you access and allow you to respond, to any direct chat requests Initiated by students. Additionally fee would apply in such case.

If interested to have us post article for you on site relevant essay writing page section and We can post your article relevant English section page with sub sections in essay writing.

We can create custom trigger associated with your article to show up in engaging manner to student and direct student to your essay writing training center page on where students can view your essay writing company profile and ratings and reviews of other students.

We can create custom engaging digital images or animated short video clips similarly as you see here on this google plus collection. We can also format your article and optimize it with appropriate meta keywords to help you come up better in search engine results.

Students who visit our study guide site would be able to search from top right corner of the site or navigate to your article through our subject tree.

Students find our study guide site not just in essay writing but in other subjects as well and exams, all thanks to Rome Wells founder of Tutoring Services, LLC and network consultant from both literal marketing sense and technical sense.

If interested in getting your article posted email our company by sending email to and let us know name of your essay writing company and let us know if you want to get hooked up monthly membership
On RateMySchool.NET and have us hook you up with your own essay writing training center profile where students can find your profile, add ratings and reviews and where you can be differentiated from other essay writing training centers and show the reason why you essay writing company makes sense for student to use.

Or of course you may simply ask us to help you post your tips, advice or any other article that brings students value on our study guide site, where we would also help you get linked to your personal site. Yearly price per basic default non Hooked Up post will apply.

If you want us to hook it up, format it, seo optimize it, digitize it and setup trigger chat custom message that would drive student to your site then additional fee would apply.

Contact us for pricing. Doing this strategy beats simply waiting money on Google AdWords or bing words. Although doing both helps, but in our experiences too expensive. Hence is the reason why we decided to help essay writing companies out.
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Want More students? This is not a pitch. This is just to help you realize what benefits you can get from us.

Got Hooked Up with the central essay writing training center profile already on RateMySchool.NET want more?

Want to see how your posts would look like when you post on StudyGuide.NET when students search for them?

In this post, we explain how your posts would be searchable and also explain other marketing tricks to help you stand out. The tricks that we will share with you in this post.

Also recall, how we mentioned automated virtual trigger that does the selling for you? Yes, the window that pops up in front of the student engaging the student that one, well here is an example of what we mean.

Take a look how automatically it pops up when you visit StudyGuide site, similarly it can be set up specifically for your post on StudyGuide.

To help the student be driven to your central rate my school training center profile page.

Find out how we can help you get set up on our site and help you increase more student leads and get similar trigger chat window on your posts.

Some of you may say, well I can just setup similar trigger on my own site. Our answer is... Yes, you can and in fact, we recommend that as well to you.

However, setting it up these triggers on our site across our network of the site for every one of your posts is a heck of a lot better deal than having it only 1 site.

Why have the post that is just static? Why not make it more engaging and increase your chances of landing students leads.

This is exactly what our company offers, which is to help your students be engaged and direct them to your RateMySchool training center page.

Now you may say I want access to the central dashboard and I want to engage the users, then that is different and that is a separate fee that is added on top of the monthly Get Hooked Up membership.

Sure responding and engaging student maybe great especially if you have access to the centralized dashboard and have eagle eye view across all of your posts across our entire network of sites, yes the very same sites that are designed to students...

However for some folks, it may still not be enough, some essay writing companies want more.

If your essay writing company want more, we understand, which is why we provide custom services as well for your company, where we can hook up not only your central training center page on RateMySchool.NET but also your actual article posts across our network of sites.

For example typical post provided by many essay writing companies may be dry looking, and simply well.. does not really help student much.. in being contacted... but what if we told you, that we can hook it up?

Take a look at an example of essay writing article examples that we posted for some essay writing companies, and see how some of their posts are not formatted and have limited on-site SEO, no high-quality images, no engaging triggers that are relevant.

For example, go here and take a look. Scroll to the bottom all the way then browse further for articles you will see what we mean.

However what if we told you that we can have your article hooked up to help you stand out? Now there is levels of being hooked up. The more advanced level is the more value you would get. Now, what do we mean by that?

For example, take a look at some of our sales pages to see how they are hooked up for example for some of the study guides we posted for other companies.

See how good they look go here, for example, and scroll down.. or take a look at our own pages such as or math booster or bio booster pages or

When you go there? What do you see? You see quality right? Lots of convincing elements, sure perhaps it's an overkill in some companies to have us hook you up to such extent.

However in other cases, where companie want to stand out and gain the maximum exposure and improve their chances of getting student leads, then having solid article hooked up by us is no brainer.

Obviously separate fee fixed cost fee would apply per article and that is outside of the Get Hooked Up monthly membership on RateMySchool.NET

Remember RMS site is a hub for you... The rest are the elements of the hub that can help you stand out. Our recommendation is not to go too crazy with sales pages, but have your pages hooked up by us just enough to convince the student that your services are legit and refer them to your central essay writing training center page on RateMySchool.NET where students would see your company's ratings and reviews (which would be moderated by us... that is providing you purchase Get Hooked Up membership)

Now, of course, you can do similar strategy on your site as well as what we show here, but remember we specialize in this and can just save you lots of headaches, from doing so yourself.

Sure you can provide us an article and we can post it for you for a separate fee from Get Hooked Up monthly membership, and sure students who navigate to our site will find it. However, finding the article in many cases is not good enough to convert the student, sometimes it takes a lot more than that.

Also, keep in mind there is an actual science behind this if the pics that we upload in your post look too big or too spammy looking then the student may run away. Hence if you provide us something to post, remember if you want it to look good, have us hook it up. Doing this will increase your chances of landing students.

Now other edu sites can't-do any of this simply because they don't have spoke sites interconnected to them, while we do. Hence what they do instead is charge people on monthly basis without really providing much value.

Learn how to recognize the value and your company will earn much more revenue.
Sometimes having 1 solid article hooked up by us is about 100 times better than having 100 useless articles posted everywhere.

Trust us, we went through this, in fact, we have so many articles that are just so hard to read. However having your article provided to us and well hooked up by us can help you understand what exactly you are paying for on yearly basis, and not just guess but know that you are getting value.

What we recommend you do if you want to get started and have a solid content writer who works for your team, write a good article, we can post it providing that you have to Get Hooked Up membership on RMS site and hook it up. Price is per each post and per each hookup. Price per article is on the recurring yearly basis.

Note for maximum effectiveness we recommend the article that you provide does not just provide non sense, but actually helps students learn that in the article have your content writer infuse reference link to your site, then give the article to us, we can post it and hook it up and replicate it across spoke relevant sites such as described in previous post examples. Price per hook up of each article does apply, we do not do this for free.

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