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A longer read on Affectiva's blog (#AffectiveComputing startup), diving into some of the challenges facing researchers working on #AI applications and also touching on #MachineEthics.
Just like humans have different kinds of intelligence, cognitive and emotional, this startup's thesis is that it’s essentially going to be the same for technology. :)

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A thrilling literary exercise on #machineethics dilemmas in a very plausible, not so very distant future where #selfdrivingcars are the norm. Apart from making a few excellent points, this is also probably the coolest, most creative way of getting people to fill-in a survey :) Check it out.

#SelfDrivingCar #Futurism #ScienceFiction

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#Tesla recently announced that they would begin equipping all new vehicles with self-driving hardware. Here's what the car sees as it drives on public roads with the driver never once touching the wheel or brakes.

“We’re adding 1.5 million miles per day on Autopilot,” says Musk. And the whole fleet learns at once. Even when the system isn’t on, it’s gathering data. The radar could be triggered by a sign over the road, and think there’s something in the path. The radar image still gets geotagged, but if the driver doesn’t manually brake, and neither do several other Teslas at the same place, every Tesla everywhere will learn that it is not something to worry about. #SelfDrivingCar 

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The Belgian take on a famous American data visualization exercise from last year.

Sentiance used mobile sensor data (their subjects were mostly European male geeks) instead of user declared data.

original American project: 

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Explore the #periodictable. This is what the world is made of :)

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Scientists in London have been granted permission to edit the genomes of human embryos for research, UK fertility regulators announced. The 1 February approval by the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) represents the world's first endorsement of such research by a national regulatory authority. #GeneAlterations #GeneEditing

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Text, sentiment, and social analytics help you tune in, at scale, to the voice of the customer, patient, public, and market. The technologies are applied in an array of industries — in healthcare, finance, media, and consumer markets. They distill business insight from online, social, and enterprise data sources.

It’s useful stuff, insight extracted from text, audio, images, and connections. #SocialAnalytics

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Just a little bit of perspective :) 

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Microlattice, "the world's lightest material"
The microlattice is a "3D open-cellular polymer structure" and is made up of interconnecting hollow tubes whose outer walls measure just one-1,000th the width of a human hair.

The material is one-100th as light as Styrofoam, making it the lightest and also one of the strongest materials known to science.



#scitech   #microlattice   #boeing   #science  
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There are now between 2-3 million daily users of the Tor browser and the majority of use is perfectly legit, sometimes even mundane. And here's the thing, the more of us join, the more interesting these sites become and then even more of us join.. and so on. The internet's about to get more interesting. 
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