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Maybe we shouldn't be cheering those big hits.
What happens to a football players brain during a concussion? No matter who you root for during this Sunday’s #Superbowl50 , the Denver #Broncos  or the Carolina #Panthers , you can be sure the competition will be so fierce that there will be an estimated 130-plus plays, hundreds of hits, tackles, spears, and lay outs. For a young and healthy athlete, that can lead to serious brain trauma.

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This Week In Science
January 31 - February 7, 2016

The US National Academy of Medicine greenlights the creation of three person embryos to help prevent disease

Scientists extend the lives of mice by up to 25% by removing a certain group of aged cells

Astronomers see a massive black hole emitting X-ray jets far larger than our galaxy

Scientists create macroscopic quantum entanglement using large magnets at room temperature

Scientists genetically engineer male mice with no Y chromosomes that can still reproduce

Lichens and fungi from Earth successfully survive on the ISS in Mars-like conditions for over 18 months

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Sports Illustrated editor Jon Wertheim recently co-wrote the book "This is Your Brain on Sports," a look at the psychology and behavior of sports teams and their fans. In this video, Hari Sreenivasan sits down with him to about how athletes think.

You can find the book here: (Affiliate Link - not shared because of the link, I just figured I'd share if you are interested in the book)

Read More:

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A group of researchers from University College London published the results of a study comparing recipes for 14 different types of pancakes from across the world.
Why pancakes? Well, this study started as a collaboration between mathematicians and ophthalmologists. The idea is that by better understanding the textures and patterns of pancakes could improve surgical methods for treating glaucoma. 

Glaucoma is the result of liquid building up in the eye and being unable to escape. This puts pressure on the optic nerve, slowly damaging it and causing blindness. Figuring out how liquid can escape, either through or around a thin surface, is a good way to save people’s sight.

Read on:

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Graphic corrected for error thanks to +Ernest Amouzou 

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This Week in Science News
September 20 - 27, 2015

Scientists discover an alternate CRISPR system that makes human gene editing more simple and precise

A new ion space drive developed in Australia shatters NASA’s previous fuel efficiency record

The first seed withdrawal from the arctic doomsday vault in Norway occurs due to the war in the Syria

India plans to triple their solar capacity by building the world's largest solar plant over the next seven years

London researchers request permission to use CRISPR to edit the genomes of human embryos

Japanese scientists grow a functional kidney from stem cells and successfully transplant it into a live pig

3D printed nerve guides allow a rat to regenerate the motor and sensory nerves needed to walk again

Calculating distances in space using fast radio bursts could help us create a 3D map of all matter in the universe

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This Week In #Science: September 6-13, 2015
A 3D Printed Titanium Rib cage, Exploring the Dark Side of the Moon, An Unexplained Giant Structure in Our Universe, and So Much More

A recently discovered 13.2 billion year-old galaxy in our 13.8 billion year old universe is the oldest and furthest ever found

The first 3D printed titanium ribs were successfully implanted in a person that lost part of their rib cage to cancer

China confirms plans become the first country to send a spacecraft to the dark side of the moon by 2020

Chemists create a new giant molecule that resembles a rugby ball and contains a previously undiscovered chemical interaction

A new highly accurate method of measuring distances between stars could dramatically improve the mapping of our universe

A new 3D printed stethoscope cost just $2.50 and is on par with the best models currently on the market

Yale scientists create new ways to genetically recode organisms to produce novel protein products for medical use

Astronomers discover an unexplainable giant ring-like structure in the universe that is 5 billion light years in diameter

#ScienceSunday #Technology #Space #3DPrinting #China #SpaceExploration #Chemistry #RugbyBall #Physics #Health #Medicine #Astronomy

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This Week in Science: August 23rd – 30th 2015
Reprograming Cancer Cells, Quantum Spookiness, A Major Discovery at the Large Hadron Collider, and So Much More

Six Crew Members Are Locking Themselves Inside a Dome For a Year to Simulate Mars

Scientists Discover a New Way to Switch ‘Off’ Cancer Cells

Stephen Hawking On Black Holes: “There’s a Way Out.”!/image/event-horizon.jpg_gen/derivatives/fullsize/event-horizon.jpg

Scientists Successfully Use Hybrid Artificial Photosynthesis to Produce Methane in the Lab

Scientists Discover Supermassive Double Black Hole Inside The Nearest Quasar

Physicists Draw a Cat Using Two Lasers With Entangled Photons

Researchers Transform Embryonic Stem Cells into Neurons With Beams of Light

The LHC Finds Evidence of Particle Activity Beyond the Standard Model

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Want to see the true scale of the world economy? 
Visualize 15 trillion dollars of world trade. One dot equals 100 million dollars of exported products.

This is some awesome stuff. Thank you +Harvard University and a big hat-tip to +Zenon Tech-Czarny for sharing this with me.

#Economy   #Business   #Exports   #Harvard  

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And one for the early crowd! #ns   #plusonly  
This Week In Science - August 16-23, 2015 #Science #TWIS
Lots of awesome science news from this week. Which is your favorite?

A wormhole device that transmits magnetic fields from one point to another could be used as an invisibility cloak

Oxford and Harvard study finds that modafinil is the world’s first safe, effective cognitive enhancing drug

Scientists develop a wireless device that stimulates nerves in the brain, spinal cord and limbs of mice using light

Researchers at OSU grow a human brain model equivalent in size and structure to that of a five-week old fetus

A new model suggests that gas giants developed with the help of slowly forming, relatively small pebbles melded into the core

Google explores the idea of using CRISPR to genetically modify mosquitos to fight disease across the globe

A new drug shows great promise for treating radiation exposure up to 24 hours during initial tests in mice

Scientists successfully grow nearly defect-free graphene films from tea tree extracts in as little as a few minutes.

#ScienceSunday #Science #Technology #ScienceEveryday #Wormholes #Invisibility #Magnetics #Oxford #Harvard #drugs #limitless #paralysis #humanbrain #medical #health #space #physics #Google #CRISPR #Radiation #Graphene
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