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Heerekai Bajji or Turai/Ridge Gourd Pakoda ~

Chai + Pakoda + Monsoon Rain... Enough said! :)

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Tandoori Gobi with homemade Tandoori Masala spice blend ~

As old fashioned as the tandoori cooking technique may look, the fact is that tandoori dishes deliver a deliciously smokey piece of meat or vegetable that is chargrilled to perfection and is tender and juicy. The end results are dishes packed with complex flavours you just can’t duplicate at home.

But it is still possible to create a smokey flavour by using a special blend of spice mix and cooking in an oven at maximum heat that your oven can and finally broiling or grilling it for couple of minutes to get that char-grilled aroma. Like how I made this Tandoori Gobi by baking a whole head of cauliflower marinated in homemade Tandoori Masala. This Tandoori Gobi is one of the simple and offhand cooking I have ever done and with little preparation of making your own fresh batch of fragrant, no preservative, homemade Tandoori Masala spice blend in advance, it just takes about 5 minutes of your active time to put everything together. Prepare the cauliflower, marinade it, let it rest in refrigerator and pop it in the oven to do its magic! That’s it! It is really, really that simple and the end result is beautifully spiced, whole head of roasted cauliflower that is crisp on the surface and moist and juicy within with smokey flavour and char-grilled to perfection which will delight and impress your taste buds!

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Falafel-Pita Sandwich and Middle Eastern inspired Buddha/Hippie Bowl -

I am excited to share this old post updated with new photos and recipes. Falafel, a vegan chickpea fritters flavoured with fresh herbs and spices from Middle Eastern countries, are one of the most popular and loved street foods. Believed to have originated in Egypt, they are now the national dish of Israel. Food has the power to evoke memory, bring people together and to transport us to other places without travelling! Food has that magical power to bridge gaps, blur the borders that divides the countries and its people and above all, food often unites what geo-politics seeks to divide. Head to the blog (photo heavy post) for the recipe, photographs and of course, little peek into the history of falafels.

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Veg Hara Bhara Kabab (Mildly spiced Indian vegan spinach and potato kebabs flavoured with fresh herbs and aromatic spices) ~

Crispy from outside and delicately spiced kababs are loved by kids and adults alike. Loaded with green leafy veggies and pan fried with very little oil, these Hara Bhara Kababs are not only healthy but lip smacking delicious bites that even the picky eaters will enjoy.

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Kodubale ~ Deep fried rice and roasted gram savoury rings from Karnataka

Kodubale one of the most popular snacks from Karnataka. It is made using rice flour and ground roasted gram powder and deep fried. The soft dough is rolled like long cigars of ¼ inch pencil thick and then shaped like a bangle by pressing the ends to shape like little horns. I find Kodubale very additive and it is never easy to stop munching them after tasting one! Kodubale is mildly spicy and has very nice crunch to it. There are many recipes and this one from my Amma works just right for me as I like them to be crisp on the out and soft, melt in mouth kind of texture within when we bite into them. Lil Dumpling helped me in rolling long cigars and shaping them and it was the perfect way to spend our evening! Why not try this delicious Kodubale for this Ganesha Chaturthi for your family and friends and spread some happiness?! :)

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Bhutta or Butta ~ Indian styled roasted corn on the cob flavoured with lime, salt and chilli powder

There is nothing glamorous or fancy about Bhutta, but it does have that great sense of drama when the corn on the cob is slowly roasted on a bed of red hot charcoal. Occasionally the red charcoal catches fire and the little tongues of these burning flames licks the sweet kernels with great hunger! In between the roasting you hear a sudden pop noise when few kernels which greedily plumped up bit too much under the loving touch of flame! With some kernels charred and smelling of smoke, the Bhuttawala dips the lime piece in a bowl that contains the salt and red chilli powder mixture or if you are really adventurous, in a bowl of chutney made of super spicy and potent green chillies ground with sea salt. The little swirls of smoke rising from the freshly roasted Bhutta when the Bhuttawala rubs the lime wedge is a pure magic to all senses! Magic, yes, magic is the word I would use for this humble Bhutta that never fails to live up to its high expectation of taste sensation!

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Chattambade or Masala Dal Vada ~ Spicy split chickpeas/Bengal gram or chana dal fritters

Today I am sharing you one of our favourite family recipe from my native, Udupi-Mangalore. It is called Chattambade or simply Spicy Chana Dal Vada. Soaked split chickpeas or Bengal gram is ground to rough paste with few spices and deep fried to get golden brown fritters. Recipe for making Chattambade or Spicy Chana Dal Vada is quite simple and straightforward. The ingredients used are very few, easily available one and cooking technique is as simple as it can get. The crispy vada with crunch from few whole lentils and the aroma of fresh herbs and spices used make this Chattambade a rather special treat with hot cup of coffee or tea. Without further delay shall we make some hot and delicious Chattambade or Masala Dal Vada?!

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Vegan Spiced Beetroot Cutlets/Patties ~ Pan fried Indian styled spicy vegan beetroot patties with aromatic spices

Mashed beetroots spiced with aromatic spices, shaped into patties and coated with fine semolina for crisp texture and then pan fried to golden brown perfection is a very much loved food at our home. Since red and pink is Lil Dumpling’s current favourite colours, he is happy to find food in that colour served in his dinner plate and I am quite happy that he is enjoying something that is not just delicious to eat but also quite healthy and nutritious.

You can serve these Beetroot Cutlets/Patties as appetizers or even as a meal with some salads or slaw or even as a patty for burger. The vibrant coloured Spiced Beetroot Cutlets/Patties are quite delicious with the sweetness of the beetroots and the flavours of the spices.

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Stuffed Capsicum/Bell Pepper Pakoda or Pakora ~ Deep fried bell pepper rings stuffed with spiced potato mash and coated with spicy gram flour paste

The process of making these Stuffed Capsicum/Bell Pepper Pakoda or Pakora is quite simple and straightforward. First you cut the bell peppers into 1 inch thick rounds and then stuff every ring with spiced cooked and mashed potatoes. You coat the individual stuffed bell pepper rings in a spicy gram flour batter and then deep fry them to golden brown perfection. Since kids love anything that has potato as well as anything that is deep fried, they simply love these Stuffed Capsicum/Bell Pepper Pakodas. With winter looming just around the corner, these Spicy Stuffed Capsicum/Bell Pepper Pakora make a wonderful snack to indulge in.

You can serve them on their own as a starters or finger foods along with any chutney or tomato ketchup and see them vanish from the tray in no time! There is another way to serve these Spicy Stuffed Capsicum/Bell Pepper Pakoda and that is by topping them with finely chopped onions, tomato and coriander leaves topped with a generous pinch of red chilli powder and a drizzle of fresh lime juice! ‘Yum’ is the only word that comes to my mind when I think of these deep fried sins! :)

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Gujje Podi/Tender Jackfruit Fritter ~ Vegan and Gluten-Free Tender Jackfruit Pakoda/Podi

Unlike the usual Podi/Pakoda where gram flour or chickpea flour is used in making the fritters, here the base for spicy batter is made by grinding the soaked rice with other ingredients. If you have someone to help you in cleaning and preparing the tender jackfruit for cooking, then this recipe of Gujje Podi or Tender Jackfruit Fritter is one of the most simple and best tasting Pakodas you would ever have tasted!
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