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You got me last time, too. Scott Creek (North of Davenport, CA) has always been a favorite location for me to shoot at.

This time I am in the air with the Fuji GFX and 23mm lens under Dji's M600 Pro. The dynamic range in this medium format setup just boggles my mind.

More to come, I promise.


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Nine-Eight-Sixteen © +Barry Blanchard

Bonny Doon Beach (Santa Cruz, CA), with the new Canon 5D Mark IV under DJI's M600 aerial sUAS platform.

Soon all will be green again and the sunsets will be nothing short of stellar.

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Clarity © +Barry Blanchard 

Soaring high above the incoming fog, just north of Santa Cruz California. Dji's M600 aerial platform holding the Canon 5DsR.

Camera settings:
Canon 5DsR
Canon EF16-35mm f/2.8 II USM
B&W .6 GND
Original image size 8688 x 5792
Cropped image size 8536 × 4801 (250mb on my disk)
1/40th sec at f/3.2
Focal length 16mm
ISO 100

G+ asks me "whats new with you".

My answer: lots, actually. I have been very busy this last year working with some of the best photographers and cinematographers on the plant.

Seems my photography has taken a bit of a turn.... straight up. Wife and I will be heading to Photoshop World (hope to see you there), followed by a trip to Monument Valley, then back to Vegas for my big jewelry convention I do every year.

If all goes as planned, I'll make some time for some landscape shots, because its been far too long.

Lots has been happening since my absence here. I'll be back soon to show you what I've been up to.

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I have amazing friends all over the planet, by design. Here's a +DJI story of one of them.

Here name is +Stacy Garlington, and someone I really have come to love and appreciate.

Follow your dreams folks, and don't be afraid to make new ones along the road of life you chose to walk.

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+DJI does it again!


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MENDOCINO © +Barry Blanchard 

Enjoy the life you've been given. Milk every bit of goodness you can as you take each step. 

+DJI  Inspire Pro quadcopter. 

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The Best Way Home © +Barry Blanchard

Hiway 1 along the Central California Coastline, as seen though my +DJI Inspire Pro quadcopter.

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Scott Creek © +Barry Blanchard 

The Central California Coastline always delivers. This location is called Scott Creek, named after the same Scott our local community of Scotts Valley is named after.

+DJI Inspire Pro/X5 Lens, two shot panoramic. For this one I used a +Formatt-Hitech custom GND (Firecrest). I will be non-stop testing these filters.

There's something very magical about the light this time of the year, that's a fact.

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Winter Tones © +Barry Blanchard 

I just love the tones and textures I see this time of the year. Shot with my DJI Inspire Pro/X5 camera.

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