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Congresswoman #TulsiGabbard interviewed after her trip to #Syria --

"Normally, I would never post an interview by CNN, but Gabbard is so good that I will make an exception." -- The Saker

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Most media outlets and politicians often ignore the deadly consequences of US regime change policy, including the rise of Islamic State, according to Representative #TulsiGabbard (D-Hawaii).

“I think that there has been a concerted effort both on the part of some in the media, as well as many in politics, and many in our foreign policy establishment seem to have been advocating for a continuance of these regime change wars, really ignoring the fact of what has been the consequence of these wars in countries like #Iraq and #Libya and #Syria, where each time we have waged these wars, [it] has resulted in the strengthening of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda or the creation of ISIS [Islamic State, IS, formerly ISIL], and it has resulted in a tremendous amount of suffering and death for the people of these countries,” said Gabbard at a press conference, answering a question from RT’s Caleb Maupin.

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Three-term Congresswoman #TulsiGabbard of Hawaii, a member of both the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees, has proposed legislation that would prohibit any U.S. assistance to terrorist organizations in #Syria as well as to any organization working directly with them. Equally important, it would prohibit U.S. military sales and other forms of military cooperation with other countries that provide arms or financing to those terrorists and their collaborators.

Gabbard’s #StopArmingTerroristsAct challenges for the first time in Congress a U.S. policy toward the conflict in the Syrian civil war that should have set off alarm bells long ago: in 2012-13 the Obama administration helped its Sunni allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar provide arms to Syrian and non-Syrian armed groups to force President Bashar al-Assad out of power. And in 2013 the administration began to provide arms to what the CIA judged to be “relatively moderate” anti-Assad groups—meaning they incorporated various degrees of Islamic extremism.

That policy, ostensibly aimed at helping replace the Assad regime with a more democratic alternative, has actually helped build up #alQaeda’s Syrian franchise al Nusra Front into the dominant threat to Assad.

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Even MSNBC Urges #Democrats To Stop Talking About #Russia 

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Sen. #BernieSanders spoke about his vote for a resolution of disapproval of arms sales to #SaudiArabia.

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In the face of predatory, unregulated banking practices, we need to reinstate 21st century #GlassSteagallAct. -- #TulsiGabbard

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Washington and our nation need aloha - a deep, abiding respect and love for one another - despite differences in politics, race & religion.


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Rep. #TulsiGabbard Rails Against #HawaiiDeportations (Jun. 7, 2017) 

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#BernieSanders Delivers Severe Condemnation of the #DemocraticParty’s Current Direction --

Bernie at 1:08

Speaking to 4,000 attendants at the People’s Summit in Chicago, Ill. on Saturday, the Vermont senator called the #Democrats’ strategy an “absolute failure” and pointed towards a progressive way forward. Here’s an excerpt of his much-awaited speech:

“The Democratic party needs fundamental change. What it needs is to open up its doors to working people, and young people, and older people who are prepared to fight for social and economic justice.

“The Democratic party must understand what side it is on. And that cannot be the side of Wall Street, or the fossil fuel industry, or the drug companies.”

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Some Democrats have been taking a lot of heat at town halls because they refuse to get behind a #MedicareForAll system. And it’s not just that they’re getting booed; their constituents are literally calling for them to retire. #DianneFeinstein has been one of the recipients of this outrage.

#TulsiGabbard, however, had overwhelming support from enthusiastic constituents at her town hall because she actually pledged to support a 'Medicare For All' system. 
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