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Congresswoman #TulsiGabbard interviewed after her trip to #Syria --

"Normally, I would never post an interview by CNN, but Gabbard is so good that I will make an exception." -- The Saker

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#BernieSanders will 'absolutely' work with Trump to lower prescription drug costs --

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said Sunday he will “absolutely” work with #PresidentTrump to pass legislation to lower prescription medication costs.

“President Trump, come on board,” Sanders told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.” “Let's work together. Let's end the absurdity of Americans paying by far the highest prices in the world for #prescriptionDrugs.”


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Rep. #TulsiGabbard Calls for Federal Decriminalization of #Marijuana

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Full Speech: #TulsiGabbard's Unifying Keynote Address at #MuslimsForPeace Conference

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Unwilling to embrace the excessively (for them and their big money backers) left Sanders “revolution,” they think they can unseat the orange-haired beast by tying him to the Kremlin with trumped-up charges based on vague reports from hazy intelligence sources.

#RussiaGate v. #Progressives
Yeah, I know what posting this article is going to cost me, but the commentary from Paul Street is worth the abuse I know will be coming! Great read!

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Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman #DonnaBrazile admitted Friday in an op-ed for Time magazine that she sent failed presidential candidate #HillaryClinton’s campaign debate questions.

Stolen #DNC documents that were published by #Wikileaks during the 2016 U.S. election season revealed Ms. Brazile’s efforts to assist Ms. Clinton’s campaign, but she ignored or denied the charges — until now.

Although she told ex-Fox News star Megyn Kelly on Oct. 19 that Wikileaks dealt in “doctored” emails, the former DNC head said Friday that the emails were “a mistake I will forever regret.”

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#DonnaBrazile, the former acting head of the Democratic National Committee, has admitted to sharing debate questions with former Democratic presidential candidate #HillaryClinton.

Before Brazile took over the DNC last summer on a temporary basis, she worked as a #CNN commentator and had access to debate questions. Leaked emails showed that she provided information about questions Clinton would receive during at least two debates.

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Rep. #TulsiGabbard Talks with KITV About #EmailPrivacyAct- 3/1/17

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Democratic Congresswoman #TulsiGabbard, the politician who previously accused the U.S. of arming #ISIS, is still calling on the U.S. government to stop its disastrous regime change policies in the Middle East.

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Congresswoman #TulsiGabbard of Hawaii held press-conference to bring attention to her bill #StopArmingTerrorists Act, which, according to her office, will 'stop #CIA of other Federal government agencies from using U.S. funds to provide arms, funds, intelligence and other support directly and indirectly to armed militants allied with terrorist groups like #alQaeda and #ISIS.
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