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Walk without a rhythm and it won't attract the worm
I miss these kinds of wonderful music video clips, especially when they have geeky references such as that #Dune #quote, or unexpected participants, such as Christopher Walken. So, inspired by +Kimberly Elaine 's music posts, Here's #FatboySlim with #WeaponOfChoice:

The wonderful list of timestamps by +Ben Silva :
Christopher Walken 0:00
Christopher Sitten 0:05
Christopher Thinken 0:08
Christopher Looken 0:17
Christopher Standen 0:36
Christopher Dancen 0:45
Christopher Boppen 0:50
Christopher Moonwalken 1:01
Christopher Ringen 1:06
Christopher Escalaten 1:14
Christopher Kicken 1:48
Christopher Strollen 1:50
Christopher Swaggen 2:04
Christopher Swingen 2:24
Christopher Flyen 2:53
Christopher Smilen 3:14
Christopher Standen 3:28
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Clive Swift kicked the Bouquet bucket
I don't usually do posts about 'celebs', nor do I consider their deaths more important than others, but sometimes I make an exception.
As a kid I watched a lot of Keeping Up Appearances (mostly because it was one of the few comedy shows of interest on the 3 public TV channels we had available), in which he played the role of Richard "Dickieboy" Bucket opposite of Dame Patricia Routledge's role of his insufferable wife Hyacinth Bucket, who insists their surname is pronounced Bouquet.
I'll prob see if Netflix has some episodes I can rewatch to enjoy his "minding the pedestrians on the other side of the road, dear", and especially the one where he gets drunk with Onslow.

#CliveSwift #RichardBucket #HyacinthBouquet #KeepingUpAppearances #SchoneSchijn
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Star Trek: Enterprise and plotholes / inconsistencies
S02E22: "Cogenitor" — #GenderEquality and #pronouns
Earlier posted at:
I was watching #StarTrek: #ENTerprise episode S02E22 #Cogenitor a few weeks ago and it was making me feel uncomfortable and I can't pinpoint exactly why.
The crew meets a new alien species, and the episode is mostly about cmd. Tucker dealing with how the species treats their third #gender, the titular cogenitor.
The species uses 'it' as pronoun for the third gender, while Tucker uses 'she' because 'she looks more like a she'.
The species treats the cogenitor mostly as a tool without any rights; they're unnamed, eat separately, don't get to learn to read or serve a purpose other than procreation, and after the offspring is born, they get assigned to another couple who wishes to procreate, even though they have the same mental capacity.
On the one hand I can understand why Tucker reacts the way he does; it feels wrong that the development of one gender is held back because the other genders perhaps consider themselves superior and considers the third gender only an instrument to their procreation, especially since humanity has a history full of suppressing other groups. On the other hand, the idea that every species in the galaxy should adopt humanity's moral standards, especially based on so few facts, also feels wrong.

S03:09: "North Star" — miseducation about first humans to build a flying machine
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At the end of the episode you see a woman teaching humans and #Skagarans: "Two brothers from Ohio became the first human beings to build a successful flying machine."

While the #WrightBrothers were perhaps the first to succeed at a manned, powered, heavier-than-air 'controlled' flight, it ignores previous achievements by being non-specific.

Other, earlier, manned flights include:
• the #hotAirBalloon flights by the #MontgolfierBrothers (1783)
#HenriGiffard's #SteamPowered #Airship (1852)
#ClémentAder's bat-winged heavier-than-air setup (1890).

See for some more details.

#Aviation #StarTrek #STEnterprise #history

S03E12: "Chosen Realm" — Doctor-Patient Confidentiality and Medical Ethics
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How was Phlox able to tell Captain Archer about the pregnancy of the Triannon crewmember Indava, and also her misgivings about her zealous leader Pri'Nam D'Jamat, when he's said in previous episodes that he's bound by doctor—patient confidentiality? Does that suddenly go out the airlock when the ship's taken over?

Also, why the flying fudge would you let not just one, but even two strangers near your warp core?
#plothole #SecurityFail

S03E14: "Stratagem" — more medical ethics
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Another inconsistency when it comes to our dear #Denobulan doctor, Phlox.
In the earlier episode "The Breach", Phlox was adamant that he could not cure a patient against their wishes, even if it meant the patient's death, as according to Denobulan medical ethics, he must respect the patient's wishes.
However, in #Stratagem he has no issue suppressing a #Xindi's memories, as well as surgically altering the Xindi without their consent.

If you want to keep up with my #Netflix rants as I watch the episodes, feel free to follow me over at #Mastodon: as this is where I make most of my short microblog posts nowadays.
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