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Part Two of the Grodd episodes.



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The less I say about this the better. Just when I started getting into it, something would happen that made me have less-than-positive feelings.
I was happy to have Old Cisco back but nearly everything else drove me BOINKERS. It also felt slow.
It was heartbreaking to see Joe learn about Iris's future, and there were more hints of Joe being doomd and something nefarious coming to pass with Wally...but it kind of dragged.
The villain's powers were cool. And the end attack on the train route was pretty epic.
Enough said.
Also, Julian calming Caitlin down felt unearned but was nice. Still has that "Special Appearance by Tom Felton" been in the credits all along or is the show phasing him out?

I especially did not like the "Who's better?" debate between Kid Flash and The Flash. Why should either be better? Unless they are being built up to be rivals one day?!? Dun dun dun


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"Fortunately our team has a secret weapon: a man of science, a man of action.."
OVERVIEW: The Flash shows up with a Cisco-centric episode that brings big fun back into the equation.

"I'm not going to save Iris from Savitar. You are." It's so nice to see Barry treating Wally nicely and as an equal that it's easy to not think about things like "How do they get Wally into the right place at the right time in the future?" Wally has loads of potential.

But let's not skip around the pasture. CISCO! CISCO! CISCO!
The heart of the episode was Cisco taking on trial by combat against Earth 19 Collector Gypsy to save H.R. from certain death. It was so awesome on a number of levels. And it didnt hurt that Cisco and Gypsy had jazzy chemistry either. Gypsy also really wasn't a villain; Earth 19 has a very good reason for not wanting people to interdimensional travel (another Earth almost destroyed them), and Gypsy is just upholding that law. Though I wouldn't be surprised if she makes a trip back to Earth-1 once her huge duffel bag of coffee wears off.
And how cool was it that they fought across multiple Earths?!? It was just TONS OF FUN. Cisco got his vibe back, if you catch my drift.

The episode began with H.R. narration.
"Fortunately our team has a secret weapon: a man of science, a man of action...that man's name is H.R. Wells..with my trusty vortex cannon."

And how Gypsy tracked him.
"Honestly, it wasn't that hard with him beaming back "H.R.'s Adventures in the Multiverse" back chaper by chapter."

Julian is now Team Flash, and he's dry icing most of what they do, but I found his bluntness refreshing.
"I did find at least six ways you could have done it more efficiently."
And it was clever of him to watch the Gypsy footage to study her fighting patterns.
Barry: "He won!"
Caitlin: "He won!"
Julian: "She must have been having an off day."

H.R. was great in this episode.
"You know what I'm going to miss about this Earth? Soap operas. A long, winding story dished out in hourly chapters."

Of course Cisco throwing down the gauntlet to protect H.R. was very moving, considering all the backstory between him and the Wells.
"Harrison Wells was always there for me, so I gues, in some weird way, I just want to be there for Harrison Wells."

"How dangerous could it be? I don't die until May."
"I'm still a journalist, Barry." Hum dee dum
I hate they are keeping this secret from Joe; it makes me worry he's going to get killed instead of Iris.

Overall, LOVE LOVED LOVED the episode for the most part although two thoughts: Caitlin's glowing snowflake pendant was super distracting AND Who owns CCJitters?
And what kind of amazing insurance plan do they have?


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This one is cool!



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Cisco "Being a superhero is not about kicking ass. Wait, that's a straight up lie. There is definitely a lot of ass kicking involved."
OVERVIEW: Everyone is mean in an episode that ominously foreshadows the fractures in Team Flash. Also, I feel like every season of this show forever and ever onwards will be about Barry trying to stop some big bad speedster only to lose a loved one in the process...until when? The end of the show? At what point will The Flash find a fresh story? This episode seemed to drag on forever with both the drama and action feeling stale.

Not only did it take a month for Barry and Iris to unpack their boxes, it also took Barry a month to start worrying for real about Savitar killing Iris. Also, how are Iris and Barry so freaking rich? Or did they strip Joe's house for furnishings? But let's focus on Barry's dilemma in this episode: to attempt to change the future or not attempt to change the future? He should be half out of his mind by now. This storyline is redundant and I don't care about it. Barry decides to reveal to Iris that she's going to be murdered by Savitar. Which I felt really bad for Iris about having to hear this and all. But the whole "I wasn't fast enough to save you" bit doesn't really make sense. Based on the setup, I don't think speed had anything to do with it. So it feels redundant. Also his logic that letting one robber go will change the future....
And swearing on both his dead parents' llives!

Let's talk about the rift Barry is creating between himself and Cisco. At this point, I just really want it to be foreshadowing for a supervillain being created here. Because all these DC Comics shows are sadly in need of villains that pack an actual emotional punch. I triple rolled my eyes at the guy complaining about Kid Flash. Do people nitpick superheroes or what? I really felt bad for Cisco. Every time, he turned around Barry was chomping his head up. Joe even told Barry to quit it.

However, Cisco is not the only one getting poor treatment. Everyone mocks H.R.'s attempts to turn Star Labs into a museum, even though he makes it look really cool and installs a coffee bar. And he has a point. They need money. At least I assume they do. No one ever discusses income in DC Comics shows. But everyone, except Cisco, has amazing apartments. Amazing. Caitlin has to make a big plea for them to let Julian join them. But she needs his help. Her bracelets aren't holding Frost at bay. At this point, I'd say the solution for Caitlin is to embrace her inner Elsa and let it go, once she finds the power of true love to give her true control over her powers.

I definitely keep coming back to The Flash because I love the characters, but I'm not coming for the story which lands it dangerously close to the obligatory viewing category.

Of course there were some fun future teases like Gorilla Attack and Killer Frost still at large! So I'm certainly not counting the show out yet. It's just not must watch right away status for me anymore.



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OVERVIEW: No matter how NOT holly jolly your Christmas season is, it probably won't beat Barry Allen's as everything he's done comes full circle.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. H.R. is stringing lights, wearing a santa hat....Joe and his girlfriend (cute couple I am totally onboard with are planning a "Nogoff" to decide which of their grandma's eggnogs rules. For Team Flash, they just need to tie up this Alchemy and Savitar business in a neat bow.

An early scene shows Julian doing his best Indiana Jones impression, on a dig to find an artifact. He finds it...a stone box, opens it, and if you suspect that bad things happen'd be right. In present day, though, Julian says his team didn't find anything on that dig when Barry asks him about it. So Barry flies on over to Earth 3 to recruit Jay Garrick (YAY!) to help him out. "I'm assuming you didn't come all the way to MY earth to stop MY trickster." Fun cameo appearance by Mark Hamill. Even though the guy is busy reprising his most famous role in big screen movies, he still finds time to zip over to Vancouver to put in an appearance.

What's everyone else doing? Cisco is handling the last of his Dante grief...I hope. Caitlin shares some memories of her own. "The last Christmas before my dad snowed and snowed....the whole world turned white." H.R is secretly training Wally and they take a pause to do a funny "faster than Barry" happy dance. Although no one else quite joins in when they find out, and Wally is not allowed to join Jay and Barry in confronting Alchemy and Savitar. While Savitar drags Jay through time and beats him quite thoroughly, Barry takes out Alchemy, knocking the stone box out of his hands. He closes it, and Alchemy disappears. Hmmmm. He takes off Alchemy's mask and's Julian.

Except the catch is Julian doesn't know he's Alchemy. He thinks the Flash is toying with him. "I want my phone call. When do I get my phone call?" However, Barry decides to reveal his identity, hoping to get Julian to trust him. It works, and he confides that after his sister's death, he started seeing her again and hearing her tell him to find the box. Something that his happening to Cisco at that same time via Dante hallucinations, and Cisco does indeed open the box. Caitlin convinces him to close it before Barry and Wally are like totally impaled. They then decide to mind sync Julian to the box in hopes of having a chat with Savitar.

Savitar has quite the holiday greeting for the group: a look at their future. Which negs a lot of questions....was Savitar indeed summoned by Flashpoint or is he someone we know who will actually become Savitar in the future? All I'm saying is...breadcrumbs were sprinkled liberally. Here is his message.
"One shall betray you, one shall fall, one will suffer a fate far worse than death, this is the knowledge I have for you of your everlasting damnation."
"Everything you took from me I want it did this to me...your future self trapped me for eternity."
SO, AHEM, can we break that down for a minute. He says he will be trapped, which I assume means bound to the box, iin the future, indicating that he like Eobard Thawne is an enemy of Future Barry who travels back in time hoping to hurt him by messing up his past. Flash's enemies get really desperate. And about that prophecy, some of them assume death is included. BUT Savitar does not mention death in his prophecy. A betrayal, a fall (which could mean to darkness or injury not death), and a fate worse than death. Savitar also does not specify if all these things could happen to just one person. JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUICY.

H.R. speaks for us all by classifying that as way scary. We all need "a mint tea, a coffee, and a laydown!"
Anywhoo, Jay and Barry decide to hurl the box into the ocean of speed/the Speed Force, where it shall legit never be found and thus Savitar will legit never be a problem again. We would believe this if we didn't know already that speedsters are clearly an exception the Speed Force rules. Indeed....Barry takes a detour, finding himself in the future. A TV plays a clip about someone named Marrillo being on trial for robbing a museum so keep an eye out for this guy to show up. Barry sees The Flash nearby in a deserted park begging someone "Don't do this." The someone is Savitar, and he has Iris. AND HE KILLS HER. ZOINKS! JINXIES. Oh, wait, I forgot this is the DC Comicsverse and no one dies around here. Almost got worried there. I wanted to be worried honestly but I watch Arrow so they can't fool me. Stabbings are 100% come back from material.

Still, this really rattles Barry. Jay yanks him back to the present and tells him he can't let it affect him. He says and not very convincingly that it is only one possible future. And the big question is...has Barry learned from the Time Ghosts of Messed Up Past and Messed Up Present that no good comes from time meddling or will he give in and take on the Time Ghosts of Messed Up Future? Stay tuned.

For now, "We need a little Christmas right this very minute." H.R. says. Time for a West family Christmas party. H.R. gets wonderfully drunk on the two kinds of eggnog, Joe kisses his girlfriend, Caitlin channels her inner Elsa to make it snow, Wally gets his Kid Flash suit, Julian shows up to discover his friendly side, and Barry whisks Iris away to their sweet new apartment.

All is well, as long as you set aside all the ominous foreboding, which this episode was THICK with. Especially where Wally was concerned.

"I helped Wally because the kid is special, because his powers are extraordinary..." H.R. comments at one point. And the editing choices surrounding Wally were kind of Wally destined for supervillain status? Is he to become Savitar? Not sure y'all but all is not well with Kid Flash's future!

So an exciting scary festive way to end this half of the season! And while this season has had its eh moments, the stakes feel a lot higher than they did last season around this time.

The show returns JAN 24TH with "Borrowing Problems From the Future" which you guessed it will address the "Do We Try to Change the Future?" As learned from an episode of Merlin, DON'T DO IT!

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OVERVIEW: There were a few moments in this episode I thought could have been saved for future episodes but overall THE #DCWEEK  CROSSOVER invaded in full, while at least one speedster got to face some harsh judgement from his peers. It was a fantastic episode, and Stephen Amell kind of stole the spotlight. Also, the alien invasion was very much a side plot with the emotional and physical consequences of Flashpoint being the focus. Did I mention THE HALL OF JUSTICE shows up too?!? Yes, it was a good episode.

The only thing that really kept this episode from getting an A was Iris fussing that Wally shouldn't get training so he won't go out and try to be a speedster hero and get hurt. UH, IRIS, WON'T TRAINING HELP HIM NOT GET HURT? This got my dander up a bit. Iris isn't a character I dislike, but she's not a character I adore either. So get it together, girl! Everyone also poo poohed H.R's cool idea to turn Star Labs into a museum. Which..come on..wouldn't you take STAR LABS: THE EXPLOSIVE TOUR!?! It's not like Star Labs is a super secure facility or anything. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of this. "Your faces are all so darn gloomy." H.R. observed. He provided some humorous moments such as when he lurked in the shadows taking down story ideas. And then, since he was the only one to tell the truth about his speed levels, Wally asked him to train him. H.R.'s initial response: NAAAAAAAAH. But later he changed his mind. This could prove disastrous but will certainly be entertaining.

So an alien ship crashes on Earth and a ton of slimey lizardish men run out, practically trampling a startled Barry who screams "ALIENS!" with Scooby Doo zest! Lyla visits StarLabs to tell him and his friends to sit this one out. The government's got this. (EPIC EYE ROLL). Before too long..."The Dominators have the President."
All this despite a pleasant growling voicemail to us Earthlings saying "We pose no threat...understanding is our purpose." So Rude! In any case, Barry doesn't wait for the first abduction (Lyla says they've come to Earth before in 1951 but disappeared for unknown reasons.) He heads right to Star City, just in time to save Oliver from getting some of Vigilante's bullets. (Honestly...I'm sure Green Arrow has bigger criminals to fight than the other guy taking down criminals.) I thought it was great that Thea hopped right on this unique mission
"I thought you retired."
"Yeah, but it's aliens!"
Of course, Barry summoned the Legends too. And, most importantly, Cisco tapped into Earth 38 so they could bring in Kara. Everyone was suitably unimpressed by her until she flew and showed off her heat vision.
(Iris drooled when she found out Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow. Remember Oliver is on her "list". LOL)
Then the time comes to pick a leader. A still unhappy Cisco nominates Oliver, but Oliver picks Barry who ends up being coached by Oliver anyway.

"Apparently it's illegal to be mad at Barry." Cisco grumbles to Felicity who senses all is not well at him. (While I've come to accept this whole Flashpoint version of still doesn't stick the emotional landing. Cisco and Barry were not shown to have that close of a relationship. Earlier seasons focused more on Cisco and Wells, so the fact they aren't friends anymore isn't that big of a deal)
But Flashpoint comes around to give Barry a painful kick in his scarlet tush. Jax and Stein reveal the message from Old Man Barry.
"A war is coming...and at some point you're going to be called back to fight it....when you return, you will be in the new timeline that I created...don't trust anything or anyone not even me." Only Oliver witnesses them sharing this with Barry, and he pushes his feelings aside and insists the others not be told yet.
"We're going up against aliens, and you want to tell everyone their lives have been affected by time travel. One sci fi problem at a time."

But they conveniently left the recording where Cisco could find it. He makes Barry reveal all. This causes some pain, especially to everyone else who has lost a loved one (come to think of it..nearly everyone here has lost someone very close to them. Jax's father? Sara's sister? Snart? Oliver's parents? Ray's oft downtrodden fiancee?).
Diggle: "You just erased a daughter from my life."
Sara: "You can't just go back and change things."
Pain pain pain and more pain. So everyone decides to go off on a mission to save the President. Barry says he'll stay. Oliver stays in solidarity or something.

He reveals to Oliver that even more has changed than he initially thought. Barry shows Oliver the time room with the future newspaper "Flash Missing: Vanishes in Crisis." It's no longer written by Iris West-Allen. That would be an awfully big piece of poetic justice if the one thing Barry thought he could have no matter what ended up being the one thing he loses permanently because of Flashpoint.

While the bros talk it out, with Oliver sharing some heavy backstories of his own that Amell delivers very well, everyone else witnesses the President be obliterated. Then their minds are taken over and they are sent back to attack The Flash and Green Arrow. LOL. Which I honestly loved and it was epic and so many great action sequences. The Flash vs. Supergirl, Arrow vs. Canary...AWESOME STUFF!
They got some temporary assistance from Wally as Kid Flash but he got knocked out. Thankfully, at that point, Barry had zapped Atom and Firestorm out of the sky, so Oliver just had to pick up Wally on his shoulders and run away from mind zombied Diggle, Thea, and Sara...while Flash baited Supergirl into destroying the mind transmitter thingie!

With everyone's minds recovered (even Stein's whom I believe learned that the mystery woman in his visions was his daughter. Although he didn't stick around to make sure her mother was Clara), they decide to forgive Barry and unite against evil.

Of course right about then, while Supergirl is away on sky patrol, Diggle and Ray and Sara and Thea are abducted by the aliens! Barry turns and sees Oliver being abducted. He runs for him...and misses.


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GRADE: B+ to A- It's complicatd
OVERVIEW: Danielle Panabaker got a chance to take Caitlin right up to the edge of her dark side, and while the power of love and friendship pulled her back....will it last and should it? A suspenseful episode for the core team slightly tainted by a blah new villain and an expected reveal.

I'm already tired of Savitar, and I want him gone ASAP. One reviewer suggested that Killer Frost be the main villain for the rest of the season. Now that's not a bad idea. But anywhoo....Savitar "Zooms" The Flash off to pummel him and assert his superiority. A freaked out Iris begs Caitlin to use her ice powers to save him, with Cisco vibing them both to where the invisible Savitar stopped to monologue at Barry. Caitlin unleashes her ice blasts, chilling Savitar enough that he runs off. (So not intimidating.) It is concerning however that Cisco gets a bad headache afterwards. (I HATE headaches.). Wally is in his Terrigenesis Cocoon.

Meanwhile, a simultaneously worried sick and angry Joe goes to the police station to interrogate one of Alchemy's acolytes. He hasn't heard much but the usual yada yada when Caitlin shows up.
"It's Wally. He's out of the cocoon. He's fine. You should go and see him." Joe leaves quickly, not noticing the odd lilt to Caitlin's voice. She turns to Alchemy's follower, barely hears him reference the coming of their glorious leader (YAWN!), and then informs him it's about time he feared something else. HER.
His screams (!) draw attention, so Caitlin fills the room with a smokescreen of icy fog and slips out when two police officers come to check things out. But her slip turns into a slide when Julian just happens to come upon her casually walking away from the scene. It takes him a minute to figure out what's going on. It takes her a second to take him out of the equation. NOT PERMANENTLY. Thank goodness. (I have mixed feelings about this episode and this season in general, but I think Julian has long term potential.)

It isn't long before the others learn what has happened. H.R. suggests they track Caitlin and her hostage using the same method they used to track Captain Cold.
"Don't call genius; genius calls you."
H.R. is on the fringes of this episode, but he's still fun.

Caitlin and Julian are at a Frozen Foods (har har) location, where she insists he make an algorithim to track Alchemy's followers. Or get really painful freeze burn. However, when she turns her back to have a Caitlin vs. Inner Killer Frost dialogue, he texts a SOS. The Flash arrives just in time to prevent Julian from getting a bad case of hypothermia.
Julian's all "She's dangerous! Knock her out.!" WHOMP! Barry knocks him out instead and turns his attention to Caitlin. He pleads with her.
"We love you, and we'll do everything we can to help you. You and I have been through too much to give up on each other now." But love won't thaw this frozen heart. Caitlin's Frost side rises up, angrily berating Barry for toying with their lives. (Which he's really earned, if we're being honest.) She even drops another bombshell. "You hear me, Cisco!? Dante was happy, healthy, and alive until Barry created Flashpoint!" But she wants to find Alchemy so he can take away her powers.
The police arrive and shoot at Caitlin. Barry speeds her to safety. She stabs him with an icicle and takes off. OUCH!

(PAUSE: I would appreciate it if Savitar gets killed off in about 2 episodes, and the rest of the season focuses on Caitlin's struggle with her dark side. It would be much stronger storytelling than this redundant CGI villain)

"How much does it hurt?" Iris asks Barry when they bandage him up afterwards. The answer is A LOT. For Cisco, "I don't even know how to feel right now." he shouts, pushing Barry a couple hard times for good measure. Angry Cisco is more interesting than mopey Cisco, however he sets aside his emotions to focus on finding Caitlin. They go to stakeout two Alchemy followers' houses to wait for her to show up. H.R. and Joe have a heart to heart about the latest turn of events.
"Barry's real superpower isn't's hope."

Caitlin attacks an Alchemy acolyte, declaring "Growing up I used to practice the Hippocratic Oath." With her parents as doctors, she says it was in her DNA. "But guess what? My DNA has changed." The guy isn't too afraid though. He says Alchemy is just an acolyte as well and that Savitar showed them a vision of the future. "You were glorious and powerful." Before she can wreak any harm on him, Cisco and Barry arrive to fight her off. She holds her own, even planting the Kiss of Icy Death on Barry (to bait all their shippers out there). But they take her down and lock her up.

In the pipeline, she first fakes it. "Well, I guess just needed a nap." (LOL). "I guess you all are smarter than I thought." When none of them move to free her. Then it's back to attacking Barry.
"For a hero, you sure let a lot of people around you die."
"What do you care, Barry? You've got Iris. You've got your happy ending. Everyone else be dammed."
Needless to say, this depresses Barry and he goes off to sit in a dark room and have feelings. Iris encourages him to get over it, to stop pondering the whatifs. "You're not God, Barry." She says how does he know Caitlin wasn't already going to be Killer Frost. (Good point....after all, we've seen no indication Caitlin got her powers from Savitar or Alchemy). "I know you don't want to be the leader right now, but you have to be."

First leadership dilemma. After seeing Caitlin, Joe panicked and broke Wally out of the cocoon with H.R's help. He comes out a speedster but unstable. So to save him, they need Caitlin. Barry releases her and says he'll let her free IF SHE KILLS HIM. Killer Frost takes an icicle in her hand. He baits her. "Live up to your name...I want to see some killing." But this snaps Caitlin out of it. She returns to her senses, and they tearfully hug.

She makes a serum that enables Joe and Barry to get Wally's body and mind back in alignment. Cisco might forgive Barry someday somewhere somehow. But there's more....Julian agrees to not give up Caitlin to the police IF Barry quits his job. He lashes out at Barry saying his sense of "right and wrong is as flippant as a compass..who thinks friendship is more important than justice." DOUCHE!
Of course this leads to the BIG IRONY yet also TOTALLY PREDICTABLE reveal that Julian is Alchemy...but not by fact, he seems to be almost mind controlled.
Hmmmm...not terribly interesting....but still. This was an overall good episode, though I don't care at all about seeing where the Savitar bit goes, other than Barry eventually saving Julian.

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The 4 Night Even continues NOV 29TH with "INVASION!", the first full crossover episode since Supergirl will only have an ending part that crosses over.

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OVERVIEW: Iris found time to confess she felt that she was just a side character on the show, but a new ally of Alchemy's got the last word in an episode that was peppered with humourous moments (thanks to Tom Cavanagh) yet also had several dramatic developments.

In Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle fantasy series, a Shade was a magic user who either by choice or by force was possessed by spirits or demons, irrevocably losing their souls but gaining enhanced magical and physical powers. There are some comparisons to be drawn here in terms of Alchemy's methods. In this episode, the literal Shade, a "shadow" meta, was just a distraction though. A deliberate one, as Alchemy set his sights on turning Wally, while also perfecting his 12 Monkeys Witness cosplay.

"I'm fast, really fast. I can move through the city like a guardian angel, protecting people who need me." Wally beams, as he relates his happy dreams to Joe (who is tidily folding towels). This is bad news. Joe recognizes right away that Alchemy is at work here. But that is just not what Wally wants to hear. He'd rather think that his powers are about to naturally develop. Some teenage angst sneaks in to mar the episode, along with the cliched line "You don't trust me." But Alchemy doesn't have time for that and neither do we. Wally begins experiencing painful visions of his Flashpoint self. Like really painful. H.R. suggests they lock him up in the pipeline for safekeeping. While Barry and Iris stay behind to tend to him, everyone else goes to Movie in the Park Night.

Yes, Joe is dating Cecilia Horton now. And they seem to be a good fit. Though, hilariously, H.R. a.k.a Randolph Parkin crashes their date by stealing all the attention. (He debuts a facial transmogifier which makes others except those whom he gives a retinal adjustment see him as a different person. Which is brilliant. It solves the "You're kind of a known murderer around here" problem.) H.R. also wants to turn Star Labs into a museum as a cover story for why they all hang out there.

But, in bigger news, Caitlin reveals to Cisco that she's developed frost powers. She asks him to vibe her future to see if she turns evil. He tells her he saw nothing. In fact, what he did see and what he later tells her was "us in full Vibe and Killer Frost mode fighting". Of course this could be interpreted a few different ways. Maybe Cisco is the antagonist later. We'll have to wait until next week to get more on the Killer Frost scenario. Cisco did spill the beans on her secret, though it felt kind of clunky how she revealed it. Surely they would have more than one pair of metahuman dampeners.

As Wally's agony increases, Alchemy begins telling him to come and be freed. So Wally offers to be bait, following Alchemy's call with Joe, The Flash, and a whole bunch of police officers in tow. It was weird Alchemy even bothered to declare it was a trap...does he not have a way to keep track of what his targets are doing? In any case, the mission failed. Alchemy and his cloaked followers were rescued by Savitar, God of Speed. Right after Wally snatched up Alchemy's glowing geode and was engulfed in a Terrigenesis like cocoon. And the episode ended right there with the introduction of this new monster. What a cliffhanger but considering next week's promo...the stakes aren't that high. We've got questions though. Why is Savitar on Alchemy's side?
Why did Julian spend so long staring out the office window while Joe and Barry had their conversation? He had to be eavesdropping, right?

While the episode moved things along, there were elements that bugged me just a little. I want my Cisco back. He's still too gloomy, and it's kind of depressing to watch. But I do like that he has a brand new snarky rapport going with H.R who provided pretty much all the lighthearted parts this week.

"I'm not a scientist. I don't have superpowers." Iris mused to Barry, letting him know without speaking out loud that she sometimes feels like just the love interest (Sometimes that IS just your role. And there's not necessarily anything wrong with it. Everyone can't be the main character. But I think we'll see a bigger story arc for Iris next season).

BONUS EASTER EGG: H.R. said his Earth had multiple sentient apes like Grood.

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