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Sixty-Three Earthquakes Near Bodie Last Night!
The USGS reports 63 earthquakes between Bridgeport and Hawthorne last night, clustered around Bodie Creek, north of the historic town sites of Aurora and Bodie. The earthquakes included two of magnitude 5.7 and one of 5.5, in an area about 10 miles downstream from the town of Bodie, California.

By coincidence I was editing this sunset photo from Hawthorne last night, captured on my way back from Utah last month. Walker Lake is important for migrating and nesting birds such as pelicans, but in recent years the lake level dropped significantly due to excessive diversions for agriculture. All fish including the Lahontan Cutthroat trout living in the lake have died as the lake level dropped and the lake's mineral content and alkalinity rose. It is still used for water by bighorn sheep in the neighboring mountains.

One of the largest employers in Hawthorne is the U.S. Army, which stores and dismantles old bombs and ammunition there. How would you like to be working on a 700-pound bomb during a 5.7 earthquake?

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Road Trips to Zion National Park, Utah
I've been gradually adding images to my Road Trips North America collection.

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May the Fourth Be With You!
Jedi Knights practice their lightsaber skills while two earthlings watch the sun set, unaware that the future of their planet hangs by a thread.

The title? It's May 4, May the fourth.

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More Photos from Death Valley in April
In April I could see a storm front approaching in the weather forecast.  Daytime high temperatures would drop into the 80s.  So I threw my camera and camping gear into the car, and headed to the park with a list of the sites I wanted to explore or revisit next, to deliver in the +SNAPP Guides app.  

I hiked to a natural bridge, and enjoyed great views with sunlight streaming through clouds.  I explored an old mining town site, and found wildflowers thriving at higher elevations than on past visits. Two jets saw me with my camera on the edge of a canyon, and they took two passes each way, angling sharply up right in front of me so I could get a great shot.  On one evening, I caught a sandstorm over Mesquite Flat Dunes, back-lit with golden sunlight by the setting sun.  

On the way home, sunset light was lighting up rain showers at MonoLake.  It was an eventful and productive trip.  I can't wait to return!
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Fall Visit to a Heli-Skiing Paradise: Revelstoke
I was too early for the skiing when I passed through Revelstoke, British Columbia this fall.  But with the U.S. Dollar recently at 1.4 Canadian dollars, my brother couldn't resist going with some friends recently.  I included his ski video in a new blog post:

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Top 10 Travel Photos: 2009
Continuing my look back at the last decade of my travel and landscape photography.  Here's 2009:

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Top 10 Travel Photos: 2008
Looking back at the last decade of my travel and landscape photography.  Here's 2008:

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Outdoor Photographer Assignment Winner
Thank you Outdoor Photographer Magazine for selecting my image as your iPhone + +Instagram Assignment winner!

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Fall Colors in the Toiyabe National Forest
Sun rays break through clouds over the Bodie Hills, October 2015.

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Twilight Light Painting
In addition to the headlights and a light in the interior, I used the fading twilight light coming over the horizon to the left for fill and back light, and used a cool (blue-white LED) flashlight as the main key light to the right. In portrait photography it's common to think of the key light as front-lighting the subject, but I didn't want too much light on the grill, to preserve the contract of the headlights vs. the dark front, and the overall mood of a slightly enlivened hulk of a car.

With roughly a quarter of a million visitors to Bodie each year, some say that this 1937 Chevy is the most photographed car in the world. I have plenty of photos of it myself, but I like to try different photographic explore what more can be done with it.

As storms start to drop snow at Bodie's 8375 foot elevation we're done with our 2015 workshops there, but we should have dates for next summer in early 2016:

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