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An app by the Googs to learn coding.

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It's funny how Android notifications are just so good, and they always get better with updates (notification channels in Oreo is amazing); whereas iOS notifications suck so bad and seem to get even worse with the updates.
Why Android notifications are better than the iPhone’s

Simple. Grouping of notifications.

This is something Apple used to do prior iOS 10, but decided to go with a more "feed-like" display for easier viewing of notifications (whatever that means). This is one area where Google is exceptionally good at compared to Apple.

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Oh wow
"T-Mobile USA has agreed to pay a $40 million fine after admitting that it failed to complete phone calls in rural areas and used "false ring tones" that created the appearance that the calls were going through and no one was picking up."

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Remember when I made that post earlier this year? 2016 was the year of more RAM, 2017 was the year of more megapixels in the selfie cam, and 2018...?


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Best app to listen to podcasts on Android? I just got interested in hearing them, so if you know any good, free tech stations, then suggestions would be welcomed too.

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These Vodafone retards call me EVERY SINGLE DAY when I'm busy and tell me about their shitty offers, even when I've told them to stop disturbing me because I'm a Jio user and I'm NOT switching back to Vodafone.

But no, these guys just don't get it, and now they're spamming me over WhatsApp!!😂
Vodafone spam
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They're here bois

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The cancer is strong with this one.
13 years on Android, then 14 years on Android, then Motorola Razr ran Android in 2004.


That's a "senior tech reporter" btw.
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