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are there any scientists who can tell us just how much CO2 was emitted here

loots more than cars and burning caol, but these issues are not brought to the attention of them folks who are discussing GLOBAL WARMING why ?
"TOKYO: Mount Shinmoedake in southern Japan erupted for the first time in six years Wednesday (Oct 11), shooting a plume of ash several hundred metres into the air and sparking warnings to local residents.

People were ordered to stay away from the volcano after it rumbled to life at 5:34 am (2034 GMT Tuesday) as Japan's Meteorological Agency said air blasts caused by the eruption could shatter windows.

"The ash plume reached a height of 300m when the volcano erupted," an agency official told AFP, adding that the eruption would continue and "become more active".

Ash deposits would spread as far as two kilometres from the crater, the agency warned."

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Thank to +Omi Sido foe this share
SEO and What's In for Content Creators (and Consumers)

Bravely Face the Future of SEO with +Omi Sido

Long story short:

• Decode the ranking factor priorities for YOUR industry
• Create irresistible/alluring snippets
• Create comprehensive content that provides value and it's RELEVANT to your audience
• Study your customer behaviour and adjust copy and website structure accordingly
• Work with PPC and PR to increase brand awareness - brand awareness dramatically impacts click-through rates

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What is it you meant to do?

Transitioning successfully from what we mean to do to what we actually get done requires the bridging of some pretty deep gaps. #thesnipermind

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Thanx to +Eric Enge , +Mark Traphagen and the team at +Stone Temple
Featured Snippets Can Rocket You to the Top in SEO

Featured Snippets occur when Google thinks your answer to a query is so good, they feature it above all other search results. In our video you'll learn some brand new secrets about how to discover Featured Snippet opportunities for your site! Click and watch now.

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Now this post is a #MUSTREAD for #GROUPADMINS

this is more important than most marketers will ever tell you, as keeping on topic ensures better SEO results all round. this also adds value within the GOOGLE HUMMING BIRD algo loops and ensures deeper pentitrations of #SEMANTICFOOTPRINTS.

I blog about stuff related to this at #FRANKIE2SOCKS #FUFISM

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how busy is the internet....?????

thanx to +Irfan Ahmad
What Happens Every 60 Seconds Online - infographic

"We all know activity on the internet on a daily basis moves at lightening speed, but there’s something about having the numbers in front of you that makes it just a little bit more fascinating."

According an infographic from +Qmee in 60 seconds, 293K statuses are updated on Facebook, WordPress bloggers share 1.8K new blog posts, web users download 15K songs, and Instagramers upload 67K photos.

This just shows how obsessed with social media we are.

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Thanx to +Irfan Ahmad for the share...
How to Use Google, Email, Social Media & The Web: The Grandparent’s Guide to the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

“You’re watching a movie with your granddaughter and you say, “That actor sure looks familiar.” And suddenly the little girl whips out her tablet computer, taps on it a couple of times, and says, “It’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt — the kid from Third Rock From the Sun. He just got married!” You know you could probably do that too. But how do you get started learning? That’s an easy one: you start right here!”

The #infographic below, created by, will serve as you basic guide to understanding the world of internet, you'll discover how to search the web, how to use tools like #Google and #Skype, and much more.


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