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Tips to Dog Walking Problems

Dogs are friend of us. They also need company and communication, just like us. Walking with them is a good way to meet these requirements. However, when walking with dogs, we may feel tired rather than enjoyable, because of dog’s walking problem. Here, I will introduce tips to dog walking problem.

What can I do if my dogs sniffing around?
You can find a place with less distraction. If you can’t find a place like that, you should keep the leash short and not tight. Here is a beautiful leash that you could take into consideration. After your dogs can come over this problem, you should take it to somewhere beautiful or fragrant. I believe it can be an enjoyable trip for both of you.

Are there tips for lunging at passengers or other dogs?
The easiest tip to this kind of dog walking problems is muzzling your dog. Especially for people who keep a giant dog breed. This method may make you live harmonious with people around you when you go for a walk with your dog. There is another trip that you should learn to train your dog and told it ignore things around it. This can be realized by give it cue or reward. However, it takes time and energy. I believe that you love for your lovely dog can make you success.
How should I do if my dog dislikes walking?
This is the most annoying problem for going walk with dogs. Then I will share some tips to this dog walking problem. Maybe the weather is too cold for him. If problem lies here, you should buy some warm cloth for it. Here are my recommendations. The one is really cute and can keep your dog warm.

What’s more? Maybe your dog is sick. Then you should consult vets. Nevertheless, if it is just dog dislike walking, you should motivate it. This process can be tough but please don’t give up.

All in all, the most important thing is that you should be the leader of your dog. Then, it will understand your order and stay calm when going out. There are some commonly used methods for you to train your dog.
The first one is having a short leash. So the dog can’t stay far away from you which may be easy to control your dog.

The second one is giving it rewards. If it can do something as you order. Finally, you should have a front clip harness which will give a help for leading your dog.
The above are all the tips to dog walking problems. Hope they can give you some help.
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Signs of puppy sickness
Raising a little puppy is never a simple task, especially when they are sick. So it becomes a necessary skill for puppy owner to be good at discovering the signs of puppy sickness and take immediate actions at the first time since little puppy can’t talk or write. But what are the exact signs? Don’t worry, Here are the lists of the signs of puppy sickness to help you figure out the unusual behaviors of your pup timely.

Making Strange noise
Though your puppy can’t speak words, but they always try to express something. So when the puppy looks unusual and makes a strange noise persistently to arouse your attention, it’s probably a sign of seeking help, because the puppy feels really uncomfortable or might get injured somewhere. Remain alert, and bring them to the hospital if it gets worse.

Being dogs, puppies enjoy tickling themselves without exception. But that doesn’t mean they will continually tickle at some particular spot. If it happens, do keep an eye on your pup, they might get allergic. You can alleviate this symptom by getting them some antihistamine or soothing ointment, but I still suggest you should take them to the vet to be doubly sure.

As a normal stage of puppies’ growth, they may need much repose sometimes. But during the daylight, usually they are more vivacious, vivid and piquant than any other time. So if your puppies look listless and somnolent daylong, they stand a big chance of infecting bacterial or virus.

Generally, various factors are able to incur a loss of appetite for your puppy, such as anxiety about the new environment or gloomy atmosphere around your home. Anyway, it’s a sign of bad thing to come. So you should try your best to feed them, if rejected by them, take your puppy to the veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

Actually, sicknesses of puppy are always caused by inflecting bacterial or virus due to cold or something dirty from outdoor. A comfy and warm puppy cloth can perfectly help you to solve the problem and give your puppy a healthy body. Here are some recommendations:
Waterproof Raincoat
Do not neglect protecting your puppy against rain or it’s easy to get cold. Made of polyester, this waterproof jacket guarantees warmth without bulk. And it’s simple to wipe clear after wearing it. This jacket is available in five colors, which adds brightness to a rainy day.

Guitarist Style Dog costume
This cloth is made from warm cotton, and more importantly, it’s really catchy if your puppy wears it. And of course it takes warmth into consideration, too. But this one may not very fitted for outside activity.

It’s known that keeping dogs means undertaking a responsibility for their whole life, so never be negligent if there are any sickness signs of your puppy and let a veterinarian have a look.
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Do Dogs Like Wearing Clothes?

This is a picture I download from, a website provides pets’ clothes or other tools. It is really cool for a dog to wear clothes like the one in the picture. However, do dogs like wearing clothes like that is a problem we need to discuss.

In the past, dogs played an important role of safeguard but now we treat them like our friends or children. Dog owners care about the feeling of their pets. Do dogs like wearing clothes? I have to say some dogs like and some not.

(1)Dogs like wearing clothes.
Do dogs like wearing clothes? Yes, they do.Some dogs enjoy wearing clothes. If dog feel nothing on him when his owner put clothes on him, it might indicate that he likes wearing clothes. If you see his tail wave from side to side, it is a symptom that he likes the cloth. There are other signs of being happy for dogs, such as relaxed eyes, relaxed mouth and so on. If you want to learn whether your dog is happy or not, click the link

to know more. Sometimes, it is necessary for a dog to wear clothes when the temperature is low or in a rainy day or there is wound. It is warm and safe for your dog. More important, it is also cute!

(2)Dogs hate wearing clothes
I think most of you have heard about that some dogs froze, when people put a coat on him. This is a way he shows his attitude towards wearing clothes. Maybe he thinks coat will limit his action. Then, let's analyze the problem from the necessity. For some dogs, wearing clothes is harmful for them rather than helpful. For example, dogs with allergy may feel uncomfortable with clothes. Sometimes, wearing clothes may lead to skin problem. If you give improper clothes for you dog, its blood circulation may cut off by the clothes.

Actually, it is hard to answer “Do dogs like wearing clothes”? However, nothing will be good if you are too addicted to it. For example, you have a poodle, you think it is really cute and beautiful when she is in a cloth, thus you dress her up every day. It is bad for both of you. Poodle may feel uncomfortable and you also cannot be happy.
If you give a dog clothes for his safe and health, it could be a good thing for a dog. For instance, if your dog has smooth-coat fur, it would be necessary to give him a coat.
Now, do you have own opinion to “do dogs like wearing clothes?”?

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How to Clean Dog Ears Effectively

Should we clean #dog ears regularly and how to clean them effectively? These might be questions that many dog owners care about. But actually not every #dog needs regular ear cleaning or must have their ears cleaned often such as some large #dogs. However for some small #dogs and those #dogs with floppy ears, it’s extremely necessary for their owners to keep the dog ears clean in order to prevent infections, because their sensitive fluffy ears provide a perfect environment to grow mites and bacteria which may cause many healthy problems. So since requisite ear cleaning is so important to dogs, now let’s learn how to clean #dog ears effectively. Here I will show one of the correct cleaning methods and the things I list below is what you need to prepare for this ear cleaning work.

1.Things Need To Be Prepared

(1)A bag of cotton balls;
(2)Lukewarm water;
(3)Dog Ear Cleaner.

2.Cleaning Method

Step 1: Make sure everything you need to use are well-prepared. This is the basic of starting this work.

Step 2: Wipe the visible part of the inner ear with a wet cotton ball roughly and take an inspection. If your dog extremely resist your cleaning its ear or do something violent, you must stop your work and contact the veterinarian.

Step 3: Pull the dog ear flap up, then squirt a few drops of ear cleaner into the ear canal. To perform this step well, you can tilt the dog’s head downward with one hand at the same time, so it might be more convenient if someone can offer you a hand.

Step 4: Before your dog begins to shake its head, hold its ear closed and massage the base of the ear for about 30s to help the cleaner disperse.

Step 5: Time for your lovely dog to shake its head. Well, though this is a dispensable step and the motion depends on whether your dog is willing to do, it can help loosen debris and wax inside the ear better.

Step 6: Wipe out the dirty stuff from the ear canal with a cotton ball or your finger carefully.

3. A short video for you
To help you better know how to clean dog ears effectively, there is a link at the bottom of this blog related to it.

Now you must know how to clean dog ears effectively. Though this work looks pretty simple to do, it takes patience, care and love. And to be a responsible dog owner, you must regard this work as one of your obligations. Well, here are all for today, and if you still have some questions or tricks about how to clean dog ears, please just comment below.

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How to Choose Winter Puppy Clothes

It’s getting cold as you can feel, since your little puppy is too weak to fight against the chill, it’s time to choose some clothes for your puppy! But a fitted and warm cloth is never easy to pick out. Here are some suggested steps to find well-content winter clothes for puppy.
1、Figure out the accurate size of your puppy
First you should make puppy’s weight clear, which is definitely useful for the next steps. And then,use a tape to measure the puppy from scapula to the base of the tail. And don’t forget to measure the widest point of her chest and the narrowest part of her body so as to get the fittest clothes of your puppy.
Many online sellers list sizes as “S” or “M”, but generally they are of great differences among different brands. So you’d better to figure out the accurate size, or just bring your puppy to the pet shop to see if it’s fitted for her.

2、Choose comfortable fabric
Actually, which kind of material you should choose depends on your living environment. If you live in a warm and humid climate, the best you can do is to find a ventilated and quick drying cloth for puppy rather than hairy one. Instead, if your puppy has to go through a subzero winter for several months, a coat with more than one lining for extra warmth will be a good choice.

3、Check if it’s easy to wear
A perfect puppy cloth should take both easy-wearing design into consideration. Any design that makes you drag the jacket over puppy’s body with difficulty is improper. A snugly fitted cloth allows her enjoy warmth and freedom of movements at the armpits and around the neck. Anyway, the comfort of the jacket is the first priority.

4、 A few recommendations
No.1 Pet Fallen Angel Costume (
I promise you that this jacket with fallen angel design is the most fashionable dog cloth I’ve ever seen. Wear it and by no means will your puppy encounter outfit dress with other dogs(Yes, dogs hate the same dress too). But this one is more proper for warm and dry winter; it’s a little thin for snowy day.
No.2 Pet Minions Costume (
This winter cloth comes with my favorite bright yellow, which makes your puppy the most conspicuous one among others. Of course it considers warmth and comfort at the same time, providing a jolly winter for your puppy!

Sometimes observing what your puppy expresses is the best way to find out the most comfy cloth. Now you just need to make a few efforts and make sure puppy is under perfect protection during the cold days. May you have a nice winter with your puppy!

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Best Pet Costumes Collection

Woof! Are you finding world-class beautiful #cute dog costumes for your pooch? Dogs just like us human beings, wearing cloths is not only necessary for them, but also brings us a lot of fun adding color to our life.
Selecting cloths for your puppy is not easy as what you’ve thought of choosing just something beautiful, but has something to do with its safety, comfort and functionality. The best #pet costumes collection you choose should be comfortable for your puppy and get compliment as well. Now, let’s get into what you are seeking!

Best #pet costumes collection: Pet Costumes

1. Hooded Toggle Coat
If your puppy is sensitive to temperature, it is vital to prepare a warm and comfortable coat for it. Hooded Toggle coat has two vibrant hues in available: pink and blue, consisting of a rich wool blend and polar fleece lining. This lavish soft texture will definitely make your baby enjoyable.

2. Pet Cosplay Uniform
Try something new! How about cosplaying? Dress your puppy as cowboy in #cowboy dog costume with cool hat. That must be amazing to walk out with your dog as it will turn heads whenever you go. This uniform is suitable for unisex and made of cotton which is comfortable for your puppy. Look at the following measurement and pick a suitable set for your pup!

Weight Chest Neck
S Within 10 pounds 35-40cm 20-25cm
M Within 15 pounds 40-45cm 25-30cm
L Within 20 pounds 45-50cm 28-33cm
XL Within 22 pounds 50-55cm 31-38cm

There are so many options in the market; if you feel confused in front of these options you can click the following link to read more tips about how to choose best puppy clothes collection.

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First Week with Puppy

As the sweetie puppy finally comes to your home, with conglobate eyes curiously looking around and short legs circling around, you may generate the impulse to hug and kiss it softly, such a cute thing! Yet, since it is its first day to adapt to an unfamiliar environment, your “enthusiasm” may frighten it unconsciously, which makes both of you embarrassed. For your first week with puppy, you need to take a lot of suggestions to survive the puppy and further bound with it harmoniously.

Feed him the usual
Since the new environment will bring pressure to the puppy, it is likely to look for comfort in something familiar, like his food. Keeping the feeding of the food he is accustomed to will advocate its adaption to the new home as early as possible. After the adaption period, you may want to change up the menu. You can achieve it by adding increasing amounts of the new stuff to lessen the amount of the old. It is suggested to take 7-10 days to complete the transform.
When it comes to provide your puppy with food, you may also be in need of one thing— dog bowls. A fantastic and endurable bowl will catch the puppy’s attention more easily.

Portable Foldable Pet Bowl ($17.90)
It is an endurable foldable bowl designed with healthy silicone which frees you from the worry of bringing damage to the puppy. It is easy to clean, but not easy to deform, the most important, you can take it everywhere; thereby your baby can eat the healthy food at any time.

Decide where it will sleep
As the puppy exposed to a totally unfamiliar environment, the sound, sights and people around it makes it feels anxious and stressful. It even will be whining when you settled it in a laundry room or kitchen at night. Thus, you are highly recommended to put dog beds in your bedroom. Sleeping near you will be reassuring and you can also have a better shot.

Introduce your puppy to a crate
Dogs are denning animals and most of them enjoy enclosed spaces for bedtime. A crate not only frees you from the burden of housework but also makes potty-and manners-training more easily. When you are busy for work, you can also settle it in a crate to keep the puppy out of trouble. To do it successfully, you can store some delicious food in it and placing toys into the back of the crate.
However, crate is not designed to contain dogs for very long time. Dogs that are over-crated are likely to become hyperactive or even catch bladder infections. As for puppies under 4 months of age, it can be hold in their crate for a maximum time of 3 hours. And for puppies aged four to five months, they can bear a maximum time of 4 hours. Keep in mind that no dogs should be crated more than 5-6 hours per day.

Training games
People enjoy training games not only because of the funny process, but also for the establishment of harmonious relationship between you and your puppy. Some traditional games like fetch, toy-on-a-string, hide and seek are commonly used.

Schedule a vet visit
The first rule of adopting a pet might be taking them to the vet ASAP. Nothing is more serious than the health condition of your puppy. Your vet can suggest needed vaccines for your puppy and alert you to any possible health concerns.

Dogs are not as the same as other animals. They are more intelligential and can be the real loyal friends to people. Once you treat them as your baby, they will feed back with tenderness and amicability. You may find some surprises here.

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