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January – … — June 2017

The beginning of 2017 has proven pretty challenging, for a variety of reasons, so much of my activity online has been around curation —rather than personal posts— as well as moderating and answering numerous questions in the "Buddhism Q&A" and "Buddhism and Meditation" communities.

Yet, 13 original contributions still appeared on top of the many carefully selected shares, links, etc.:
Put more chances to succeed on your side!
Croire ou ne pas croire…
(or To believe or not to believe…
Tout le problème, en un mot ? "Rituel"
• Above the Xiashui village
Spring, like the rest of the year, is harvest time!
An abundance of "expedient means"
Should we always use the 12 nidānas backward?
Watch your "ordinary" mind, now, in your "ordinary" life, with all its unnecessary drama, not just when you're "practising"!
Seeing, and accepting, things as they are
Légalité (variable) n'est pas moralité
Ère de l'information : derniers jours du Dharma ?
Striving for moral consistency?
In large public settings, it is responsible to have first aiders…
(individual guidance is available:

Contributions to the "Buddhism Q&A" and "Buddhism and Meditation" communities are not listed. As always, alms are very welcome, via (or

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October — November — December 2016

14 original contributions, on top of reshares, links, etc.:
On using science to support/weaken Buddhist doctrines
Maddening expression of the day: kālena kālaṃ
The Buddha, on fear
a striking call for change
Love and detachment
(ou Amour et détachement
The #AskMeAnything silly "Thank you" celebration!
Getting back into practice, after a lapse, is the priority
Automatic translations
What did I do, to deserve this?
Continuité karmique: pollution
Samaññaphala sutta (DN 2)… or why some monks definitely motivate me to keep both non-sectarian and lay!
Floating on a lotus

As usual, answers in the "Buddhism Q&A" community are not listed above (

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July – August — September

The summer has been busy with three collective week-end retreats at — introduction to Buddhism (in French) and mindfulness in daily life (in English, and in French) — as well as one individual retreat (2 days), regular guidance for several 'direct' students online, teachings on how to meditate to several children and adults spending a few days at the house, many questions in the "Buddhism Q&A" community, the duties of moderation in "Buddhism and Meditation", etc.

Several shared links, several reshares, and nine original contributions:
• SN 42.6
• Dhp 342
• Dhp 239
• Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche on the Diamond (Cutter) Sutra
• the illusion of truth
Killing the Buddha… once more ;-)
Kamma (in French)
• And, yet, there's the eightfold path?

Many people are registered for the "stress management and work / life balance" retreat, in English, 22nd–23rd October 2016 at… so a similar retreat might be added in 2017, for those who won't be able to participate this time.

Online 'free' activity still severely limited due to lack of resources / donations ( The many questions in "Buddhism Q&A" recently consumed the available. I hope the six donators will understand, and find interesting Dharma content there (

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People who had registered to receive the newsletter of  (e.g. via finally received the first issue yesterday… with the « Mindfulness bell » exclusive content.
For extra content (now that some content does hide behind, register to receive the newsletter!

Despite being pretty busy with retreats to prepare, with teachings of the +Dalai Lama to follow, with a #brexit  to campaign against and then with helping people to come to terms with the fallout of the referendum, this month has seen 10 original contributions posted on g+, including the substantial "On the delusion that freedom is unnecessary":
Working with the five hindrances (on +koan.無)
A fire-breathing protector is hidden by the clouds
White Tara (at
2 hours of Q&A, by Hyon Gak Sunim
An open world begins with an open mind
Pariyatti, patipatti and pativedha
On the delusion that freedom is unnecessary
Buddha-nature? Original enlightenment?
Read for thought: empathy
Face au danger des fixations…

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30 April–1st May was the last 'rehearsal' retreat (by invitation, with a group of 7 students), before the official launch of (open to all). The individual retreat setup was also tested during May, in the context of some +Letyourbodytalk coaching. As it all went smoothly and the feedback is consistently positive, we're now 'live'.

On g+, this month, I started by sharing several videos around economic themes. I believe these are valuable sources of "food for thoughts", and I don't have to reinvent the wheel all the time (aiming for originality "for the sake of it"?).

Six posts can be seen as originals (but not necessarily very long):
How long will we keep denying climate change, and chasing cheap resources regardless of risks and destruction?
On leaving classical koans without explanations
Cheap outrage? Or insight followed by some act?
Blaming victims
Happy Vesak
In Buddhism, identity (self) is based on appropriation… Clinging to our 'roots'?

Even if the +koan.無 isn't particularly used on g+ (since contains mostly the backup of my g+ posts), the page might become a bit more active, at least for 'announcements'.
And the same is likely to be true on Facebook (at, a platform which currently offers better 'events' management than g+!
This was explained in (which might also mean the +koan.無 page could become more active, if I write directly there then share on g+, rather than the other way round…).

The website of is now bilingual (based on 'subdomains': and
The program of group retreats is now set until Christmas 2016: check out and register your interest! The focus is on week-end retreats, for which it is easier to find some time in one's busy life…
You can influence future collective retreats, by voting at

I also have a new 'direct' student (online, via regular video calls). This will not have much impact in relation to g+, but just to remind all of you that I also provide classical forms (teacher-student) of mentoring, to those interested… not just social media 'broadcasting'!
If anything, a direct relationship (where I get to know your specific hindrances and can therefore suggest individually tailored antidotes) tends to be more constructive, to allow for more faster and deeper progress.
It's like the breath while meditating: the relationship serves as an anchor while going through life. In practice, such an 'anchor' seems a lot more effective for practitioners (beginners and seniors alike!) than merely 'liking' or 'plussing' feel-good images on one's social media feed, only to forget about it when the next post appears.

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   6 original contributions on g+, on top of many answers on the posts of others (e.g. in the "Buddhism Q&A" community):
The core skill of meditation is -showing up- coming back
Expedient means, or plain distortion?
’Apocalypse’ as ‘enlightenment’? ‘Enlightenment’ as ’apocalypse’?
The fake determinism of karma in some Buddhist instructions
A comic about a comic-artist dropping comic-school
What if?

   The first retreat at is on the way. Could still with some help on the budget ( if you feel like supporting a place spreading the dharma.

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image: "one line buddha"  via tattootribes

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   Been busy gardening, to prepare for the "rehearsal retreat"  at the end of April… Did you know you can influence the programmation of future retreats? Simply go to !
   Still working on securing the house as much as possible (just secured a good deal for a great, bilingual AED —automated external defibrillator), and if you ever feel like helping a new place to promote the Dharma, then any donation toward the security budget would be helpful at the moment: (or as usual, except for € having replaced £).
   The bookshelves for the library of have finally arrived and are in place. I still have to unpack and organise the books though; that's the work for the coming days, on top of finalising some admin', receiving and installing tatami,  working on the content of the first three planned retreats (, translating the website in French, refreshing once again my first aider skills, etc.

   4 original contributions on g+:
International women's day
Buddhism Q&A
Deciphering the Pali Canon is not for the impatient…

   Many more posts are in the pipeline, notably one on a key difference between Oriental and Occidental understandings of psychology; hopefully, they'll be finalised soon, but the work at unfortunately proved more demanding than expected, and the to-do list for April gives little comfort; the need for individual support by various individuals also was higher this March than usual.

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   The paint in ( is now dry, the electricity checked and adjusted… The meditation mats, cushions and stools are here, and the dining table is expected to arrive tomorrow! Progress is made on the website, which should go live at some point in March.

   6 original contributions on g+:
• 1'55'' Not sure what's left to control!
43'35'' on what we share…
Which meditation instructions not  to follow?
Stepping out of the treadmill
Mindfulness of body (movement)
excerpt from "after the rain"  (雨あがる — ame agaru)

   It is funny how whatever advice or explanation that people expect gets many more +1 than whatever people do no expect, even if the latter is just as practical and pragmatic as the former…

   Following my relocation to France, please note that is now in euro (€), not sterling (£) anymore… and one can now enter any amount freely for monthly subscriptions, rather than having to choose from a list of presets.

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   9 original contributions on g+:
It feels right…
Dont' trust anyone
Don't trust yourself
• Agnotology
« AN ECONOMY FOR THE 1% (…) » and a particular aspect of the 'buddhist' economy…
Utopian restraint?
• Pali Online School (for complete beginners)
Is mindfulness making us ill?
An appropriate response is not unique

   Those interested in AI and ethics might also have a look at the discussion thread on "Go: Going, the Machine"  at, somehow related to refraining from the blind trust of "it feels right…",  and enquiring into what conditions such a feeling. ( is getting fresh paint and some security checks from tomorrow; it will hopefully be ready for retreats this spring!

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Previous monthly summaries:

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November — December

   4 original contributions on g+, and a lot more activity "behind the scene" (and in French) against the hysteria seizing many French citizens as well as the government after the terrorist attack…

All saints
Get involved!
"Défendons nos valeurs"?
« On n'abdique pas l'honneur d'être une cible »

November — December

   7 original contributions on g+:
Required compassion, and blame for "not enough"?
The suffering of being separated from the beautiful
Mindfulness and concentration
Equanimity vis-à-vis pain
You must not let your behaviour be a travesty
Dédié au réviseur Boya à l'ermitage de l'Ouest ( is slowly getting equipped, it will hopefully be ready for retreats this spring!

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Previous monthly summaries:
Illustration: "Raven's meditation" by what-the-gaff (
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