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Give your Photos a DSLR Look for Free

You don't need to buy a DSLR camera if you just want to make your photos look professional. Here's a Cheap Cheat for you guys with which you can achieve the same DSLR look from normal Smartphones camera clicked picture with the help of a bit of editing.

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Note: This video is in Hindi language.

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How to Get YouTube Channel Name VERIFIED

Ever wanted to know on how you can get your own YouTube Channel Verified. Well, in this video I have shared some of the secrets with you. I've shown you the Top 5 Ways with which you can get your YouTube Channel Name VERIFIED.

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How to take Selfie with any Celebrity

In this tutorial of Photoshop, I've showed you guys on how you can do simple manipulation of the images and make it look like you got a selfie with a super star. This is a very simple tutorial for beginners.

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Note: This video is in Hindi Language.

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A beginner 2D character. Very simple to create. Anybody who has started learning Photoshop should make these kind of characters as a practice.

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In this below video I've debunked the secret behind 5 or 7 headed snakes. People are worshiping these kind if Photoshoped images everywhere but in reality they are all Photoshoped as these kind of snaked do not exist.

Note: This video is in Hindi Language

If you want to see how these kind of images are made then see the video from 7:10 to 8:10

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Basic 2D Vector Character created in Photoshop. This one is made from very basic tools of Photoshop. Any beginner can begin his training on photoshop by making these kind of Characters.

* I will be posting more of these kind of characters.

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Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Must Watch this video. This is my first Photoshop Tutorial. In this videos I've showed you how to change background in Photoshop with Blending for beginners.

Tutorial was requested by: HAZEL HORAAT

If you  guys have some other tutorial requests then you can comment below.

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Thanks for 10,000 followers, you guys are amazing.

Digital Painting of myself. Used some tweaks, cheats and techniques in Photoshop to come up with this result.

Made by Prabhkirat Studios

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Great Pleasure to be on Google Plus....
Celebrating Google+ Wins!

It's great to see people connecting around common interests using Google+ Collections!

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What is Create India Program?
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This is the magic of Clone Stamp Tool. Completely removed characters glasses and recovered his eyes and skin to make it look like he never putted his glasses on. Plus, added some hair as well with the help of Pen Tool. This character is from Dragon Ball Super franchise which is owned by Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation and Fuji TV.

Edited by Prabhkirat Studios
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