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In 1992 a warning went out from 1700 scientists that the world needed to find solutions to climate change. Now, 25 years later, 15,000 scientists are actively calling for nations to enact law and set funds for climate change recovery.
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Do your part to curb climate change. Do it now!
This paper shows what you can do to help:

Note: I am not a vegan, and am not likely to become one any time in the near future. However, lab-grown meat is getting closer and closer to mainstream acceptance. It is the same structure as farm grown meat without the massive byproducts farms inherently produce.

Trading in your gas vehicle for an electric (or at least hybrid) vehicle also has a large impact. I am on the Tesla Model 3 waiting list, one of the most efficient vehicles you can buy.

Additional Note: This report is on US government servers, and may be later falsified to state . If that happens, a copy of the original is saved, with links below.
Open the link, then click "Open with Google Docs". It won't be pretty, but the links should work.

2017 Executive Summary

Our Globally Changing Climate

Hat tip to +Wolf Weber and Jamez Frondeskias for the share
(+Google Developers, G+ apparently won't pull up Jamez' name on search, or Google Plus' account)
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Visually stunning! Prepare to see what you share this pale blue dot with. This might be a last good look at some of these species.

Direct to the preview:

Hat tip to +Chris Fink for the share
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Great job Iceland! Now it's time for the rest of the world's nations to start similar initiatives to remove CO2 from the air and lock it away.
Climeworks has effectively created the first 'negative emissions' power plant, converting CO2 into stone.
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Colony of 36,000 penguins.
No surviving chicks last year. Two (2) this year.
Climate change. Better do what you can to save water, limit use of plastic, etc.

Hat tip to +Filippo Salustri for the share
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This berg is over four times the size of Manhattan Island.
"If the entire glacier were to melt, it could raise the global sea level by up to 52 centimeters (20.5 inches)"
Find out what you can do to help keep the glaciers from flooding much of the world:
A 100-Square Mile Chunk of the Pine Island Glacier Just Broke Away

This is the second major calving event to affect the glacier in the past two years.
This is happening — and it's bad.
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Why this is bad: The Larsen C ice shelf is truly a shelf - water under the sheet can warm and weaken its structure. A glacier this large calving away from the sheet is cause for alarm by itself. Portions calve this way each year, but normally they are not this large, and often they can stay in place for months or years. But the fact that the glacier is already moving away from the main sheet exposes more of the sheet to undercurrents and warmer waters, and could indicate that the currents are weakening the ice exactly as feared.
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Frick, this is all kinds of bad
Giant berg on the move
A68 is now on the move and drifting out to sea
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"There is a 97% expert consensus on a cohesive theory that’s overwhelmingly supported by the scientific evidence, but the 2–3% of papers that reject that consensus are all over the map, even contradicting each other."
I'm not exactly certain what they did here. The mention of the R programming language significantly weakens the piece for me because it is pretty much irrelevant to what they are describing, and makes it seem like this was just a statistical analysis. Still, this is a piece that is worth reading to the end because the point at the end is a strong one.
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