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Alpacas on the meadow - art by Adrienn Ecsedi, 2016

This is my new digital painting. Two young alpacas are eating grass on the meadow. In the back you can see some faraway mountains and the blue sky that is covered with small clouds.

I have two Alpacasso plush toys at home: a yellow one with a pink scarf and a rainbow colored one. Do you like alpacas?

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This is Trisha, an android character of one of the stories I have imagined. She is physically very strong, tall and also a straight to the point kind of character.
Trisha has lavender colored hair and dark eyes. She has been sleeping for hundreds of years before she was found and awakened.

Tools: Clip Studio Paint EX, Wacom Intuos Pro S
Prints & More at Redbubble:

© Adrienn Ecsedi | 2016

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Beach, clear blue sky, sunshine - what else do we need to relax?
This is my new painting:

I have started this painting as a demo to show my digital painting process ( ). I liked the character so much that I decided to finish the painting fully. I have spent some time on figuring out what kind of background to give her. I have been thinking about a meadow with tall gold colored grass, and two kinf of beach: one with many rocks and with sand. I went with the sandy beach.

Her shell necklace was inspired by a beautiful shell I got recently from my mom. I really like it, it is on my desk at the moment too. So I thought, why not paint her a necklace with a shell hanging on it?

This artwork is available as prints, stickers, notebooks, iPhone cases and more at RedBubble:

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Here is the finished portrait of Lillfrid (a character of mine). I have added a starry sky as background. I love stars. :)

On my website you can see some of the painting steps as well. I will upload a speed paint video of it later this week. #art #DigitalArt #portrait

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Red Panda Hug - digital painting by Adrienn Ecsedi, 2016

Red pandas are one of my favourite animals. They are the size of a bigger house cat. They look cute and adorable.
I wanted to express my love for red pandas with this painting. They really have a special place in my heart and I would really like to hold one like this. ;)

You can check the painting process and read a bit more about the painting on my website:

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I have recently finished a commission work which was interesting because I made a darker themed painting.
Here it is:

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Here is a landscape painting I did yesterday. It shows the lake at Orfű where I stayed for two days last month. Time lapse video will come tomorrow, I will share it here too.

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My Lemur Friends - digital painting by Adrienn Ecsedi, 2015.

Ring-tailed lemurs are one of the endangered species of Madagascar. This is a painting to show how close they can be to us if you have some food with you. Their name is derived from the Latin word lemures, which means “spirits of the night”. They eat flowers, fruits, tree leaves, grass and sometimes even insects. Lemur catta can live up to 18 years. They are endangered because of habitat loss.

Please check out the painting and how I painted it on my blog:

#ringtailedlemurs #lemur #wildlife #animalart #digitalart  

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New artwork!! And not the one you have seen the wips from before. This is a completely different one and also a fanart. :) I hope you like it. She is Kirie Konami from the anime and manga serie World Trigger.

#KirieKonami #WorldTrigger #animeart #fanart  

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Here is a quick painting I've made yesterday evening. This is a Southern Cassowary, a very unique looking giant bird.

I hope you don't mind the different paintings from me. I am inspired by different things all the time and this is the result.

#SouthernCassowary #GiantBirds #BirdArt #AnimalPortrait  
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