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Happiness Comes in Waves

Earlier this year we got a chance to spend time at the ocean -- and that's one of my all-time favorite things to do! I spend a lot of time looking at all my trip photos and this old woody sitting in front of the hotel inspired this compilation. Seems to me that this old car would be a lot happier at the beach!

The two original photos comprise the main components of the artwork. First I took everything out of the beach photo so I just had sand and sky, then I dropped in the old woody, but it needed something so I cut the boy out and set him in the distance. Some filters and extra sky photos were blended in and various layers were ran through Topaz Impressions. I also did a line drawing of some of the components because I wanted some lines to show through as if the work was first sketched, then painted over.
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Point Reyes Boat
Known as the Tomales Bay Shipwreck, the Inverness Shipwreck, or the S.S. Point Reyes, the tall fishing boat was once in danger of being removed, but it was local photographers who actually saved it. The vessel was originally dragged aground by the land’s previous owner who had intended to fix the ship up. However, like many fixer-upper projects, he never actually got around to the repairs, leaving the boat, which still bears the name, “Point Reyes,” to decay on the shore.
Sadly, while it was photographers who saved it, it was also photographers who destroyed it. A small group was spinning burning wool when the boat caught fire.
Hope you enjoy my #digitallyPainted version of this once iconic boat.

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St. Maarten Water Taxi
Breathing some life into an old jpg by employing Topaz Impressions to the photo with additional touches of my own.

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Hot Summer Nights

There is something magical about summer nighttime in the city. I was inspired to make this artwork after recently traveling and enjoying just such a an evening.
I wanted to create something inviting -- a place for two lovers to kiss, a place for friends to talk, or even just a place for one person to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet.


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Those deep moments when we discover an essential truth about our life or ourselves.

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Timeless Photographs 5 cents

The original photograph was shot at EPCOT in Florida.

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To achieve balance, you have to be right there in the moment. This isn't just about stacking's about life.

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Wow, this is old... way back from 2012. I'm going through some of my old G+ albums and I found this.
This is an old photo with some sort of app-applied filter. For some reason it inspired a short story. I actually still like the story and it's very different than the way I normally write or even think.
Mrs. Mildred D. Has a Secret
Up in the attic and in the farthest corner is a suitcase. As far as she knows, Mr. D. has never noticed it. He's never asked about it for the 64 years they've been married.
This old suitcase is the secret of her long marriage. It is the reason she has put up with over six decades of thankless household drudgery. It is the way she has dealt with those times when she felt depleted by endless worries and responsibilities. The secret suitcase represented freedom and fresh starts. It was like a talisman against those times when she felt invisible and craved nothing more than to away.
She packed it after the first big argument she and Mr. D. had. That was 60 years ago! Such a silly, insipid argument! Looking back, most of the arguments were silly. She loved her husband with her every breath. And though he was imperfect, she too was imperfect. They balanced each other.
And yet...still she kept the suitcase packed. Those old clothes stopped fitting her after her first child so many decades ago... but it was just the idea of freedom that kept that suitcase there. It was like having an ace up her sleeve. (Mr. D. would love that analogy!) 

He's not well these days. Not well at all. Any hour might be the hour that he leaves her. She sits by his bedside and holds his hand. He cannot speak but he can see her. A thousand memories flash between them; a thousand lifetimes. 

He's sleeping quietly now. With an great effort she climbs the attic stairs. When did they get so steep? When were there so many steps? She turns on the light by her suitcase. It's silly and stupid... but somehow she believes that if she empties this suitcase, her secret get-a-way bag, that somehow she can prolong those precious moments with her husband.

She snaps open the clasps.

Where she expected to see cheap cotton dresses and dulled white gloves;
where she expected to see her oldest hat and comfortable shoes and underclothing decades out of date....

She has instead found pictures of her and her beloved. There are black and white photos of her children too and colorful photos of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. There are old love letters from her husband and little notes from her children. Mr. D. has put in simple artwork the kids drew and those the grandkids colored that depict stick figures in complete happiness. She is astounded that such simple figures can convey so much love!

There is much and more of pictures and documents and there is not a single garment or any of the hidden money she expected to find. 

She climbs down the attic stairs. Somehow those steps seem as easy and short as they did 60 decades ago. She has a spring in her step as she enters the old bedroom she and her beloved have shared for so very, very long.

He is awake and smiling. He knows. How did he know? How long has he known?

It doesn't matter. Nothing ever mattered more than this moment between them.

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Pike's Market Sign

I've been in a Seattle kind of mood this evening. Here is a digital painting made from my own photography.

#PikesMarket   #Seattle   #Washington   #ByTheSea  
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