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"PQRS 2016 – It’s Time to Report For Quality Strategy You Have Followed Throughout the Year 2016"

PQRS- Physician Quality Reporting System is an incentive program for healthcare quality improvement that has been initiated by the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services or CMS. This system induces incentives as well penalties that encourage eligible professionals for reporting quality measures to Medicare.

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"EHR Interoperability in Modern Healthcare – Must to Achieve Technology for Better Health Services"

The health information exchange organization organizations need to be well versed with the ability of systems and varied devices that are utilized for exchanging vital information which is termed as interoperability.

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"How Care Management Platform Helps You Work Smarter and Saves You Money?"

Implementing Care Management platform across the workflow, the concerned organizations can proficiently save money as well as time. The Care Management Platform relevantly even reduces the effort and stress that are likely developed within the entire management process.

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"Why Quality Improvement in Healthcare is Important?"

The main reason behind the quality improvement of healthcare is that, if the healthcare practice institutions are stuck with the traditional concepts with no further enhancements, it will fail in generating better results. Streamlining the changes into the system, a new level of performance can be achieved.

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"miGlass – A Google Glass Health App Toward Wearable Health Technology"

The Google Glass concepts used by the practitioners is primarily a high-end glass used for live streaming a patient. It can act as an additional display as well; that can be immediately accessed.

The concept has also turned out to be equally effective being used with baffling holographic display technology. Well, the medical application of the Google Glasses has been the most convincing so far, through the concepts like miGlass – A Google Glass Health App.

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"Why to Choose Integrated Practice Management Software?"

What makes the price management software most effective is their all-in-one feature, which offers everything that one needs for better management. These tools are excellent for management purpose through a single vendor. It makes things easier by combining the departments, those used to be disconnected.

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"MACRA – Does It Ease Your Practice Work?"

The information and guidelines circulated by MACRA and MIPS sounds interesting make the new program look comparatively straight forward, but still there is much to be done yet, the real nuances are quite complicated. So, the first and foremost step should be to pursue thorough information about the latest guidelines and learn the actual program requirements.

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"How Cloud Based EHR Offers Greater Data Protection?"

MINIMAL BUDGET {The cloud-based solutions have certainly turned out much budget-friendly in comparison} || GREATER SECURITY ASSURANCE {Most of the cloud powered companies are indulged in partnership with global security agencies to include greater protective barriers for your information} || BETTER FOCUS {The best part of the cloud-based security organization is the 24 x 7 service they offer. Being active anytime, they notify about each security breach, the moment it occurs, which helps to take precautions on time}
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"How HIPAA Compliant Electronic Health Record System Helps You Keep Safe From Cyber Attacks?"

It’s a fact that many practitioners often pay these hackers, instead of being serious about keeping backups. Even bigger is the concern that despite so much of awareness, people are still neglecting the data. Well, HIPAA can take care of such challenges in a much effective way. Following its guidelines thoroughly, one can stay at a much-accomplishing side.

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"Can Healthcare Billing Solutions Aid To Improve Health Services?"

Medical billing undoubtedly has a strong relationship with clinical research domain. Clinical research can be much broader as an aspect through medical billing. Each bill, of each patient, including the doses being accessed over a global platform can undoubtedly help the clinical research professional in an extensive way.

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