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For those of you who are readers and writers who enjoy queer romance, check out this free conference happening in Seattle this Friday and Saturday.

Read with Pride Northwest: The LGBTQIA Romance Fiction Conference of the Pacific Northwest

It is free, but you do need to register to participate.

Image description: Group photograph from last years Read With Pride Northwest.

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This second anniversary special episode includes behind the scenes updates, outtakes, and six very silly bad poems that were composed for a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Vogon poetry competition in which the goal was to make poems that were as terrible (and funny) as possible.

I thought I'd do something special for the second anniversary of the podcast. I hope you all enjoy this bit of pure silliness and humor (plus the behind the scenes discussions of the projects I'm working on).

Image description: Photograph of a round chocolate cake with glossy frosting and a group of twelve pink, yellow, green, and blue spiral shaped birthday candles burning on top.
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