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Orcombe Point - 'Walking on the Beach' for #joinInDaily with +Johnny Wills Windsurfer's end of the beach where at low tide (earlier) the sea is almost a lagoon between the beach and sandbanks. A bit too windy and choppy yesterday, but fun to bounce on the waves in moments of October sunshine. Water is only mildly 'cold' this time of year despite the grey skies.
The UNESCO heritage 'Jurassic Coast' starts here, at the red cliffs.

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Pub on the beach: Theme 'Outside Seating' for #JoinInDaily with +Johnny Wills
The New Quay Inn established 1661, Teignmouth, with view of the Teign estuary and boating activities from this port side. Time your meal so the tide laps your feet around these tables!
#Teignmouth #DiningOut

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90 meter cliffs of slate, where quarries were common in this area of Cornwall; since the early 1300s until early twentieth century.

The rock was gradually cut back until a man made strong point was reached. This consisted of a flattened area with carefully constructed retaining walls.

In order to work the vertical cliff face, quarrymen would attach themselves to ropes dropped down from the strong points, allowing them to swing out of the way, as blocks of slate came free.

(Note: Google alter/reduce our photo qualities.)

#Tintagel11 #Cornwall #SlateQuarry #CliffQuarry #SouthWestCoastPath #LichenLovers

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"Wind is lord and change is sovereign of the strand."
'The Cliffside Path' ~ Algernon C. Swinburne

Star by star on the unsunned waters twiring down,
Golden spear-points glance against a silver shield.

Over banks and bents, across the headland's crown,
As by pulse of gradual plumes through twilight wheeled,
Soft as sleep, the waking wind awakes the weald.

Moor and copse and fallow, near or far descried.

Feel the mild wings move, and gladden where they glide:
Silence, uttering love that all things understand,
Bids the quiet fields forget that hard beside
Wind is lord and change is sovereign of the strand.

Extract: 'The Cliffside Path' ~ Algernon Charles Swinburne
(from A Midsummer Holiday and Other Poems, 1884)

Befitting a windswept white sea horse day. Safety in the fields: too dangerous along the cliffs.

#FridayFlowers #Ragwort #SeaViews #SouthWestCoastPath #Tintagel10

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Sea and slate ripples for #joinInDaily theme 'Ripples'
with +Johnny Wills
Geological rifts and erosion have created an interesting rippled surface pattern on this rock formation, which feels like the edge of the world, at the very top of the furthest point of Tintagel Island.
Slate has been mined extensively over time from the cliffs in the area: houses, roofs and walls everywhere are built with them.

#Tintagel6 #Slates #Cornwall

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Gull Rock for 'Looks like a Pyramid' theme:
#JoinInDaily with +Johnny Wills
High tide surf on a windswept evening along the South West Coast Path, above 90 mt cliffs. The wind was so strong the plantain seed head, centre, has two images, one stalkless and one headless!

#SouthWestCoastPath #Cornwall #WildFlowers #GullRock #HoleBeach

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'Beautiful Colours' theme for #JoinInDaily with +Johnny Wills
Nature's subtle colours at sundown - A glassy pale calm sea as high tide laps the rock boulders. The pink horizon haze with sunset reflecting off it is likely pollution.

Video version:

- Play together with 'Summer Breeeze' Track (2)
from 'Distances' by GMO & DENSE
Ambient chill with a beat. All tracks listed on Bandcamp.
Recommend 'Forest' and 'Ink' too.
or full album on Cosmic Leaf Records

#SeaViews #Sunset #Calm #Colours

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Tintagel Castle Island from the South West Coast Path.
A bright blustery day of 'Westerlies', with noisy sea spray beating the cliffs: 90 mts high, to give some scale to the awesome views from the cliff path. In such bright sunlight, the drama of the Atlantic sounds and colours shows the area at its best.

Although nowadays the area is simply popular for walkers and tourists, during the 5th and 6th centuries, Cornwall had the nearest shipping ports connecting Britain to the ancient world of the Mediterranean, Aegean seas and the Levant; south through the Bay of Biscay and around the Iberian Peninsular.
We didn't need the EU to trade with the world!

Tin, an essential ingredient in bronze metal working would have been traded for amphora, (relics found): those from Crete, Chios and Rhodes contained wine; others from south east Turkey contained olive oil and beads.

Not only goods, but culture too was imported: religious beliefs (Christianity), artistic styles and social customs.

(Zoom in to see people on the island, for scale)
The other entrance to Merlin's cave is visible.

#Tintagel5 #KingArthur #SouthWestCoastPath #Cornwall

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Yellow Rock Samphire clings to the cliff side of Tintagel Castle island. Huge rocks are continually breaking away from the cliffs, worn and washed away by pounding seas: the different coloured sediments of the Carboniferous period can be seen.
(Its difficult to convey the dizzying height; see figure on path for scale)


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Tintagel Castle wall remants of slate, the local building material.
"Slate is a multi-purpose stone which is intimately tied to the everyday life, architecture and landscape of north Cornwall.
Almost everything in the Cornish home was made of slate, including pantry shelves, kitchen sinks, fireplaces, roof, walls and flooring".
~ Tintagel Historical Guide

#Tintagel2 #TintagelCastle #slates
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