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Udupi Cuisine's Rice Crepes Recipe (Dodna, Sameerpan).
While it is raining heavily outside, one of the best things to enjoy is some steamed, hot rice crepes with coconut oil on top. These silky smooth, papery thin steamed rice crepes are a good old tea time snack. These rice crepes are called sameerpan in Konkani and dodna in Kannada.
Recipe to make them from -

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Banana stem is high in fibre & like the fruit is a good source of Potassium & Vitamin B6. It also maintains fluid balance in our body & has cooling properties. Many reasons to include them in your diet.

After the banana brunch are harvested, the banana plant is no longer of use. Banana leaves & the banana stem are chopped off for use. The outer fibrous layers of the banana stem are peeled & the innermost cylindrical part of the banana stem, that can't be peeled anymore are used in cooking. Tender banana stems are easy to chew. As they mature they harden & are quite tough & fibrous. So, tender most banana stems are best used in cooking.

I love cooked crunchy banana stem in curries & this chutney made using banana stem.

Recipe to make banana stem chutney, Udupi cuisine style. It's called gabbe chutney in Konkani, gabbo means banana stem in Konkani -

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Tomato Gojju (Boiled, smashed tomatoes with delicious seasoning)
A simple, spicy, tangy, tasty side dish made of tomatoes. A bowl of hot steaming rice and tomato gojju is comfort food at its best! An easy, super quick recipe for times when you have to prepare a quick meal.
Recipe for tomato gojju -

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A traditional carrot kosambri/kusumbri recipe that's tasty, healthy and nutritious. Very quick and easy recipe to make a flavourful carrot salad in a traditional Udupi style. :)
Recipe for carrot kosambri -

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Here's Udupi cuisine's pickled raw mango gojju recipe. Bayisida Mavinakayi Gojju in Kannada. It's tangy and delicious with a flavourful garlic seasoning. Definitely makes a heavenly dinner when is had with curd rice & spicy buttermilk chillies.
Tips on how to pickle raw mangoes & recipe to make this delicious gojju is here -

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Shavigebath is a popular Karnataka breakfast & snack. Also, called as vermicelli upma, semiya.
Recipe for shavigebath -

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Banana flowers are used to make yummy chutney and delicious tambli (yoghurt/buttermilk based gravy). Makes a heavenly lunch, when it is had with a bowl of steaming hot rice or with congee.
Recipe to make banana flower chutney, tambhli (bondi chutney, bondi tambali in Konkani) -

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Steaming hot, soft, well cooked chickpeas in a spicy, sweet seasoning, with lots of fresh grated coconut! That's served steaming hot in temples of Udupi, Kundapur as prasadam after a pooja. And people line up for this prasad. ;-) You won't see this happening for any other prasad. :-)
A recipe for times when you crave for this delicious kadale in Kannada, chickpea usli, chane usli in Konkani:

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A side dish for dosas, idlis, chapathis, steaming hot rice, curd rice, congee & practically anything! Flavourful & spicy horse gram chutney powder, which tastes all the more great with a big dollop of coconut oil on top.

Recipe for kulitha chutney puddi/puddi chutney in Konkani, hurali chutney pudi in Kannada:

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Biscuit ambade is the Kannada name for deep fried black gram fritters (urad dal vada). Biscuit ambado is the Konkani name. These yummy fritters with a crispy crust and a soft inside are a perfect snack and will vanish from the plate in seconds when served hot. You can't just stop at one!

In Mangalore, Udupi region biscuit ambade is a popular tea time snack and breakfast. Biscuit ambade is also served along with idlis and sambar. Crispy, tiny or large balls of biscuit ambade are served with just sambar as a tea time snack and are called as bonda soup. Biscuit ambade are soaked in curds for few hours and seasoned to make yummy dahi vada as well. These yummy fritters are so versatile and can be served in so many different ways.

Biscuit ambado is a favourite of Konkani's and is commonly served as a snack/breakfast during rituals and marriages.

Recipe to make biscuit ambade and umpteen ways you can serve/eat them is here:
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