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A light wave in your hand
A gentle touch of your body warmth
I could only imagine
I was holding you
And this moment
“Don’t ever let go…”
The mighty oceans berated
With roaring cries
Moon above
Brought a sense of longing
How we were chosen
How we were divided
By the seven seas
We were not meant
To have each other for long
Time together was immensely meteoric
Beaten over and over
By a plethora of blinded tests
My tiny chamber momentarily weakened
Here, I sat by the lake
Wishing the sun would never leave
My dialogue with the time owner
I whispered
To the motionless leaves
Chasing the footsteps
Which had already faded…
EP 2016


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Colours of Autumn
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Buds and Bug

I haven't posted any images of the bees but would love to share this recital performed by Daniel Barenboim playing Beethoven's sonata ....Tune in at 9:46 for the melancholy and yet soothing Part ll of "Pathétique", Adagio cantabile. (

Scores : (
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This is spring!

"What a strange thing! To be alive under the cherry blossoms." by Kobayashi Issa.

A wonderful day spent admiring some flowering cherry blossoms with Margaret and David at Rayners orchard. These trees are not just pretty but fruit bearing in the coming months! Viva the bees! 

I hope you can smell and feel the fresh scent of spring in the air...etreinte! Let me fill your ears with this lively composition  ( : )
Spring 2014
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A Blissful Dance
The sun was chasing the stars to rise, I could barely feel much warmth as we touched down the gardens of Tindale. Foraging through the narrow path, these purple colour flowers suddenly set right before my eyes. Some of these flowers that I had captured remind me of a dance which goes like this...

Would you hand me my weensy soft ballet shoes?
Let me don them up spiralling like a twist.
Would you let me dance for you in the twilight before the last light?
Before it disappears in the cloud of somber.
With my head held high and with my silky feather like weaved dress,
I will dance and dance until my legs could hold no more, until my feet curls in rigour. 
With your applause and with your cheers...I am dancing for you well in bliss!
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When I think of the fern, the name All Blacks comes to mind. I can virtually hear the warriors shouting and dancing gloriously to intimidate their opponents with their Haka's contorted faces!

Five out of the six photos in this album were taken from Kota Kinabalu National Park. I am fascinated how the fern frond unfurls or unfolds itself. Moreover, the tight curling fronds mimic the winter millipedes that I found inside my house, which I try to scare off with my screams. They curl into a tight bun in a very defensive manner. But, seriously the fern fronds are more than just leaves. They are like the Picasso's pieces planted in the nature.

(NB: Screaming doesn't frighten the millipedes off because they don't possess any auditory system. So, save your voices!)
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Blue Lotus
Blue Lotus
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Cranbourne Botanical Garden

This album is one of my favourites. I hope more people will go to visit this beautiful exotic garden of Australia.

A special thanks to +Margaret Wong who made my visit so enjoyable.! :))) Thank you +David Williams for your company too.

G+ had somehow added snow in one of my photos! It's lovely. 
Animated Photo
Cranbourne Botanical Garden 2013
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Finding hibiscus in Little India....
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