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The Story Within the Story of a Collection
Bali Culture and Traditions, My Travel Story

Listen to +Anna's Soul Travel success story with Google+Collections. How did she start from scratch with creating quality content and beautiful images from Bali, where she resides now.

Hint: tell the story of your own Collection on a video and do it in person

+Google+ "Travel Sory" featuring Anna's work:

Google handle on Twitter included the photo from Anna's article for #WorldTourismDay.

"Ogoh-Ogoh" statute for Balinese New Year celebrations

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Stay tuned for a live-stream Anna's initiating to give insights how people prepare for the predicted eruption of the volcano. The announcement is going to appear first in "Bali Culture and Traditions" Collection, turn notifications "On"

This interview is live streamed on You Tube. Interviewer Nina Trankova for Collections Tutorials

#GooglePlusCollections #BeKnownForWhatYouCreate
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Find your Voice, not your Niche! Collections Tips & Tricks

+Azlin Bloor is reminding the essential value of being present with your own voice while creating Google+Collections.

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#GooglePlusCollections #BeKnoenForWhatYouCreate
Find your Voice, not your Niche!
Collections Tips & Tricks

Finding a niche that no one else is posting about can be virtually impossible. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

In the very first Collections 101 panel, +Shane Dallas tells you to find your voice.

How do you do find your voice?

> Shane says, "You need to tell a story on Collections that only you can tell."
> Look around, and talk about what you know, what you see, what you understand.
> What is "normal" to you, may be exotic to the rest of the world!

In the image below, +Travelure's voice is his focus on architecture. This Collection enchants us because it highlights the grandeur and magnificence of the various buildings and sites featured.

You'll find more helpful tips and ideas on the free "Best Practices" PDF:

Remember, find YOUR VOICE, not your niche!

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How to Create Top Excerpts With Google Plus Collections
Hint Digital Visual

Expertise and mastery is a deep knowledge that may create a digital divide by themselves. To bridge and include online audience:

Implement digital visual tools!
this drawing took me 7 hours
thanks for watching :)
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See Front Position of Posts from Google Plus Collections in Discover
With Discover, users reach featured Collections in more ways

When they
◊ Click Discover and research posts that interest them.
◊ Click Discover and choose a Topic.
◊ Search by typing keywords and phrases in the Search box.

Create a new post, add it to your Themed Collection and users will see the post in front position whether they scroll "Discover", search for what they are interested in, either explore a Topic.

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#GooglePlus #Discover #BeKnownForWhatYouCreate
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The Best Way To Be Known For What You Create

+Azlin Bloor has done an excellent roundup on my presentation slide!
Be Known for What You Create

+Nina Trankova advises you to stand out and be noticed for what you create. She was on the very first Collections 101 Panel, and this is only one of many great tips she gave.

The best way to be known for what you create:

* Focus on content in your area of expertise
* Make your content come alive with words and great images
* Grab your readers' attention
* Tell a story with your words and your images

In other words, Nina says that if you start out or focus on content that you love, your passion will shine through, and you'll be able to devote 100% to the topic, with virtually limitless material.

You can see more of Nina's work and Collections here:

You'll find more helpful tips and ideas on the free "Best Practices" PDF:

Remember Be Known for What You Create!

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Creating and Curating with Collections is a Constant Bridge

In this interview, +David Amerland does a roundup about the live streamed event #Collections101 #3 initiative of Google+ team and Google+Collections Community.

"It was a constructive conversation and the questions from the audience were excellent", says David.

He talks about the importance of creation, repurposing, sharing and re-sharing and curation of information as a constant bridge, therefore a constant activity online. A few more critical details are mentions related to digital identity.(2 min).

To my question about the far future of G+ and Collections, David Amerland responded we can't really know. As a takeaway, keep in mind this:

Hint: everything revolves around the user

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From Dots to Flow
explore and demonstrate your steps while exploring

For your work with Google Plus Collection Tips&Tricks, Hints, Best Practice and examples are good to know and important to implement yet it's still not 100% of what Collections really are.

A person is crossing the border of screens and devices to get connected with what can't be described but sparkles inspiration.

◊ Share content around your theme to keep connectivity vivid
◊ Arrange tiny valuable excerpts in a raw
◊ Be persistent to keep up with the theme and make it a flow

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Focus and Focus Again with Google Plus Collections

Revelation like "Fotografia Creativa" make my day while moderating G+Collections Community.

Hint: Choose what to see
with "Fotografia Creativa" and +Domingo Rosillo Sevilla

Join the Community:

#Discover #GooglePlusKnowledge
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Collections on New Google Plus Menu
Own Collections and Followed Collections

Following to changes on the Google+ menu due to new feature "Discover", here is how you reach your own Collections and Collections you follow:

Own Collections
Reach your own Collections immediately under your profile or directly

All Your Own Collections
View all your own Collection by choose "view all" or here

All Followed Collections
Type the word of your theme in the Search box and view all Collections you are following.
Direct link

◊ Featured Collections:

It is exciting because there are now more ways to use Collections: streamed under "Discover", promoted within "Topics", reached through Search box, when people search.

#GooglePlusMenu #GooglePlusKnowledge #GooglePlusNews #Discover
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Know Your Audience
Survey Approach and User Case research by +Paolo Amoroso

#BeKnownForWhatYouCreate #Survey #Followers
Space Apps for Android: 1st user survey results
My Google+ collection Space Apps for Android recently hit 200,000 followers and I thought it would be interesting to learn more about the users who follow it, so I posted a survey:

Space Apps for Android: 1st user survey

My goal for this first survey was to focus on how users found about, access, and like the collection. I also wanted to keep it short and quick to take, with just half a dozen questions and no text to enter.

I got just 42 responses to the survey, which at best give a rough sketch of the follower base. The infographic summarizes the data, here are the original questions and my notes on the results.

How did you learn about Space Apps for Android
I don’t promote the collection outside of Google+ other than reposting to Twitter through Friends+Me, so it’s not surprising over 90% of the respondents learned about it from Google+. But there’s some buzz elsewhere as 9.5% learned about the collection from Facebook, 9.5% from blogs/websites, and almost 12% through other means.

How long have you been following Space Apps for Android?
About half of the respondents have been following the collection for more than a month. It looks like it’s getting a lot of fresh followers no doubt thanks to being featured on Google+.

How do you like Space Apps for Android?
Most of the respondents like the collection in some way and slightly over 7% don’t like it (so why do they follow?). The latter, along with those who do like it but don’t give it the highest rank, may have some feedback on how to improve the collection and this is an opportunity for a followup survey.

Over the past 30 days how many apps featured in the collection did you visit on the Play Store?
Over half of the user checked out at least one of the Play Store listings of the apps I featured over the previous 30 days. Interestingly, 28% only consumed the posts without checking out more information about the apps.

Over the past 30 days how many apps featured in the collection did you install to your device?
66.7% of the respondents installed at least one of the apps featured in the collection over the previous 30 days and 9.5% more than 4 apps, remarkable. There’s enough engagement even with no calls to action.

Do you have an Android device?
I expected not all the followers to have an Android device and indeed 14.3% of the respondents don’t own one. I assume this is because astronomy and space are popular geeky interests.

Are you an Android developer?
I also expected some of the followers to be Android developers but not so many, 28.6% of the respondents.
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