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Thought this was relevant to the entrepreneurs in this group...
Want to get a custom logo on a budget? Check out these 8 places.

One of them is an AI service that lets you build your own logo
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Via +B2C
The 3 C’s of Social Media Marketing
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Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, Pinterest Automation: How to Schedule and Loop Social Media Posts for Free

Multiple tools are present in the market to help you schedule your social media posts. Software like Hootsuite and SproutSocial help you write posts, upload pictures, and share links to your #socialmedia accounts, on an intermittent basis. But, these schedulers cost you a good fortune which your startup might not be able to afford at the moment. In such a situation, you must be looking for ways with which you can schedule social media posts for free! Well, there is one way and in this article we are going to share it with you in detail.

The process of looping your social media posts, for free, is extremely easy. For the purpose, all you need to do is:

• Provide Information on your Free +IFTTT Account
• Create a free +Buffer Account for updating content on #GooglePlus or #Facebook Groups
• Create a new Google Account or use existing account, for the purpose of using Google Calendar
• Download .csv Auto Post Template (editable in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets) for easy managing of your posts

Just these simple steps and you are done! You will need to connect all these accounts with your social media pages for the desired results. Read further to learn about the process in detail.

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My great friend +Jay Baer has a great deal happening right now on Amazon on his best seller, Hug Your Haters and you should go grab this right now while the deal lasts!

Some great tips on how your business can interact with your social audience during hard times too! Wonderful!

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Starting Monday!
Thought you guys may want to get in on this :)
Free Content Course
I have put together a 5 day Content Writing Course/Challenge for those of you interested. This course begins on June 5th and you will receive an email course every day.

You will come out of it more educated about HOW you should be writing your content for the web. This is a rigorous process so you need to commit right now to do this with me!

Sign up for the course here:

I appreciate each and every one of you, which is why I put this free 5 day course together for you. I know a lot of you are individual business entrepreneurs and you probably write your own content anyway.

This IS going to help your business!

On June 5th it all starts...go ahead and sign up for the course now and make sure you confirm your email address, and also read the follow up email that I will send right away!

Looking forward to it!

Right now is the perfect time to get more educated on content writing, content psychology, and how the pro's construct their articles.

Sign up now:

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Want More Social Media Traffic? Follow This 6-Step Blog Content Distribution Plan

Traffic generated to your blog from social media is just as—if not more—important as search engine and direct traffic. Today, 69% of Americans use at least one form of social media, up from 50% in 2011. Consequently, your #socialmedia posts should not only be compelling but also framed in a way that will catch the eye of your social media audience. Here are 6 steps you can take to ensure that your blog will stand out and generate more traffic from social media.

#infographic courtesy of: +DigitalMarketer

#socialmediamarketing #blogging #bloggingtips #contentmarketing
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Demographics of the Top 7 Social Media Networks

To get the most from your #socialmedia marketing efforts, you have to know your audience. After all, there are 2.8 billion people (including 7 in 10 Americans) using social media—a 22% increase from the previous year. Not everyone is using the same platforms or using them the same way, so here’s some insight into the demographics and usage characteristics for the top 7 social media networks to help you better target your audience.

#infographic via: +Tracx

#socialmediamarketing #SMM #facebook
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What do you think?
+Irfan Ahmad
7 Selling Techniques for Social Media (Infographic)

The advent of social media over the past two decades has immensely changed the way people communicate and interact with others as well with businesses they follow. Before the #socialmedia networks became popular, the only way business can interact with their market is through email and other traditional medium such as direct mail and telephone.

Today, from multinational companies to fresh startups now have the opportunity to bring their brand closer to their target audience. In the recent years, several developments and changes in social media platforms have took place which enabled marketers to accurately target their preferred audience based on interest, location, lifestyle, and other important factors that will increase their chance of making sales.

As a changing platform, there are a lot of shifts and trends in social media that salespeople must be aware to help them become more effective marketer. Knowing what techniques are most effective will not only bring your brand closer to your audience, but also help build a better relationship with your target customers in mind.

In this infographic from Healthy Business Builder you'll discover seven selling techniques for social media.

Key takeaways:
Choose the social platform relevant to your prospects.
Join or establish a community.
Connect with the right individuals.
List down relevant companies and follow them.
Join related discussions.
Share relevant contents.
Get the information you need at the right time.

To learn more, check out the infographic below.

#Infographic courtesy of: +Healthy Business Builder

#marketing #SMM #socialmediamarketing
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Via +Irfan Ahmad
7 Practical Social Media Marketing Tips You’re Probably Ignoring

It does not matter if you are running a multibillion dollar company or managing a small bookshop around the corner, what matters is your customers are virtually connected to you through social media. For the majority of your audience, if you’re not on Facebook, then you probably don’t exist or at least not interested in connecting with them.

#Digitalmarketing has gone beyond maintaining a company website and paying other websites to post your digital ads. For the past decade or so, #marketing influencers have known that #socialmedia is the way to go. About 90% of digital marketers have claimed that social media has generated immense exposure for their company. It is no wonder that companies hustle and spend a lot of money to ride the waves of different social media strategies. This includes following the trends, which is not an easy feat given the fast-paced nature of social media. But don’t forget that while being up-to-date with the goings-on in social media, marketing is important; you must also never lose sight of the practical social media tips that have been there all along. They have been tried, tested, and proven to deliver results. In the fickle world of social media, having something constant such as these go-to tricks are indeed lifesavers.

Here are some of the practical social media tips you should not be ignoring.

#infographic courtesy of: +Sprout Social

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What do you think? Have you figured out a good posting schedule for yourself yet?


A nifty guide for posting frequency on social media ⏰

How often do you post? We'd love to hear your tips & tricks!
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