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Hello This is my first Blog to advertise my patent pending CMMS software. I have 20 plus years of maintenance experience. I was challenged a while back by my boss he wanted me to install stack-lights on 35 injection molding machines I started putting together a plan with costs I found that to do this it would cost around $15,000 with parts and labor. I presented him the quote knowing that the price was astronomical for what the end result would accomplish. These lights did no more than a person raising there hand or shouting for help. He said you are a smart person design me something better and more cost efficient. Here is how it all started.
I started messing with radio technology along with my computer related experience including programming knowledge. I got it to work however it had its limitations. I had a booth at the International Plastics Show and every potential customer who seen it was very impressed. What I learned there was:

The Radio cards had to go having a 1200 foot min distance between radios was not acceptable.

Implemented Tablet Technology so know you are only limited to you network connection.

The end customer wanted the ability to have more machines. The original software only monitored 35 machines.

Upgraded system to monitor 125 machines.

No external viewer.

I designed an external viewer so that the large screen monitor could be vied in different locations through out the offices and production floor. Visible from any computer on the network

System only covered labor cost per machine.

Added Inventory management to the CMMS software to allow the person closing the work order to add parts used during the occurrence. Know it can do parts and Labor on a per machine basis.

The end user wanted the downtime issue texted to a member or members of his team.

When a button is presses on the tablet a text is sent to team members for that group. which expedites the service call astronomically.

The original software only covered Maintenance issues

It now covers
Maintenance Management
EAM - Enterprise Asset Management
Inventory Management
OOE - Overall Operating Efficiency

This software has been totally redesigned as a direct result of my experience at the International Plastics Show. They though it was awesome then. Just wait until they see what it has become.

I have started a video collection of the system in use it can be viewed at

Additional items added since the show.
The large Screen Monitor now shows the OOE of all machines currently.

A message center has been added to announce meetings and or exciting events
and much more.

I believe that once this software gets recognized it will be the number one seller on the market today.

Below are a few images of the technology used.

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