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The chilly evenings have finally settled in. Try a warming cup of kashmiri chai or pink tea to jazz up your autumn and winter evenings. It is fragrant, delicious and better than coffee.

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How about some chicken curry for tonight's dinner?!

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Anyone for apple tea!

Infused with spices, this warming and refreshing apple tea is not only healthy but tastes great too. Apples are rich in fiber and important antioxidants while the spices used in this apple tea have their own benefits.

I hope you will like it.

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Impressively sliced and baked to perfection these hasselback potaoes are not only a breeze to prepare but make a great vegetaian side dish. I have spiked the recipe with cajun spice mix to add my personal twist to this dream carb recipe. Try it and let me know what you think!

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Chivda is a snack made with poha, puffed rice, peanuts and raisins. This oats chivda is a healthy twist on the classic chivda recipe. Curry leaves along with the mustard seeds give it a nice aroma and taste. While the oats and nuts increase the nutritional value of this healthy snack. So please do try this recipe for healthy oats chivda it's not only healthy but super easy and quick to make.

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With a basic spice blend and a two step marination process,this juicy and tender to the bone chicken makes a great main course served with naan and a salad.

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Kashmir is famous for its picturesque landscape and delicious food. Kashmiri cooking is a work of art in itself. Making use of distinctive spices and herbs like cardamom, saffron and cinnamon to create heavenly flavours.

The Kashmiri Pulao is an example of one such dish. carefully crafted with aromatic spices and lots of dry fruit.

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Gola Kababs have their origin in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are prepared with ground beef, fried onions and a beguilingly mix of herbs and spices. Gola kebabs are not only easy to make but are super delicious too. These kebabs can be baked, grilled, shallow fried or barbecued. Gola kebabs go well with naan, chapati, kulcha or parathas with a salad and chutney on the side.

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Whether you are hosting a formal lunch, dinner or going to a potluck party this spicy prawn, pineapple and coconut curry will be your favourite on the menu.

This spicy prawn, pineapple and curry is spiked with the flavours of the tropic to set you in the mood for the warm weather. The sweetness of the pineapple chunks and coconut milk are a perfect contrast to the spices used in the prawn curry.

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Shhh!! Don't tell my grandma this is her authentic and secret chicken curry recipe that I am sharing with you today. This chicken curry is made in a tomato and yogurt based sauce with whole spices that take it to another level of awesomeness. You can always adjust the amount of oil or spices to make it even healthier.

Hope you like the recipe!

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