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What a great start to the weekend. My hot and sour soup tested by my most dearest friend +maria nasir
I’m glad you liked the recipe Maria, and that your substitutions worked out so well! Love your chili garnish, it adds a splash of color.
Thank you dear!

Maria Nasir is an amazing home chef. You really have to check out her blog for the wonderful food recipes she posts and drool over the images on google + page.

If you are still waiting to try out this easy recipe here is the link

+Balvinder Ubi , I tried your Fragrant Hot and Sour Soup last night and I'm so glad that I did! It was warming, very flavourful and really fragrant . A happy synthesis of Thai and Chinese flavours in one delicious bowl.

Instead of some fresh herbs, I used the dry ground substitutes because that was all I had available at that time. To add a fresh citrusy kick, I added some lemon zest and leaves pounded together and the whole thing worked beautifully.

The most wonderful thing and completely new to me was the addition of maple syrup to the soup. It tasted divine!

I shall be making this quite often this winter because my family loved it too.
Thank you so much, dear friend for another lovely recipe.

Get the original recipe at

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A little bit of spice and yogurt is all that you need to elevate humble cauliflower before roasting. +Azlin Bloor, who is a chef par excellence, did the same by following my recipe 'Tandoori gobhi' Look how beautiful it turned out!
I am happy it was a hit with her family and she found a new staple.
If you are still waiting to try this recipe, wait no more.
Here's the link.

Tandoori Ghobi (Cauliflower)
A Foodies+ Lab

I love cauliflower and am always looking for new ways to make it. So when I saw +Balvinder Ubi's Tandoori Ghobi, I knew I was going to be trying it out.

A very, very easy recipe to make, it was a huge hit with everyone in the family. I think this is one recipe that's going to be a staple for when I'm looking for a quick fix. But, it is so good that I think it'll make a fantastic party starter!

It has a wonderful depth of flavour - savoury, spicy and a touch tangy.

In fact, Balvinder, if you haven't decided on a recipe for the forthcoming Foodies+ Christmas Cookbook, this would be perfect!

You'll find the original recipe here:


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What a great start to a Sunday Morning! My tandoori gobhi recipe beautifully cooked and presented by my friend Shana Shameer.
She has a great food blog herself with many great recipes. Check out her profile
Huge thanks for trying out the recipe +Shana Shameer !

Tried this delicious Tandoori Gobhi / Tandoori Cauliflower Recipe by +Balvinder Ubi. Great as a side or as a snack.
Head over to Balvinder's profile if you are looking for some classy recipes that are gluten free too :)
Here's a link to the recipe

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My beet lemonade recipe tried and tested by sweet, spicy, sexy +Azlin Bloor Cheers!

Azlin is a super mum homeschooling four kids, cookery teacher and a passionate foodie. You probably know her very well as she runs live cooking shows via google+.
And blogs at

If you also want to try this healthy beet lemonade recipe.
Hers' the link
Beet Lemonade
A Foodies+ Lab

Some weeks ago, +Balvinder Ubi posted a recipe for this and I was intrigued by the colour, the combination and the simplicity of it all. I knew I was going to lab it asap, which I did and the recipe was everything Balvinder promised and more!

It's taken me a long time to post it because the first photo didn't do the drink justice and since I knew I was going to make it again, this time for some friends coming around, I hung on.

But I nearly didn't take the shot! This was all that was left when I remembered!

A delicious drink whatever the weather and good for you too!
Original recipe:


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A very prompt feedback of my mom's boiled egg curry recipe by my lovely friend +Shubha A .
A million Thanks shubha for recreating this recipe. It has so much sentimental value for me.

Shubha is an electronic engineering graduate, passionate foodie and a doting mother. Check out her fabulous blog for yummy Mangalorean and Maharashtrian recipes over here

and her google profile page :

You can find original recipe for My Mom's Boiled Egg Curry at

Few days back, I saw a wonderful recipe of Egg curry by the talented +Balvinder Ubi. Although I don't eat eggs ,my hubby and kiddo just love egg based dishes. So when I saw her recipe, I had to try it:) I made it yesterday for dinner and it was a big hit. The gravy was simply too good.
I stuck to her recipe for the most bit.
I kept the ingredients as Balvinder mentions in the recipe.. I made a few changes in the procedure. Instead of using ground onion, tomato, ginger and garlic as she mentioned, I simple chopped them and proceeded as per the recipe.
Once the masala was cooked properly , i then ground it into a fine paste.Added the water and brought the mixture to a boil. Lastly added the boiled eggs (cut in half). Garnished it with ginger juliennes and cilantro leaves and dried fenugreek leaves.
Thank you +Balvinder Ubi for such an amazing recipe.
You can check out her recipe by clicking on the link below:

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Mother's day gift from a blog reader.
Huge thanks +Vasudha Vig for trying out my lemony lemon cake and a detailed comment on my post. Hope you enjoyed!

If you missed the post here is the link for you.

Delicious lemon cake!


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Doesn’t it look gorgeous, my friends?
+maria nasir I am flattered that you chose my recipe to test, and thank you so much my friend for sharing it in your stream.

Meet Maria Nasir - She is an amazing cook and lovely person., always willing to say something nice and sweet. I adore her creativity and her passion for cooking delicious treats and spicy curries. You really have to check out the wonderful food she makes on her blog and drool over the images on her google + page.

For my original recipe click here :
It's time to return the love I have been receiving from my friends here on Google+ for three years now . This new Google+ Collection is dedicated to all those friends and fellow bloggers who have been an inspiration to me throughout.

My first post in the collection Tried and Tasted by is all about celebrating my dearest friend @115748588937550164964 's delicious, healthy and creative cooking . This weekend I tried her Kala Chana Soup Recipe and I'm happy to report that it was a comfort to cook and eat.

The soup was creamy with coconut milk, tangy with lemon juice and filling with all the delicious black chickpeas in there. Did I change anything? Yes, since Balvinder had warned me that it won't be spicy so I added a teaspoonful of red chilli flakes while sautéing the cumin seeds and topped the soup with more chopped chilli peppers. Well you know me, I can't live without Chillies! Also I didn't have sweet potatoes so I improvised with carrots instead.

Shall I make it again ? Absolutely! My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'll be making it very frequently 😊
Thank you Balvinder for this gem of a recipe!

If you guys want to try the yummy soup, and believe me you must, here is the link to the original recipe

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One more recreation of my sensational sweet and spicy salmon from another foodie friend. Huge thanks +Joy Stewart

Joy loves to cook and share recipes with friends and families, do check out her food blog at

Just in case you also want to try the recipe click this link

Jumping on Balvinder's bandwagon
I also labbed her baked salmon dish and it was delicious, in addition to making the house smell great! Zesty lemon played very well off of fragrant, spicy cumin and chili powder.

Find @115748588937550164964's recipe here:


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This gorgeous baked piece of salmon is my recipe for sensational sweet and spicy salmon, labbed by my foodie friend +Simples Recipes. I am glad her family loved the recipe and enjoyed with Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca! Thanks a bunch Shahnaz for trying out my recipe.

Shahnaz is a passionate cook and started her own recipe book when she was in lower primary school. Please check out her google+ page and food blog at for delicious recipes for every occasion

If you miss my quick and tasty salmon recipe, here is the link again

Tried this Fabulously Simple and Flavorsome Baked Salmon dish by @115748588937550164964 Made four portions for the family and everyone loved it. Served it up with Some spiced up Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca! Enjoyed the combo. Loved the hint of sweet and spice and LOVED the addition of lemon zest here.    
You can find her recipe here
Thanks @115748588937550164964 for sharing this EASY - Anytime Salmon Recipe.


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Happy New Year to my Google Family and Friends!!!

Sometimes you just need some inspiration to get back into your routine and what can be better than this for a food blogger!
I posted a Kale quesadilla on my blog 2 1/2 years ago and my talented foodie friend surprised me by reaching back into foodies archive to recreate it.

Thank you so much +Lisa Watson for this amazing feedback.
So, if you are wondering how to make these quesadillas with kale in it here is the link for you.
Foodies Lab: Kale Quesadillas from @115748588937550164964 

I found some kale at the supermarket the other day and it was sitting on my bench wilting at me, so I decided I had to do something with it today.  I reached waaaaaay back into the Foodies+ archives to 2013 and found Balvinda's recipe for Quesadillas with kale.  Perfect!  She wrote about how you had to massage the kale for 5 - 10 minutes with oil and lemon juice.  It sounded all a little suspect, but I decided to give it a go.  I lasted for 5 minutes.  At that point the muscles that I didn't know I had in my fingers started to ache.  Anyway, it really did make a huge difference, and now I understand why everyone goes so crazy for eating kale!  the quesadillas were absolutely fantastic and I'll be making them again really soon, plus I'll start eating kale now if I can get hold of some more of it!

Oh, I forgot about having a dipping sauce as Balvinda suggsted, but they were great anyway! I also used chipotle peppers in a sauce as I didn't have any jalapenoes on hand.

Thanks (nearly 3 years after you posted it) for this recipe, Balvinda!  It's wonderfully delicious!

You can find the original recipe here:

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