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Eastern Sierra Fall Colors Peaking Now in Mono County
The small front coming through the area on Thursday might be weak enough to allow the colorful leaves to continue through the weekend. More photos: #fallcolors #easternsierra #California

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Eastern Sierra Fall Colors Report, October 5
After seeing a TV news report "Peak Eastern Sierra fall colors, last chance!" referring to this location which frankly looks 80% green and 1-3 weeks from peak to me, I've started a group for crowdsourced reporting of current fall colors conditions in the Eastern Sierra:

Being a relatively high location for aspen in the area, Conway Summit can be a good indication of what's coming over the next couple of weeks. You can see in this photo from Thursday 11/5 one nice patch of yellow near the top. The rest has some lightening green with some nice burnt orange tips that developed after the September storms. It could be great by the end of next week.

The rest of the area is similar: pockets of color when you search, but plenty of green trees in reserve for the next 1-3 weeks (barring storms and major wind events).

I covered Mono County from June Lake Loop to Walker last week. I'll check at least Lee Vining and Mammoth to Bishop and possibly Big Pine and Lone Pine this week. Drop by and check it out.
#fallcolors #easternsierra #california #travel #landscapephotography

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Watch the Moon Rise at Sunset Tonight, October 4, 2017
See and photograph the nearly-full moon rising at sunset tonight. Then tomorrow before dawn, Venus and Mars will be within 1/4 degree of each other. More details:

#astrophotography #photography #astronomy #science #easternsierra

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Solar Eclipse Road Trip, Here We Come!
I can't wait to get on the road to shoot the Great American Eclipse! Crowds are expected to be record-breaking along the path of the solar eclipse coming up August 21. Many areas are trying to implement customer traffic control plans in the narrow path of the moon's shadow.

I hear that even porta-potty rentals are in short supply as communities try to cope with the expected crowds. Fortunately I'll be bringing my own facilities with me!

Thank you +Capital Ford for getting the +Ford Motor Company-remanufactured engine in ASAP so we can stake our claim to a great shooting location!

I'm working on my landscape photography and night photography workshop schedule for 2018. Drop by my Web site in the coming weeks to see the schedule as it develops!

Blog post:
#solareclipse #greatamericaneclipse #astrophotography #astronomy
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Moon, Jupiter and Venus Conjunction at Mono Lake
One of my photos from this moon and planet rise event has been published as the lead photo in an article in the August 2017 +SkyandTelescope Magazine by Don Olson, page 68. A description of Don's work to decipher a poem by Lord Byron appears on the Texas State University Web site, along with a copy of the photo:
'Celestial Sleuth' identifies Lord Byron's stellar inspiration

Here's their description of the photo:
"On August 23, 2014, astrophotographer +Jeff Sullivan observed the Moon with Jupiter nearby in a morning twilight sky. Glitter paths below three celestial bodies reflect in the waters of California’s +Mono Lake in this morning twilight scene captured by astrophotographer Jeff Sullivan. Venus, at lower left, has just risen above the distant hills. Jupiter, with its Galilean satellites visible, stands higher in the sky, just below the stars of the Beehive Cluster, M44. The faint glow of Earthshine appears on the “dark” part of the waning crescent Moon. Automobile headlights illuminate the tufa rocks on the shore of +Mono Lake in the foreground."

Astrophotographers and astronomers may recognize Don's name as the professor who publishes yearly predictions of lunar rainbow "moonbow" dates and times for Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park.

For more photos from the event and a description of my planning process involving +SkyandTelescope, +Universe Today, +EarthSky, and +The Photographer's Ephemeris see my original blog post covering the event:

I can't wait to see the magazine!

#astronomy #astrophotography #ShotOniPhone #iphoneography

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Super Moon Rise at Mono Lake, Eastern Sierra, California
With the full moon occurring at dawn this month, there were actually two full moon rises close to sunset. This was the first one, captured over Mono Lake in California's Eastern Sierra region..

#easternsierra #california #landscapephotography   #astrophotography  

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End of the Season
Yosemite's Tioga Pass Road closed yesterday, but it will be in my dreams all winter long. If you have my guidebook "Photographing California Vol. 2 -South", you may recognize this location from page 42.
#yosemite   #nationalpark   #nightphotography   #photoworkshops  

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Perseid Meteor Shower 2016
I've been chasing every meteor shower that I could see with my camera since 2009. This year's Perseid meteor shower was one of the best I've experienced so far.

These are "work in progress" shots, where I've saved the images with meteors in them, and brought those into one composite image. #nightphotography   #astrophotography   #photographyworkshops   #easternsierra   #california   #canon   #6D  
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