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How to Host a Great Twitter Chat for Business

What if there was a simple way your business could host a gathering of people who were highly interested in what you have to offer?

Twitter chats are a great, low cost, low investment way of building community and driving brand awareness. When done right, and with consistency, they can be a powerful marketing tool to add to your efforts.

Have you ever considered the potential for Twitter Chats for business?

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50% Traffic Growth in Just 30 Days Using Twitter
And +Buffer to automate and optimize

This is a great case study showing how one woman decided to experiment with +Buffer and 20 of her best pieces of content in a single month. Her results were pretty good for someone who wasn't very active before starting the experiment!

Our team uses Buffer regularly and are big fans of the ease of use, beautiful interface and the wonderful analytics that they allow their Business Plan users. We've seen an incredible degree of success using similar (and more complex) strategies for driving social media traffic through strategically crafted content.

So if you're too busy to do this type of experimenting yourself, our team is well versed at implementing even more diverse strategies than this, in faster time and getting even greater results! Give us a try at

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Have you ever considered the potential for Twitter Chats for business?

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Twitter Analytics: How to Know if Your Twitter Marketing Works

Great podcast from +Social Media Examiner featuring +Ian Cleary talking about understanding your #Twitter analytics.

It's important to be able to understand how you're doing with all marketing efforts and although social media analytics still have some room for growth, there's much you can do to quantify and learn from your current efforts using the current tools available.

Here's what we typically like to look at in our Twitter Analytics:

- How much content did we post?
- What was the engagement on that content?
- How much traffic did our content generate?
- What did the traffic do when it got to our site from Twitter?
- How many conversions/goal completions did we get from our Twitter traffic?

Now, of course you can't do all of this with Twitter's native analytics, but Ian does a great job at talking about how to get deeper insights using +Google Analytics and some other third-party analytics tools.

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5 Ways to Get Noticed by Influencers on Twitter
Creative and fun ways that anyone can do!

If you do your job right, you don't have to reach 1 million people on any social network. All you need to do is reach 10 people who have a reach of 100,000 each. So much easier than trying to reach all 1M by yourself, right?

Well that's the power of connecting with influencers-- and on Twitter it can be especially simple due to the open/public nature of the platform. However, because it's so simple to reach out to influencers via Twitter, you'll have to get creative.

In this article on +Content Marketing Institute the author suggests some great ideas, including:

- Send a Boomerang
- Send a personalized video
- Create an maintain an "influencers" Twitter list

And if you're not sure how to find these influencers, the article also goes through how you can seek them out and identify the right influencers for your brand.

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How to Grow a Twitter Chat to Reach 1 Million People:
Learnings From Two Years of #bufferchat

For those who enjoyed our Twitter Chat Guide from earlier today (, you will love this article from +Buffer on how they grew their weekly chat to be so successful.

Their most popular chats over the last two years averaged:
- 7 Million in reach
- 500 paticipants
- 4,000 tweets

That's a LOT of buzz for an hour-long conversation. Lots to learn from in their approach!

Do you participate in or run a weekly Twitter chat? Let us know in the comments!

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Our 10 Most Successful Tweets and the Psychology Behind Why They Worked
And no, it's not just because you add an animated GIF

Smart social media marketers understand the application of psychology in marketing. It seems that when it comes to social media, however, there isn't enough teaching in this regard. That's why this is such a great and timely article from the +Buffer team.

They break down their most successful tweets and the key factors that made them successful. You can then reverse engineer their results for your own tweets and see how your own audience responds!

Not every audience is going to respond the same, so it's always great to be testing. And with this kind of methodical approach, you can be sure you'll gain much better insight than just throwing tweets against a wall, hoping that they stick.

#socialmedia #marketing #psychology

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Go Retweet Yourself

What happens when a former web developer is on your social media team? She reads something like this and just HAD to test it to make absolute sure it works before sharing this post.

It works!

via +Moz 

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How to Use Twitter’s Unreleased "Retweet Yourself" Feature By Sean Malseed #MozTop10

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A fun big data visualization for #GameOfThrones fans

If you are a fan of #GoT... or just like #bigdata, this interactive data visualization released by Twitter this week shows how each episode was talked about on its platform, down to the characters and emoji used for them.

See how popular each character was, and the emojis used to describe them. Each circle represents a character with its size proportional to how often they were mentioned in the Tweets and color representing affiliation of the character. The most used emojis for each character are displayed under the character name.

See how the characters relate to each other. When two characters are mentioned in the same Tweet, we infer that there is a connection. The thickness of each line indicates how often the two characters were mentioned together.

See which part of the plots were talked about. Plots, in a way, are connections between characters. Clustering the characters based on the connection effectively reveals the different storylines in each episode, and helps us spot the parts that caught the most attention. The cluster color also represents affiliations, so you can see different groups making their moves.

Explore. Drag circle around to change position. Hover each character to see amount of mentions over time and recap related to the character from current episode on the left. Select another episode and see the visualization changes.

It's very cool! Check it out:

For more background, here is Twitter's blog post:
Animated Photo

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Social Media Audit #SEOcafe Twitter Chat
w/ +SEMrush and +Rival IQ 

"Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well." - Philip Stanhope,

We love it when a Twitter chat host takes the time to put their chat into +Storify AND especially when they go the extra mile to actually edit it to remove bots, spammers, and irrelevant chit chat. The result is a very easy to follow and actually useful "story" that is filled with real tips and actionable takeaways.

Thanks for the invite +SEMrush, it was a great chat and we look forward to future chats!

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